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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now reportedly encouraging conversations between Democrats and Republicans on the subject of new gun control legislation.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is encouraging bipartisan conversations about gun control legislation in the aftermath of a Texas elementary school shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children.

I’ve encouraged him to talk to Sen. Sinema, Sen. Murphy and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that’s directly related to the problem. I am hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution that’s directly related to the facts of this awful massacre,” McConnell told CNN of Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn’s interest in red-flag legislation. Cornyn, a long-time McConnell ally, served as GOP Whip from 2015-2019 and could likely convince enough Republicans to support a bill to overcome a filibuster.

Red-flag laws, or extreme risk protection orders, allow law enforcement officials to seek court orders for the purpose of temporarily seizing firearms owned by individuals who appear to be at risk of committing violence. The shooter in Uvalde, Texas repeatedly posted pictures of guns on social media, and cut his face with knives. Police were dispatched to his house on several occasions.

Several Republican senators have previously expressed interest in red-flag laws, which have been passed in 19 states and Washington, D.C., according to the left-wing Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott introduced a bipartisan red-flag law with Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and Independent Maine Sen. Angus King in 2021, although it has not passed out of committee. Scott signed similar legislation as Governor of Florida in 2018 in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting.

Is McConnell preparing to betray conservatives on gun control? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. I’ve just written to Mitch McConnell about this. I encourage everyone to do the same. He’s making it impossible to reach his office for comment. You can contact him at

  2. Gun are not the problem unstable people are the problem. New gun laws will only punish law biding gun owners and will stop nothing. Harden our schools and quit letting people go after they have been found to be mentally unstable, insure they are not allowed to have weapons.

  3. Can’t these idiots in politics ever understand common sense? It is NOT the gun, it is the PERSON behind the gun.

  4. What a mess. I had a 22 rifle in my office for the longest. It behaved didn’t threaten anyone, attack anyone or kill anyone. If people would just follow the laws we have in place today, this would never have happened. Guns are not the problem, but evil people. Someone stole my rifle and I bet within the next few years it will be used to do harm. NOT THE GUN’S FAULT!!! We need to get the criminals out of society. So many times we blame the police, judges even with career criminals let them out and they kill someone. It is time we as a country get tough on these type of people. Just my opinion!!!!!!!!!

  5. Over 75% of the country wants gun laws, background checks, etc….MANY are Republican! Until this is done, you all have the blood of innocent lives on your hands!

    P.S. Every murdered child had a heartbeat before being shot dead in school. Where’s that righteous outrage from “pro-life” Republicans?

    eff off

  6. To McConnell….NO, NO and NO!
    The result will be our side giving in. That’s what always happens.

  7. It is past time for McConnelo to go. He is conservative when it is convienent but a Rino a large part of the time.


  9. Here we go….more gun control laws is not the solution. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on something that needs stitches, it’s not going to stop the bleeding. We need to find a solution to the problem of mental health. People need to quit focusing on the mechanism of the crime and start finding a solution for the motives of the crime. My breaks for the families that lost their loved ones.

  10. Over 75% of the country wants gun laws, background checks, etc….MANY are Republican! Until this is done, you all have the blood of innocent lives on your hands!

    BTW, Every murdered child had a heartbeat before being shot dead in school. Where’s that righteous outrage from “pro-life” Republicans?

    2 words for all Republicans like Cruz, Rubio and the second one is you and the first isn’t love.

  11. Stupidity personified, there are already laws in place to deal with this issue, but they have to be enforced. There is a decided disconnect between law makers and law enforcers and that would be the solution to the problem if they were to actually want to see a solution.

  12. McConnell need’s to be thrown out of the Republicans party, he’s Rhino. We shouldn’t be given Ukraine any money. Follow the money back to the deep state the Democrats party, Clinton, Obama and the One World Order. I would of like to be a fly on the wall during his meeting with Zulinsky. What McConnell doesn’t understand all the Rhinos and deep stater are going down. In 2022 and 2024. We will turn America red.

  13. Why am I not surprised that it’s rubber spine McConnell! I guess his bosses in China are demanding Americans be disarmed! You think things are bad now, wait until the Communist democrats get us disarmed and it will be “welcome to hell!”

