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ANALYSIS – The bombshell testimony by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson has been reverberating throughout the news cycle. The statements by Hutchinson, an assistant to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about the former President’s words and actions on Jan. 6 have certainly been salacious and disconcerting.

Some of them like the tidbit that Trump reportedly threw his lunch at the wall of the West Wing dining room, angry over former Attorney General William Barr’s interview with the Associated Press, is amusing, but benign.

I recall lots of stories of Hillary Clinton throwing plenty of White House plates at Bill back in the day.

And then there is the more serious allegation that Trump reportedly attacked his own Secret Service agents and lunged at the steering wheel of his heavily armored presidential limousine, known as ‘The Beast,’ when his security detail refused to drive him to the Capitol.

Trump reportedly screamed at his agents: I’m the f*cking president, take me up to the Capitol now.”

Not very presidential, but I can understand Trump being furious.

But what the majority media is really salivating over is the allegation that former President Trump somehow wanted to lead an “armed mob” to the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Trump sought to lead armed mob to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide says,” read the headline in the Washington Post. “White House aide testifies Trump sent armed mob to Capitol,” read the headline at The Hill.

This is serious stuff, if true.

Full disclosure – I was at the Capitol on January 6, leading a private security detail, not attending the event. I also wrote the very next day that while the riot was not a coup or an insurrection, it was “an ugly sight.”

I added that many who stormed the Capitol “were goons and criminals, and yes, ‘terrorists.’ No better than Antifa or BLM, or the #NotMyPresident rioters who disrupted Trump’s Inaugural…”

I also wrote that: “This outrage at the Capitol was directly, if unintentionally, instigated by President Trump.”

But did former President Trump really want to lead an armed mob to the Capitol on January 6?

Well — Not really. And not likely.

First Hutchinson said that Trump was informed that some members of the crowd were ‘armed,’ not that it was an entire armed mob.

Second, they never seem to have specified how many or how they were armed. And there is little proof anyone was “armed” with anything but bear spray and flag poles.

Most reporting about the crowd at the Capitol that day shows pretty much everyone was unarmed, and no evidence has been presented to show anyone who breached the Capitol had a firearm.

While there have been reports and court filings of some firearms stored across the Potomac River in Virginia by members of the Oath Keepers group who stormed the Capitol, none of those guns ever made it to DC.

In March 2021, NPR tried to hype the armed crowd narrative by admitting that no firearms were found, but that some rioters had “stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles wielded as clubs.”

This sounds like any one of hundreds of BLM or Antifa rallies during 2020 to me.

And despite repeated attempts by the left and the media to paint the ugly and unlawful riot at the Capitol as “deadly,” the only person actually killed was unarmed protester, Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt. And she was killed by a Capitol Police officer.

One Capitol Police officer died the next day of a stroke, his family claims were unrelated to the attack. Three peaceful protesters also died of natural causes on the Capitol grounds, not inside the Capitol building.

As noted above, President Trump did seem unfazed that some of his supporters might be armed, and wanted them allowed to proceed to his rally, along with him, since as he noted, they weren’t a threat to him.

While this may be very poor judgement, and not what the President of the United States should have been doing in a very dangerous and volatile moment, it’s not the same as wanting to lead an armed mob onto the Capitol.

So, I say this is mostly false and give the ‘armed mob’ story four Pinocchios.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
6 months ago

More lies

6 months ago


Robert Berger
Robert Berger
6 months ago

Whether or not he actually “wanted to lead it ” , Trump certainly INCITED that disgusting mob of degenerate, deranged idiots and white supremacist vermin to riot in Washington on January 6 2021 !