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Following the passage of the coronavirus relief package, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) claimed Democrats won a resounding victory by getting Republican concessions in the $2.2 trillion bill.

Adding insult to injury, the chairman of the House Budget Committee purported that President Trump “still has no clue what’s in the package,” when asked by conservative commentator John Ziegler.

Per Mediaite:

After being asked by Ziegler which party ‘won’ with the bill negotiations, Yarmuth replied, “I would say Democrats got more of their priorities satisfied than Republicans did.”

“Two reasons. One is that in the Senate the Republicans couldn’t get sixty votes for what they wanted to do and the Democrats made it very clear that they weren’t just going to create a 500 billion dollar slush fund for corporations with no oversight and they wanted certain priorities,” he explained. “Then the House of course said we want certain things as well.”

Yarmuth then claimed that President Trump didn’t have anything to do with the negotiations personally.

“I’m sure he still has no clue what’s in the package,” the congressman declared. “He was not involved at all in the negotiations.” 

The question is, how much is Yarmuth trying to spin the narrative. The Democratic Party’s progressive wing remains vocal in their frustration with the legislation.

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  1. Ooooooh is that ridiculous Democrat in for a surprise – going against the country in time of deathly emergency must be a great big crime which he’s bragging he helped commit. – He’s extra stupid b/c Trump neatly zonked his grease and that Democrat hasn’t even read about it yet b/c he’s so caught up in his own charm. – the Kennedy Center for example, all that 25 million is in the capable hands of the new Trustees Trump appointed to keep that 25 mil in-trust (Jon Voight and Gov. Huckabee) and all the rest of the grease has pitfalls of tanks to collect it all so the Dems are not going to see nor hear of any of their greasy plans any more – all gone, bye bye, you silly moron you ! – Oh, one more kick in the face from Trump, that ‘inspector general’ they thought they had who would report any and all ‘errors’ made by the prez to Congress, meaning the Democrats, all those tattle-tale lies went the way of the Dodo.
    Another thing, Mr. Moron Democrat, Trump is a speed reader and he wasn’t reading it by himself, so was his staff, and now you can start ordering your funeral clothes, or how about a great big funeral pyre for ya to go along with your giant ego, eh ?

    1. The voters who elected that jackass must be fuming. Imagine bragging about a lie that bilked taxpayers. What a fool!!

    2. They glory in their shame. We shall see how well they fair with they stand before God.
      As to now, their desire is to destroy America so their bosses ONE WORLD ORDER, can take control. If you can, when anarchy comes, make sure they don’t win.

    3. The problem is they’re all that narcissistic and stupid….and the stupid goes for their supporters too.

    4. There are several members of congress, and I am not partisan, who should given a ride out of town on a rail to the closest land fill and dumped with the trash.

  2. Intelligence is not one of the Demorats strongest traits. In fact I cant name anything tgats a good trait for these liberal assholes

    1. Neither Heaven nor Hell would want them, I’m sure. They will have to haunt the world for all eternity or seek another dimension to reside in.

    1. Would love to be a fly on the wall to see how many pats on the back and WELL DONE he gets! If they are rats he may get some high fives, the rest will give him a good kick in the *** Sure shows what little class he and soooo many other rats have, NOT!

  3. Why this p.o.s. is representing anyone is beyond me. Not sure who is more disgusting, this ass or the idiots who put him into office.

  4. Typical Democrat – create false narratives, lie, cheat and stir up discord. When is the American public going to wise up and vote these anti American deadbeats out of office? It’s time to stop believing their BS, get your heads out of the sand and make the right choice in November!

  5. Glad to see you laugh. You traitorous anti American
    Pelosi held the country HOSTAGE and committed
    Karma is a bitch when the American people vote
    every DemonRAT and RINO out of office.

  6. And they are PROUD to come as as dishonest ? !!!! Trashy lot ! No wonder they are so ill thought of………….

  7. Betcha Congressman Yarmath doesn’t know all that he voted in either! I congratulate him for his self-importance in pulling one over on Trump! Did he mention the things which were eliminated before the bill became law? I would like to meet any or all Senators and Congressmen who read and understood this bill and it’s precursors! America deserves more than many of these jerks whose true colors have shown since Trump whipped my dream girl! Bill Clinton has my permission and admiration for all his misdeeds! God bless America! We deserve better!
    Mac from Austin

  8. As a JFK Democrat that left and became an Independent as the Dems became Socialists, I’m tired that Democratic politicians can’t stop their constant politicizing of every crisis. Their best friends, after the Russians, are the Chinese and more and more “everyday” Americans are seeing through the DNC smoke every day! You’ve got the House Speaker talking about helping people and she can’t even stop them from shitting in stores. Ever been to her District? It’s worse than most 3rd world countries. They should all be crapping on her lawn!! This guy is just another DNC Bobblehead without an original thought, waited to be told by Pelousy what to say next! Hopefully, Bernie will prove he hasn’t been lying to his Bernie Bros and run as an Independent!

