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President Joe Biden’s hopes of re-election are growing even more dim with a new poll showing voters in a key state overwhelming oppose putting him back in office.

Just 9 percent of New Hampshire voters “definitely” want Biden to run again in 2024, with 43 percent “definitely” opposed to his re-election, a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll finds.

Biden won the state over President Donald Trump by eight points, 53 percent to 45 percent, in the 2020 election.  

The poll finds Biden would win the state in a 2024 rematch against Trump by an almost identical 50 percent to 43 percent margin, but would lose to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by a 47 percent to 46 percent margin.

But the poll contains a red flag for Biden, as only 54 percent of Democrats say they want Biden to run again.  In last year’s poll 74 percent of Democrats wanted him to seek another term.

New Hampshire is not only a blue-tinged swing state, but home to the nation’s first presidential primary.  Any weak showing by Biden against a Democrat primary challenger could further cripple an already-struggling campaign.  

Many observers say President George H.W. Bush’s 1992 re-election loss was sealed when Bush scored just 53 percent in the New Hampshire Republican primary, with commentator Pat Buchanan winning 38 percent.

In a bit of good news for Biden, but bad for Democrats, any attempt to replace him with Vice President Kamala Harris is even more doomed.

“Harris had 23 percent favorability in the University of New Hampshire poll, compared to Biden’s 23 percent, but the amount of likely Democratic primary voters who viewed the vice president unfavorably was substantially higher,” Fox News reports. “Sixty-four percent of respondents view Harris unfavorably as a potential 2024 Democratic presidential nominee, compared to 56 percent who viewed Biden unfavorably.”

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  1. Please do not be fools. Turn Ref. Democrats do not have your backs. Please believe me. God Bless America. Please think Look at the world run by Democrats then ask yourselves do you want this again?

  2. The Democrat bullpen is empty.
    They’ll have to send in a position player to pitch, in 2024.
    And you know how that usually goes.

  3. The democrat bullpen is empty, and it’s only the sixth inning.
    They’ll have to put a position player in to pitch in 2024.
    And you know how that usually goes.

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