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As President Joe Biden’s war on American energy ravages the economy, with pipelines and drilling leases shut down by radicalized environmentalists, one state has suspiciously been left unscathed. Despite accounting for only nine percent of US oil production, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) reveals New Mexico received close to half of all oil and gas permits issued by the federal government in 2020.

It’s also the home state of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.  The Interior Department is responsible for approving permits.  A former U.S. Congresswoman from New Mexico, Haaland’s rubber-stamping of drilling permits for her state could position her for a campaign for governor or U.S. Senate.

“. . .I will admit there are few places in the world, if you are lucky enough to live there, that the Biden administration actually is doing all it can to increase the production and supply of energy—two places, as far as I can tell,” said Sullivan. “Let me talk about those two places. The first is New Mexico, the State of New Mexico. Close to half the oil and gas permits issued by the Federal Government last year went to one State.”

“Every State in the country like mine is trying to get permits. Guess which State got 2,286 oil and gas permits in 2021. New Mexico,” Sullivan continued.

“Alaska is being crushed: no lease sales in Cook Inlet, NPRA, half of it off the table, probably about the size of New Mexico, and New Mexico is getting special treatment,” said Sullivan.

“Who is from New Mexico? Oh, my goodness, the Secretary of Interior is from New Mexico,” Sullivan continued. “I wish the media thought that was interesting. Could you imagine if that was a Republican Secretary of the Interior favoring his State over every other State in the country for more oil and gas production? The New York Times and the Washington Post would have a field day.  If this was Ryan Zinke, there would be a front-page story once a day but not if it is a Democratic Secretary of the Interior.”

Haaland served one term in Congress and was elected to a second when Biden nominated her Interior Secretary.  She had previously been the Democrat nominee for New Mexico Lieutenant Governor.

She could follow the same path as former New Mexico Congressman Bill Richardson, who used his service as Bill Clinton’s Energy Secretary to twice be elected New Mexico governor.

A Cabinet post can often be used a springboard to elected office or consideration for Vice President.  

Former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez is now running for Maryland governor and former Obama Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro was considered for Hillary Clinton’s running mate, then ran his own 2016 campaign for the Democrat presidential nomination.

In addition to Richardson, Bill Clinton’s Cabinet saw at least five members parlay their service into runs for federal or statewide office.

Former Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno ran for Florida governor, former Clinton Ag Secretary Mike Espy ran for U.S. Senate from Mississippi, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich ran for Massachusetts governor.

Former Clinton Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala was later elected to Congress and former Clinton Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo was later twice elected New York Governor before resigning after sexually assaulting multiple women.

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. How does he get away with this? that puts thousands of Americans unemployed and forces citizens to pay higher prices for gas! What is going on?

    1. They are democrats. Do you really expect the MSM to question them? They are too busy trying
      to find things on Republicans, whether true or not, to report. SMDH!

  2. I just saw a headline that said 80% of the US is dissatisfied with the state of America.

    This is ALL of biden’s fault. ALL of it.

    1. Well, actually it is all of Satan fault, he is the puppet master… He is the god/prince of this world for now.
      However, damage to this nation begam at least in the late 1800s when this gov’t band the Bible from being used as a teaching aid in our public-school classrooms, and then another huge step against our Christian faith was allowing the teachings of evolution to enter our universities in the 1920s and later to enter our high schools…
      Since these violations against our God and Bible there has been a continued pushing God out of our gov’t and out of the daily lives of the people, to the point now when God has been sending His warnings that heathen nations will destroy this nation.
      Just as God had sent His warnings a total of seven times that heathen nations would destroy Israel, the Israelites did not believe God would allow their destruction because they believed that they were more righteous than all of people, and the Americans today believe they are more righteous than others today; however, the Bible clearly says, there are none truly righteous.
      God gave us the greatest president after the eight years of the worst of all presidents, and what did the gov’t do but even became more wicked than ever before, lying, cheating, stealing, and even killing to steal the WH back.
      God allowed Biden to enter the WH for a reason, which is to finish the goals of Satan’s desires, which is to steal, kill, and destroy all that belongs to God.
      The heathen nations of China, Russia, and possibly one other will destroy this nation, and I believe before the presidentially election, and maybe even before the midterm this November.
      God will save the born-again Christian, but He will not save such a wicked nation as the United States.

  3. Biden is a total worthless idiot who should be thrown out of office immediately, we can’t take two more years of this idiot!

  4. How can you tell real news media’s from fake news media’s? Here is how. Fake NEWS MEDIA’S call the illegal PRESIDENCY President! Real news calls him Joe Biden

  5. America needs to shut Pedo Joe and the Democraps DOWN. Return America back to how things were under President Trump the RIGHTFUL WINNER of the 2020 Election.


  7. This man has no capacity to be President. Whoever controls the teleprompter controls him. This man will read anything to be President, along with his disastrous wife which likes to be called Doctor even though she is not, just to be called First Lady. Yeah, like First Lady of disaster. Her husband will go down in history as the WORST President in history, yet she lacks the empathy to curtail it because she is so inartistic that she cares less. Plus, the whole family is as corrupt, or far worse, than the Clintons. This whole family is corrupt. Hunter does not show corruptness in the family because he learned from his dad: how to get rich from being in politics.

  8. Biden has to keep the “ arse kissers” happy, so they can parlay their cabinet posts to higher offices! What a lying crook! We need to rebel, start drilling anyway , to hell with him. He isn’t a “legal” president anyway, was not elected but installed by Obutthead the big mouth Kenyan! Time for this farce to end, remove him from office, along with Harris and Piglosi!!

  9. All Patriots it is time to Lock , Load and Stay . Civil War 2 is coming with the idiot in Our house and he is too stupid to realize that fact and I pray some fool does not fire nuclear missles at a Patriotic state out of spite .

  10. This is how Biden does business; it’s the way of a long-term Democrat Senator. We haven’t seen the likes of Biden since Lyndon Johnson.

  11. I’m thinking about writing a book about our POTUS. It’ll likely be called “Diary Of A Madman.” In what reality does it make sense to totally shut down oil leases during a crisis? Dementia can only be blamed for so much. Most of what Joe has done and was rubberstamped by the left is absolutely intentional.
    Yes, November seems to be a long way off!

  12. “Birds of a feather flock together” was never more true than with Demon-crats. And, since the state of New Mexico is under Demon-crat control, it figures the Demon-crat who illegally occupies the White House would show such favoritism.

  13. well slowly America is going to a be a country of welfare and this is what they mean when they say America is back really it means back of Venezuela and that is going to be a fact

  14. This lunatic must be stopped!!! impeachment, 25th, anything to save our country while
    we still have one!!! Never seen any behavior like this from a so called leader of our
    country. He is leading us off a cliff……every decision made is the wrong one for our
    well being…….times are a changing…for the worst….

  15. Brain dead & beady eyed Biden has not shut down one coal mine here in West Virginia. The demand for our “prime grade” coal is so high the cost of a metric ton is through the roof. Since the damn Chinese will pay so much more for our coal, we now have to match their price to keep it here and to use it to make electricity for our state’s citizens.

  16. Biden is a corrupt SOB and he needs to be ridden out of DC on a rail. His son , Hunter, is disgusting and anywhere else in the world would have hanged him in an instant.

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