Fight Back Against President Obama [ACT NOW]

As the conflict in Syria escalates, embroiling wayward NATO ally Turkey and its newfound friend Russia, President Trump sends a signal of support to Ankara. Is this the way to bring Turkey back into the US-NATO fold while countering both Russian and Iranian adventurism?

According to the Washington Examiner, James Jeffrey, US special representative for Syria, warned that Washington will take increased action against Russia and Bashar Assad over their offensive in Idlib province. Their offensive has included the “deliberate and relentless targeting of civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, and markets.”

Despite European reticence about backing Turkey, especially following Ankara’s opening its borders with the EU to refugees, the US is poised to take the lead. Jeffrey explained that the US is ready to resupply Turkish ammunition stocks and is pushing for increased NATO support to Turkey.

This support includes possibly providing Patriot air defense missile systems and preparing sanctions against some Russian officials. While some are concerned about Turkey’s recent actions in Syria and its tilt toward Moscow after buying Russian S-400 anti-aircraft over US objections, supporting Turkey now is a solid strategic move on many levels.

An Assad victory and domination of Syria would adversely impact US security interests in several ways. It will: 1. Fuel continuing terrorist recruitment into the Islamic State. 2. Continue to enable an Iranian terrorist corridor from Tehran to the Israeli border. 3. Provide Russian President Putin a tremendous geopolitical victory and expanded influence in the broader Middle East.

Countering all these outcomes should be a US strategic priority in the region and will demonstrate the US is serious about protecting its interests.

Supporting Turkey now not only helps counter Iranian and Russian expansion, but as Tom Rogan notes, it will also help bolster Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan against Putin’s pressure, and encourage him to re-orient away from Russia and back into the US-NATO orbit, prior to meeting Putin in Moscow on Thursday.

Of significance – Reuters reports that Russia is racing to reinforce its troops in Syria by sea and air before talks between the two leaders on Thursday, amid concerns by Moscow that Turkey might close the Bosphorus to Russian warships and bar Russian military transport planes from using Turkish air space.

Paul Crespo is a defense and national security expert. He served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. He holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. Paul is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and a Contributor to American Defense News.

Fight Back Against President Obama [ACT NOW]


  1. Under President Trump, best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks,Hispanics,Asians EVER (women in 15years)lowest unemployment ever. With full transparency and honesty! Which you never saw with pass Presidents. Excluding 1 or two. The list is endless. Best president ever, President! Keep America Great! The unstoppable KAG train full steam ahead to 2020 and beyond!

  2. Unless we are willing to remove the Mullahs in Iran and hold Turkey’s collective muslim feet to the flame, we will be involved in these conflicts in The Middle East for decades to come. The solution; give each of our enemies devastating setbacks which they’re incapable of recovering from. Our new warfare doctrine has set its sights in exactly that direction. ‘Strike Force 10 Megaton’ Tactical Nukes for each offender striking out against the West.

  3. Extremely dangerous situation. It calls on Trump to follow through on his decision to meet Putin and Xi Jinping iorn region. n NY City to hammer out a reconstruction and development solution to the war torn region.

  4. Really bad choice of things to do – Erdogan and his muslime buddies are imprisoning and kicking out as many Christians as they can. I have acquaintances that were kicked out, even though their so-called constitution says all religions are welcome – luckily they were not executed.

  5. …backing an islamofascist like erdogan doesn’t sound like the right thing to do, to me, but then President Trump has been right on just about everything he’s done…let’s hope he’s right about this.

    1. Sometimes, in order to further wider, more important goals, we have to ally ourselves with less-than-desirable countries and leaders. We were allied with Russia and Stalin during WWII; did not mean we approved of his repressive regime that killed millions of his own citizens. In international affairs we more often than not have the choice only between bad allies and worse opponents. Let’s keep praying for our president, that he continue to make the best decisions possible for our country. He’s been proven to have been right so far, despite widespread initial criticism of many of his decisions.

  6. Turkey, Russia and Iran. all three leaders had photo prop years back with some strategic partnership agreement which the
    prophecy were fulfilled. Now, are we siding with Turkey?
    Very suspicious of the transformation over the recent release of migrants to Europe from Turkey, the President were upset who lost several men in warfare. Retaliation against Europe for not giving enough money support for these Syrian migrant ( mostly
    all men) no women and families. I smell terrorist infiltration.
    Create more problems for Europe. Their western culture has been destroyed because ( One World Order) were successfully executed by their politicians. I see a parallel here in America our politicians want open border, free every thing so to keep their
    Power in Congress as long they get voted in. Take away our 2nd
    amendments rights to bare arms , kill babies till 9 months (women’s right), Plan parenthood gets to sell baby parts (big $) for profit.
    Turns around put the tab on tax payers for abortion services. Are we all turning fools or what? MAGA and beyond !!! Wake Up America !!!
    Democrats Socialist are doomed , they must be STOPPED !!!

  7. I can only assume the man has information we don’t have that dictated his decision, and really, who was he going to back? Certainly not Russia or her new buddy. We shall see what unfolds.

  8. We can only hope and pray that the President is seeking guidance from a higher power in dealing with the regimes of of the countries of Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, North Korea, and especially China. No good thing will or has come from these countries in not only decades but, in some instances centuries. A terrifying thought is having Biden or Sanders dealing with these countries all led by dictators or radical ungodly fanatics.

    1. What have you been reading? I can tell by your comments, not much outside of US news reporting, let me ask you, how is it that President Trump considers Putin and Xi Jinping friends and everyone else under the sun attacks them and brands them enemies? I know the answer, and you would too if you sought the truth. Hint: “military-industrial complex vs the common aims of perfectly sovereign nation states.

  9. Keeping the muslim brotherhood enemy close to his vest is an age old adage. And it also helps to keep the US armament at the center of the region. It is better for the President to send the most intelligent people in Turkey to get exactly what is going on there. FIRST HAND. President Trump is smarter than any person around him, for he listens to many of his advisers and asks many questions. Then promotes a suggestion, well thought, with the Divine help to word it properly.

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