  14. McConnell it is a great thing that God will remove you from power before you can destroy anymore of America with your fellow corrupt satanic Nazi democrat Khazar’s

  15. The events in Uvalde concluding with the briefing held this afternoon has once again made me hold my head in shame as a retired soldier/cop. I spent first 26 years of my life as a soldier charged with training/leading soldiers in ground combat and specializing in counter-terrorism tactics; followed by a like number of years as a municipal police chief. Sadly, the briefing given by a senior officer from the Texas Department of Safety reinforced the reason I left government service rather than starting a one man war to negate as many self-serving/corrupt/incompetent/witless politicians and bureaucrats as one man could accomplish.

    First, the briefing was a shallow admission that the responders to the shooting were not trained in proper/effective tactics and may have demonstrated a level of unacceptable timidity. As George A. Custer stated many years ago; “Always ride to the sound of the guns and attack!” When officers aggressively close in on the shooter’s position while trying to minimize collateral damage, the shooter is usually kept occupied defending his position rather than killing hostages. In short, basic tactics include occupying the shooter by one officer talking to him/her/it while the action team/other officers close in and shoots to kill (action team members/attacking officers do not talk, they act) at the first opportunity. Remember; “Wounded animals are still dangerous, dead ones not so much!”

    As a soldier/cop/Texan who has hunted game and/or men all over Texas, all three Americas, the Near/Middle/Far East, and Europe, I personally challenge any individual to demonstrate why one would use .223 or 5.56 super sonic ammo loaded in 10/20/30 round magazines, and fired from any long or short gun to hunt game. For the sake of the ladies and/or the wimps among you, I will just say as one who has personally shot men and seen many men hit by 5.56 super sonic ammo, that you do not what to shoot game with the same. The tissue and bone destruction is beyond most civilian’s imagination.

    In closing, I wish I had the authority to deal with any person who illegally or legally sells/provides any weapon to individuals without carefully checking their mental/criminal history. Farther more, I wish I had the authority to deal with those politicians who stand in the way of providing laws that keep guns out of the hands of unqualified persons, and laws that provide for swift and proper punishment for those who violate the same.

    Have a nice day,

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired         

  16. Discuss all the changes you want top, anything less than a Convention of States, and something like two-thirds, or three fourths, of agreement are the only way to make a change The Constitution is not a list of suggestions, it’s LAW. Federal Law. (As in, violating the Constitution that way, actually constitutes a federal crime, which, in turn, just might make some high-and-mighties indicted, and tried, and (hopefully) imprisoned.The 2 A says, “shall not be infringed” The rest of the Constitution says, “Do not ****with the rules!!”


  18. McConnell is just as much a RINO as Mitt Romney. The ONLY reason he went along with Trump is the fact that if he had not, his constituents would have voted him out.
    McConnell’s constituents really do need to elect someone else

  19. Obviously many of us don’t trust McConnell at this point. I think that it’s important to look at the numbers to determine if “red flag laws” have done any good in the 19 states that have them. To me, it’s important to keep firearms out of the campus setting with exceptions for security and law enforcement. There are many ways to accomplish this. It’s not always an excuse to trash the 2nd ammendment.

  20. Doesn’t “the shooter” have a name ? Why don’t they call him by name in these articles ? If he was white they surely would !

  21. brain dead politions have no idea.the gun does not shoot anyone it is the idiot that is holding the gun that kills

  22. School doors that prevent unlawful entry but allow egress in an emergency could be a solution as opposed to arming and training teachers and aides against intruders and installing guards with metal detectors. Police presence in schools would be a deterrent to armed intruders also!

  23. Chicago has the most and strongest gun laws in the country and also the highest Murder rate proving that “Background checks” do not cure Mental Illness or stop crime since all gun purchases for concealed weapons have to come through a federal agent except for long guns in some states.
    Criminals will never have to suffer a “Background check” because they can get any kind of weapon through “Black Market” enterprises where only money is required to weaponize Criminals so Politicizing and Screaming about “Gun Control” is only Patronizing the wierd “Leftist Lunatics” who are trying their damndest to control everything and everybody but never will!

  24. The old fossil turtle must go! he has no value for Republicans. when your hear talk of common sense gun regulations it should send up Red Flags. Be gone China Mitch!

  25. McConnell needs to go. He does not represent Conservative Republicans. He’s just another Romney, McCain, Flake, Kinsinger, Liz Cheney, Geo. Bush. RINO’s who are nothing more than Democrats.

  26. McConnell needs to go. ASAP! He’s gonna help the Dems throw our 2nd amendment rights right into the wood chipper…

  27. It is time for McConnell to go. He can no longer be considered a Republican. I urge everyone to write to their Representative and Senators and force them to stand against McConnell. We are are Republicans and should be proud of the values we hold dear. McConnell and Lindsay Graham must go now!

