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Liberal censorship culture may be reaching a breaking point after professors at the leftist University of Virginia signed an open letter criticizing their own students for trying to cancel an appearance by former Vice President Mike Pence was a “violent” threat to their safety.

Pence is still scheduled to speak before Young Americans for Freedom on April 12.  The event will be held at Old Cabell Hall in the school’s Academical Village.

The event will almost certainly see hysterical, and possibly violent, protests as campus liberals are set to swarm and the student newspaper is trying to have the speech canceled, claiming Pence’s personal thoughts threaten the lives of the school’s mentally fragile liberals.

Seventeen professors, representing nine academic departments, signed an open letter criticizing The Daily Cavalier student newspaper for demanding an on-campus speech by Pence be banned, claiming Pence’s conservative views were literally “violence” and that student’s lives would be in danger from hearing views with which they disagreed.

“So-called ‘perspectives’ should not be welcomed when they spread rhetoric that directly threatens the presence and lives of our community members,” a Cavalier editorial whined about Pence.  

No such editorials have been published about student groups calling for attacks on Israel or those who use bomb threats and mob attacks to cancel conservative speech.

The sheer radicalism concerns some professors, who see the threat in claiming different ideas are literal “violence” calling for a physical response.

“We are not interested in either defending or attacking Pence and whatever he might say,” the professors wrote. “We are more concerned that The Cavalier Daily believes that his speech constitutes ‘violence” that ‘threatens the well-being and safety of students on Grounds.’”

“This speech-is-violence argument is not only wrong — no calls for violence will be issued April 12 — but also contradicts the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment,” they wrote, “which generally creates space for a wide range of views to be expressed so long as the relevant speech does not incite violence.”

“What saddens us about the mindset of The Cavalier Daily editorial is its assumption that the editors should enjoy the freedom to say what they want but others with whom they disagree should not,” they added. “The First Amendment protects not just those whose views the editors deem harmless.”

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  1. To all Patriots only , Lock,load and stay alert . If You are not a Patriot read at Your own displeasure cause it might cause heartburn , nausea and discomfort because you are sick .

  2. Rename the school Boohoo U and tell the whinny children to go pound sand until they run out of tars and grow up.

  3. The editors of this university newspaper should be summarily dismissed from the university, and forever forbidden to attend the university again. These are NOT Americans, but pro Communist radicals who want to destroy the United States by violence. Perhaps they should also be deported to modern day Russia, where they will learn exactly what they have sold out to, in Vladimir Putin’s modern Russian dictatorship. These are anti-American scum, and deserve justice!

  4. Freedom of speech means that ALL speech is protected, unless it is fomenting violence, even if it does not agree with one’s personal views

  5. This is what we have come to. A nation that has LOST the last two generations to progressive libtards who are going to destroy the very country that has given them right to protest their views against conservatism and for a political scheme pandering to the lunatic left that will destroy the country.

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