  9. This sure tells where the dems are coming from and their loyalty to America. To stand there and gloat over thinking they put a fast one over on PRESIDENT TRUMP and all Americans shows how stupid and out of touch with real life. Term limits need to be addressed and it must be done via Americans voting not thru congress. They will never take responsibility for their actions as long as their is no limits to how long they can stay in congress. They have made this a career and most never worked for a living and have lost the reality of life outside Washington. Look at Nancy. She lives where there are mostly homeless living in the streets and doesn’t even see it. I wonder how most of these “elites” have made their millions. They come in with an average income and leave multimillionaires. Makes you wonder why and how, doesn’t it. If he is an example of our officials, we, the voters, need to do our jobs and make them accountable and vote them OUT!!!!

    1. Newbies in congress are worse than the long term ones. Do you like Ilhan Omar, Tlaib, Maise Horono and the other squad member. Lets see if they all get voted out after one term. We can hope, but I doubt it.

  10. His bragging just confirmed these creeps care nothing about the People, they fought and held up and basically didn’t dupe but blackmailed the Republicans and Trump because they knew that Trump was trying to get funds into businesses and the peoples hands. Imagine if the money they wasted on certain pet projects and been applied to the people and there needs ONLY in regards of this virus, how helpful that would have been. The Dems are enemy number one. And what sick people they are to brag like this.

  11. President Trump signed the bill in order to help the American people and small businesses get through this crisis. The idiot, corrupt Democrats only wanted to focus on sneaking in a whole lot of unnecessary pork in order to satisfy their low information base. The exposure of their corruption has caused many Democrats to re-think their commitment to the Democratic party as they sit out of work with no resources while the corrupt Democrats try to support abortions and the 1%. Sick. Remember this when you go to vote. #Trump2020.

  12. Ya, the Dems won and America lost, wow! What a thing to be proud of. Congressman Yarmath and the rest of the Dems do not have a clue! They held up this desperately needed legislation for over a week while screaming Trump did not act “fast enough”. What a wonderful thing to brag about, how you “hurt” America and its people when you should have been jumping through a hoop to get this important legislation enacted! What a wonderful thing for one of our Democratic political leaders to say. Dems, this is the leadership you voted in, is this really what “you” want. You (the Democratic voter) are just a tool they can use to stay in power. Do you (the Democratic voter) really want people of this quality in charge? Walk away, I did many years ago, and do not regret to this day. The new Socialist Obstructionist Democratic Party, is this really what you want to be associate with?

  13. America deserves, and has earned, better than this. I hope we can make changes in November! Being proud of cheating the American people is disgusting and should not be tolerated!

  14. Oh don’t kid yourself Rep. Yarmuth. President Trump knows exactly what’s going on. It’s you that is an idiot.

  15. WELL, MR. PRESIDENT; JUST REFUSE TO SPEND LOTS, AND screw the democrats with their own deal. PLEASE.

  16. Yarmuth is a real smart-ass, isn’t he? I’ll bet that is going to foster a lot of cooperation in the future! Typical!

  17. They’re simply trying to look good. Fact is, they got very little compared to what they wanted and they know it. Every politician with half a brain knows that Trump, the “Art Of The Deal” himself, knew exactly what was in the bill and had plenty of input concerning what was in and what was out. Nice try Yarmuth.

  18. Yamuth typifies the average democrat; do what’s good for his party and screw the rest of the country. No thoughts on how we pay for this boondoggle and he doesn’t care. Just keep the misinformed, uneducated voters in the dark. The President outsmarts them and the press at every turn. Fun to watch.

  19. Want to make the Dems mad? The stimulus checks are supposed to help stimulate the economy. Firearm manufacturers, retailers, and gun ranges are essential businesses. We need to purchase firearms and practice with them using the stimulus checks!

  20. I really can’t stand liberals, it’s one thing to have party differences but to constantly ignore the American people makes me wonder who is stupid enough to vote for them.

    1. Dane Poe – “…makes me wonder who is stupid enough to vote for them”.
      About half the country is. You may not want to hear that, but realize they are getting a completely different story than you and I are, and of course they believe it because they desperately want to. They get high on their hatred of Trump, so they gladly inhale the hate smoke the media pours out on them 24/7. Every story, every bit of news feeds the fire of their Trump hatred, and they feel more righteous and justified every day for it. That feeling of righteous justification is what they live for, and the last thing they want is to find out they’re wrong.

  21. Why is the media and the administration reporting $2 trillion as the amount of the stimulus package? Rep. Massie says the amount is not $2 trillion, but $6 trillion!!!

  22. No ASSHOLE you didn’t dupe the President you duped the AMERICAN PEOPLE and you will pay for it come Nov. 3rd. Anyone votes for this party really needs their heads examined

  23. AND THERE YA GO, can you imagine???? Being proud of duping the President of the United States???
    Can you imagine that during a very real crisis for the American public, that the Democrats are proud of getting THEIR Agenda done??? THEIR AGENDA, Not the American People, yes, my friends that IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! SICKENING!

  24. Shouldn’t wish the Democrats death. Wish them a bad case of continual diarrhea and coughing and sneezing spells. Then let them get covid 19 and then suffer

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