  28. This is why the Republicans come up short.They never stick together .2nd amendment rights must never be violated.

  29. Not surprising at all. McConnell is the latest in a long line of establishment elite leaders, all of whom, in both chambers of Congress get chosen by the globalist actually running this country. Yes, a vote takes place among the members, but they are encouraged (one way or another) to vote for the NWO’s choice.

  30. Proof McConnell is a FAKE Republican. This means he is like the MORON MEDIA a RECTUM SUCKING PUPPET of the Democraps in Private but talks like a Republican in public. Do not confuse them(FAKE Republicans) with RINOS they do their RECTUM SUCKING in public just like the MORON MEDIA.

  31. dumb and dumber … just flatulating again .. no genius, no critical thingking, no common sense… to much time in the basement with branden …

  32. Sen. Cornyn represents my district in Texas. He is NOT a conservative as is evidenced by his voting history in the Senate. If he and McConnell are in collusion on this gun control issue, which appears the case, it does not bode well for our Second Amendment. I abhor these gun assaults on helpless children and adults, BUT we must keep logic and actions in balance. The Democrats have encouraged defunding and disrespecting the Police, DA’s will not prosecute dangerous offenders- there is no bail involved, the criminals are right back out on the street, there is a shortage of mental health providers available, and numerous other factors to take into consideration. In the Uvalde case, a teacher left a door OPEN when that person went to get a phone from their car, armed Police hesitated for prolonged periods rather than confronting the gunman in a prompt manner- this is not the fault of the gun(s) involved; it is human error. Let us not forget history involving civilians being disarmed. Stalin took away firearms from the Russians, Mao Zedong disarmed the Chinese people, Hitler disarmed the Germans; all of this occurred prior to becoming a totalitarian
    government where the people were mere pawns of their megalomaniac, destructive “rulers.” We must be very careful proceeding down this path, and use common sense- which is a rare commodity in today’s politics. Our forefathers gave us the Second Amendment for the PEOPLE to be able to protect themselves against a ROGUE government should that occur. We are the only country in the world that has that ability. We must keep our Second Amendment intact and protect it. We definitely need to take steps to protect our schools, but disarming law abiding citizens is not the answer.

  33. We DO NOT need another Law we need the ones we have ENFORCED. Democraps strip the power from Laws when they say Criminal Justice Reform. They also have the ACLU get Criminals off on the smallest of technicalities. What we need is to put Punishment back into Our laws already on the Books. Strip all the nice things in prisons and return them to places NO ONE wants to go and that would do a lot to stop crime.

  34. Mitch, and Cronyn Both have been ANTI AMERICAN 2 AMENDMENT SOCIAL COMMUNIST FOR “YEARS”! And RINO’S for just as long! Remove them Both. Then also thing Gram, no difference between any of them!

  35. McConnell you do not know the difference between your butthole and a hole in the ground, because you are a traitor

  36. What do these people in charge have for brains? How really stupid do they “think” …. we are? the electoral votes were ILLEGALY certified. FACT. Jan 6 people are hero’s for doing what needed to be done via keeping the fraudulent criminals from destroying America, FACT. ONE “person” should never be able to sit in a chair with a pen and a piece of paper and ruin a nation. Right Barack ?! Oh sorry Barry. Pen and a Phone? Executive orders should only be able to “enhance” the lives of “We the people” Once you start “degrading ” “We the peoples” lives/Minds….guess what happens? Dahhhhhhhhh…. people go psycho!? FACT. Facts don’t matter to criminals right shifty Shiff ?! Hey Adam!? your no good at lying. You need to take some lesson from Mayorkas?! What PMO is all the Liars, PROVEN liars aren’t in jail their trying to SELL their lies in a book?!
    Here is what the real problem is . Every thing I wrote above doesn’t matter if it is a FACT?!
    I could go on and on about slick willy and “it all depends on what is …….is ” and joe/Hunter Plausible deniability crap.
    Every lie conjured up by the demorats in todays society goes into “peoples” heads/minds Its manifesting and perverting an already confused generation. It is growing a psychotic bunch of radical thought minded people? Going into a school and killing little kids?! Where the hell did that come from? HELLO!!!!!!!!!……. DamyouCrats . Get the LEGALLY (electro college) man back in the WH. Let all those patriots out of “detention” ? and go back to SANENESS

  37. MConnell is a dam fool and married to china and does not support the United States.To hell with him.

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