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Fight Back Against President Obama [ACT NOW]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s cadre of progressive candidates underperformed in their primaries last night. The poor showing nationwide has become the first indicator of how successful the Democratic establishment will be at fending off a challenge from the party’s progressive wing. (Fox News)

A favorite of progressives across the country, Texas congressional candidate Jessica Cisneros, an immigration lawyer, came just short of recreating the AOC primary upset of her own when she attempted to unseat nine-term incumbent Henry Cuellar, who represents the Texas 28th district south of San Antonio. She played strong to her progressive roots and often referred to Cuellar as “Trump’s favorite Democrat,” also receiving high profile endorsements from Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Ocasio-Cortez herself tweeted Wednesday: “I am so incredibly proud of Jessica Cisneros. At 26 years old, she ran for office for the first time to offer TX28 new leadership that fights for workers, gender rights,& a climate agenda. She stood up to Koch brother money & incumbency, & she came closer than anyone imagined.”

Meanwhile, Christina Tzintzún Ramirez, the progressive-backed candidate for a Texas Senate seat, is struggling to make it into a runoff with MJ Hegar, the Democratic establishment’s favored pick to face longtime Republican Sen. John Cornyn in November. While no candidate won more than 50 percent of the vote in the race, returns show Ramirez locked in a battle with Texas State Sen. Royce West for a place in the runoff with Hegar.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Wednesday that “my heart is also full at the candidacy of @cristinafortx whose race is currently too close to call in the runoff for TX Senate.”

In the weeks leading up to Super Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit the stump for Rep. Cuellar, the progressive movement’s most high-profile target.

Fight Back Against President Obama [ACT NOW]

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  1. Those teeth were good enough for the Creator who put them there. Complain about politics, not one’s looks.

    1. Jerry, free speech goes both ways. This AOC has denigrated people’s looks and beliefs for her whole time in Congress, fair game and people have a righgt to their opinion. If she has horse teeth so be it.

  2. Good Lord that woman’s an idiot. Makes one question the average IQ in the district that voted her in.

  3. Agree with your point but not with her views – she makes one wonder what high schools and colleges are teaching or I should say not teaching as she’s so clueless about her own government and history. In my view she has no common sense !

    1. Come on. She has a degree in Business from Boston U!!!!!( LMAO. ROTF). I know, that does not say much about what the leftists teach in that U. She has the paper though, on her wall.
      Like Ron White says so frequently:” You Can’t fix Stupid”.

  4. To all those questioning the intelligence of her district, only 15% voted. The incumbent Democrat never campaigned as he didnt take her serious as her campaign slogan was “I dont look like him” Now that her district is embarrassed by her blatant idiocy, though shes just a tool for the powers behind her, there will be a much larger turnout next time. Also, several minority women Republicans have emerged in her district. With better credentials than dancer and bartender. By the way, she was a wealthy child and was head of pro life groups when a Republican just a couple years before


  6. Would someone, anyone, even a Democrat please defeat this woman in November! Her shtick has gotten really old, and her toothy releases of rhetorical throat yogurt are becoming like fingernails on a chalkboard, for those of you old enough to have experienced that horrible sound. Her Soros-funded, leftist-inspired, socio-communist ideas for this nation would destroy it, and anyone past the age of puberty should realize that, even the hundreds of thousands of non-voting Twitter followers should read up on socialism, provided they can put down the phones long enough!

  7. Don’t be so arrogant: She’s only the FIRST wave, setting the precedent, normalizing the radical Left in preparation for the children being indoctrinated in our schools to Islam (Common Core) & s e x ual immorality (Drag Queen Story Hour; plus the new l g b t curriculum to teach them everything about s e x so they can “choose” safely among the alternatives). One day we’ll look back on her & think how good we had it with AOC. Her “Green New Deal” is another name for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  8. What on earth is a matter with the people of NY.
    1. We need to have a law written that no one under 35 yrs. old when the campaign for a position in the congress be allowed to run’
    2. That anyone running for office from city council on up to the congress of the USA must have been born an American citizen on American soil with at least one parent have been born an American citizen. That also goes for Judges of the courts
    This would stop much of the fraud that goes on in our government. An American born citizen can then be charged for treason if they commit any offense against the USA

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