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A member of Congress, who was also the White House doctor under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, warns Biden’s apparent mental decline makes the current president a national security threat.

Texas Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson, who served as Physician to the President to George W. Bush, Obama and Donald Trump, is asking Biden to take and publicly disclose the results of a cognitive test after a series of verbal blunders consistent with dementia.

“I’m not trying to make a diagnosis,” Jackson tells One America News. “But I think the whole world sees that he’s having some issues. He’s struggling cognitively.”

“It’s not a good time to have a commander-in-chief and a head of state that’s having these particular issues. I think there’s something going on … it’s a national security issue at this particular point,” said Jackson.

“In that position, if you have cognitive issues, it’s going to be a national security issue regardless,” said Jackson.

Jackson notes since “he was Candidate Joe Biden that I don’t think he’s cognitively fit to be president.”

“We had done that when I was physician for President Trump and I think the precedent was somewhat set and he should do the same,” said Jackson.

His latest call for a test comes after Biden told U.S. troops in Europe they would soon be deployed to Ukraine, even though there are no plans to do so.

“Over time, the American public has seen this on display over and over. As each day goes on, concern continues to grow,” said Jackson.

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  1. You can shout it from the Capital Building, From the Oval Office, you can shout it from Delaware, you can shout it from the Speakers Office, you can shout it from the Mountain Tops, but you are shouting it on def ears, THE DEMOCRATS ARE IN TOO DEEP TO STOP THIS INEPT PRESIDENT, HIS ADVISORS ARE RUNNING HIM, AND IT WON’T STOP UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS TO US OR HIM!

    1. That shouldn’t be a problem in view of Trump having been put in the Presidency with no political or diplomatic experience whatsoever, and 6 bankruptcies to advertise his “business” skills.

    2. Just like the media is being forced to expose his son’s corrupt dealings, which he’s obviously involved in as well, pressure should be kept up for him to take this test and reveal the truthful results. Someone neutral should be present so no shenanigans occur.

    3. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not new to you or others, but Biden and his cohorts are still around, determined and dangerous!

    4. Hi, I’m Kackles Kamala giving a speech and let me say what I said I’d say because I said it and you can take what I just told you to the bank. What? You want me to talk about the border?
      Hahahahahahaha! Cackle! Cackle! AAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    5. Giggles was selected as Slow Joe’s running mate BECAUSE of her incompetence. The rationale being that nobody would attempt to get rid of Joe because the alternative was immeasurably worse.

  2. Every member of Congress and every member of the Supreme Court Justice should be held responsible for allowing that nutcase and his puppet masters to continue destroying America, while not doing anything about it. The whole world sees and knows our so-called president isn’t all there, and should be kicked to the curb immediately, and replaced by the one who was truly elected and appointed by God Almighty!

  3. He also called his wife the VP. If this was Trump his behavior would be on the news non stop. If this doesn’t prove how screwy the left is by not wanting him to take a test then nothing can. Amazes me how dumb they are to want to keep this man in office in his state. Unfortunately the next in line is not incompetent.

  4. How much longer this fraudulent compromised and I’m obvious cognitive decline condition embarrassment in our White House is going to cling to power with help of democrat party and media while desperately trying to ignore all the frightening truth about Biden family fraudulent activities discovered on Hunter computer – that is a question!

  5. Biden is, and is not, the problem. He will not be re-elected, if he is even running, but the people who illegally affected election will still be iterferring!

  6. “Puppets is Puppets” . . . Yeah, we should get rid of Biden so Kamela Harris can be the puppet-of-the-day for the mega-billionaire, democrat, one world communist government handlers. She would certainly put forward a better face for America.
    We forced Christ out of America, we are getting what we deserve!

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