President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the National Education Association (NEA) 2021 Virtual Representative Assembly, Friday, July 2, 2021, at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz). Via Wikimedia Commons.

As I wrote about May, the mysterious Monkeypox virus, with its origins in west and central Africa and recently spread via sexual contact in gay fetish clubs and festivals in various European cities, is spreading globally.

And now President Biden is preparing to declare it a ‘national emergency’ here in the United States.

This, despite being primarily non-deadly and limited to highly sexually active gay men, and all health organizations stating it poses a shallow risk to the general population.

Politico reports that “In the U.S., nearly 3,600 cases have been reported. New York City remains the epicenter of the outbreak, with most cases occurring among men who have sex with men.”

Still, some argue this needs to be a ‘national emergency.’

Politico adds:

“I do think it deserves to be one,” said Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. “We’re having a lot of challenges around the country with their rate of rise in terms of new cases. It isn’t an emergency posing a … high threat to the general population. But it’s still moving … and has the potential to spread to additional vulnerable communities.”

While generally not deadly, the disease isn’t pretty.

CNBC reports that: “Monkeypox usually begins with symptoms similar to the flu including fever, headache, muscle aches, chills, exhaustion and swollen lymph nodes. It then progresses to body rashes on the face, hands, feet, eyes, mouth or genitals that turn into raised bumps which then become blisters.”

Politico reports that Team Biden is expected to declare the disease a public health emergency in the coming days. Politico explains:

The declaration, which is made by the Department of Health and Human Services, would follow a similar decision made last weekend by the World Health Organization. By designating the outbreak an emergency, HHS could then take a slew of actions, including accessing new money and appointing new personnel, according to the law that dictates how and when the federal government can declare such an emergency.

A reminder of how this most recent epidemic began:

According to the Telegraph:

Enrique Ruiz Escudero, the region’s cabinet minister for health of the community, said on Friday that health officials had traced many of Spain’s 30 monkeypox cases to a single sauna [gay bathhouse] in the capital…

A “notable proportion” of the UK and European cases are in gay and bisexual men, health officials have said.

Three cases in Belgium have also been linked to a large-scale fetish festival in Antwerp, according to organisers. The Darklands Festival[warning: link takes you to festival promotional video, which is NSFW] warned people who attended four days of parties, starting on May 5, that authorities had linked the event to the country’s three confirmed cases.

The Telegraph continues:

Darklands is a ticketed event that describes itself as a place where “various tribes in the gay fetish community (leather, rubber, army, skinhead, puppies…) come together to create a unique spectacle of fetish brotherhood”.

Sources have told The Telegraph that an internationally advertised gay party in Spain is also being investigated as the root cause of the global monkeypox cases. ADN




    We have previously reported on the rumors of Monkeypox outbreaks and the fear mainstream media has attempted to spread around it. After The World Health Organization met last Thursday, we are sadly not surprised to report that they have taken another step in their quest for a perpetual worldwide pandemic. On Saturday, July 23, 2022, The WHO declared monkeypox a global emergency of international health concern.

    We are here to remind you, do not fear, DO NOT LOCK DOWN, do not inoculate. This is one of many viruses that the WHO will use in an attempt to strip us of our rights and control us. We must remain vigilant, and we must not submit. We encourage you to read our entire Issue Brief HERE to learn more about what is going on and what steps you and your family can take to protect yourselves.

    You can expect to hear more from us in the near future regarding the monkeypox vaccines and Marburgvirus, the next plandemic “on deck.”


    America’s Frontline Doctors

  2. Was Joe looking forward to some more gay sex and now cannot participate? Is that a national emergency?

    “Than You>ALL the lgbtxyZOO+Pedophile DEMOCRATS !

  4. If Monkeypox is racially contested, will children still be allowed to climb on “Monkey Bars” in playgrounds or will the name of the apparatus have to be changed to protect the “Monkeys” and another thing, What Country were the Monkeys from that were offended with the use of their name? Maybe we should just call the disease”Primate Pox” or change the Name of the Animal to something less offensive like “Tree climbing and Vine swinging individuals with some Human-Like characteristics” Woke enough?

  5. What’s next Donkey Pox???? Hey it’s already here!!!! Hurry we need a shot for that!!!
    Other wise it could bring us down!!! The country is already full of them….

  6. Two hour phone call with China ??? or two hours of dial tones .who the fxxx really knows? what was said ? no body knows except maybe Hunter.

  7. There is no national emergency. This is just more Biden and Democrat pandering to gays. All that is needed to stifle the spread is for men to refrain from unnatural sex. This problem is what “pride” gets us. And Democrats want to enshrine “pride” in gay marriage law?

  8. Yeah, and if this were spread by little old ladies playing bridge instead of deviant sexual practices there would be not a peep out of Washington.

  9. The USA is experiencing a dose of Biden Pox, that slowly eats away Democrat bains!

    The cure is a vaccine called Republican House and Senate administered in November 2022!

  10. Biden and his handlers ARE the national emergency. All the other problems are minor distractions compared to the ongoing takeover of this nation.

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