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There’s a new PAC in town and they are taking aim at school boards across the country that have become infested with the racist ideas of the radical left.

The PAC, 1776 Project Political Action Committee, was only founded last year by longtime conservative activist Ryan Girdusky but is already making major waves.

While other conservatives have understandably been focused on national and state level races Girdusky and his PAC have gone after school boards across the country, in the process removing many left-wing radical who were seeking to indoctrinate America’s children.

To do so Girdusky, who piloted the PAC completely on his own, identified 56 conservative candidates in seven states who were willing to do battle with woke activists in order to pry school boards away from left-wing radicals. Out of the 56 candidates he identified, 42 of them prevailed.

That equals out to a 72 percent win rate, which is absolutely stunning compared with the results of any other Political Action Committee.

And as The New York Post noted, Girdusky’s strategy even triumphed in politically liberal districts:

Among other places, this phenomenon appears to have taken place in Democrat-rich Passaic County, New Jersey. Ryan’s school board candidates ran against Critical Race Theory and motivated Hispanic voters to support them. The entire county shifted Right, to the benefit of Republicans elsewhere on those ballots.

Girdusky’s slate of school-board candidates in Centre County, Pennsylvania, boosted overall support for conservatives, including one running for the Keystone State’s Supreme Court.

In a rarity for a Rightist contender, Megan Sullivan picked up Centre County and, consequently, clinched that seat on Pennsylvania’s highest court.

Thus, Girdusky and his organization will back school-board candidates whose reverse coattails could help the GOP capture city halls, statehouses, governors’ mansions and Capitol Hill.

And this November Girdusky is aiming even higher and is now looking to flip 300 school boards using the model he pioneered in what could be a complete game changer for the conservative movement in America and a nightmare for its woke enemies.


  1. Good luck to him!! This is a very big uphill battle but it’s refreshing to see some of the “big” money being spent at the local level where at least concerning public education we conservatives can potentially make more significant improvements.

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