A recent NewsNation-Decision Desk HQ poll released Thursday revealed who the Democrats prefer as their 2024 presidential picks if Joe Biden decides not to seek another term.

Here’s where all the would be Joe replacements found themselves in the ranking:


  1. That’s the list of Democrats who would be eager to replace Joe Biden? Those candidates resemble going from “The frying pan to the fire”! Another possibility is that these other candidates can promise to screw things up for America even faster than Biden has so, with greater talent, done so far!

  2. MORE Democrat virus is here, what a geat unAmerican idea, forget our immigration laws forget the tax payer, because brain dead biden wants it to happen, open borders have brought in crime, drugs and diseases, monkey pox, polio is back in the United States now, impeachment and jail for oath breakers virus spreaders will follow.ID CARDS FOR THE VIRUS INVADERS? Big shortage of monkey pox vaccine,democrats in a panic.CDC Director RELUCTANTLY Explains How Monkeypox SPREADS! CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently gave an interview in which she reluctantly explained the spread of monkeypox. This disease is not necessarily…CHILDREN NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM PEDOPHILIA. THE STOLEN RAINBOW COMMUNITY DOESN’T LIKE BEING TOLD THEY CAUSED BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN…ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS TRUE. SAD REALLY.

  3. Great. Butt-Plug not doing his job as Transportation Secretary and he’s supposed to run the country?

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