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An all-white liberal Vermont city council kicked a black man off a woke diversity committee after he criticized liberal policies and claimed his “pronouns” were “MAGA.”

The Vermont Daily Chronicle reports St. Albans city council-members voted to remove Keith Longmore from the “Belonging, Equity, and Inclusion Committee” after he criticized the committee’s liberal bias, voiced support for Donald Trump and pointed out the only racism he’s experienced in Vermont is from liberal political officials.

Members claimed Longmore was “obstructionist,” “disruptive” and “unmanageable” for criticizing the committee’s political goals.  It was formed to help the city’s 96 percent white population “understand the experience of historically marginalized groups.”

“This is without a doubt the most egregiously racist, age-ist thing to ever happen to me in Vermont,” Longmore told the Daily Chronicle. “The fact that an all-white City Council chose to remove me, an elderly African American, from a Committee named Belonging, Equity and Inclusion is shocking enough.”

“But to do so because I won’t go along with the ‘Saint-Albans-is-racist’ narrative is a shocker. In the Bible it says, ‘thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor’, and I stand by that,” Longmore told the Daily Chronicle.

This City (St Albans) is not a racist City. The people who live in St Albans are like most other Vermonters in that there is a live and let mindset. I love this City and its people and it is the reason why I wanted to be on this Committee, to represent Vermonters who believe that all lives matter and that their City and State are not racist,” Longmore told the Daily Chronicle.

The committee had held only one meeting.  Its web page proclaims “All Are Welcome Here.”

The motion to remove a black man from a diversity committee was sponsored by councilmember Mike McCarthy, a white man who ran on a woke platform of climate and social justice policies. 

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  1. He’s got a very nice lucrative law suit perfectly primed for the Supreme Court.
    I’ll support him!!

  2. Yep sounds about right. White liberals telling a black man to not think for himself. Bet they kicked off the only black person too. 🙄

  3. “There are none so blind as he who will not see.”  That fits the committe’s decision precisely.

  4. This is the liberal definition of “diversity:” ALL PEOPLE MUST THINK EXACTLY THE SAME regardless of color, sex, or experiences.

  5. “Independent Thinkers” not allowed, must agree with “The Left” at all times and become their puppet. What they say, goes, no room for debate. If you disagree or question “The Left”?, You are a racially motivated!!!!!

  6. ah!!! the double hypocritical democrite double standard just keeps rolling along. lets go brandon!!!

  7. Whats the big deal, we already know the dems are prejudice. They always have been, they just try to buy their votes.

  8. Ya there are a lot of no “class “people in this world.I hope he shrugged it off and moved on to a place where he can associate with people of class.

  9. A Nazi party slogan in Germany during the Weimar Republic was Deutschland Erwacht, meaning “Germany, Awaken”. And Woke come from the same root. So there you have it. The “woke” are essentially following Nazi/fascist ideology.
    For the woke, as for the NSDAP, if you don’t fully agree with them, you’re a goner.

  10. Your picture is of the old St. Albans town hall, which is unoccupied. It also has nothing to do with St. Albans city, where this story originates. Looks like you can’t get basic info right.

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