YouTube has removed a controversial video from two California doctors for supposedly violating its community guidelines. Although enthusiastic supporters have reposted it, the video-sharing giant deleted the original version after it amassed five million views. Watch it here

Based on their findings, the two doctors argue the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is more comparable to the seasonal flu and want the economy reopened. 

Some people contend that the lower-than-predicted death toll from this wave affirms conspiracies that the models’ initial fatality projections were deliberately sensational. There is no evidence to corroborate this. A debate should emerge after this is over to review whether the initial models were wrong or whether strict social distancing caused fatalities to plummet more dramatically than predicted. 

In the meantime, here are the CDC’s guidelines to protect yourself and others. (RELATED: How to Keep Your Pet Safe From the Coronavirus)

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2 years ago

Economy should’ve never been shut down – the whacking attempt of the stock market showed what robustness the country is made of b/c the insider traders of Congress helping the Soros-Gates-Obama-Clinton-deRothschild, etc. Globalists failed to take it down and small businesses that’re the core of America got hurt badly instead and one thing led to another until Democrat KGB governors began taking advantage with their variations of martial law and revocation of habeus corpus for only the citizens Not for themselves or their law enforcement.
They actually thought Americans had been dumbed down by media to believe we wouldn’t know our civil rights were violated.
Protests showed them otherwise and lawsuits against them are driving that stake into their evil hearts, and DOJ is helping.
If anyone would take a look, America has already broken the lockdown and rehiring is taking place, but it can be supposed that the anger against those who did this is only beginning and the demand for fierce penalties is sure to happen.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sirdirkfan

Fauci and Birks are NWO POS in bed with Bill and Melinda Gates and Soros and everyone on Trumps c19 team except Mike Pence. They all need to be silenced. If these Commie Govonors what to keep pushing we will push back and it won’t be pretty for them.

Robert L. Kahlcke
2 years ago
Reply to  Gerard

Better DEAD than RED.

A. D Roberts
2 years ago

You TUBE is part of the leftists who are determined to destroy our economy.
It IS time to get this over with. Let everyone get exposed and get sick. The rate is 19 out of 20 who will not even be sick enough for medical treatment. those who are can get the Trump medicine that DOES make them well most of the time.
The media and leftists and those who want to destroy our economy, will continue to claim it is too soon. And the wimpy, liberal housewives who will vote for Biden no matter what sexual offenses he committed will refuse to accept the fact. THIS SHUT DOWN IS KILLING, not the corona.

2 years ago
Reply to  A. D Roberts

Three huge mistakes in the demise of our republic, nothing the founders did was capricious. Everything they wrote and structured in the Constitution had a basis in history. The three mistakes:
1. 19th Amendment
2. 17th Amendment
3. Removal of property ownership as a condition to vote

Edward Wolfe
Edward Wolfe
2 years ago

The Doctors in Question were censured by many of the big guys because they questioned the party line. There are others also who have raised issues with what’s coming down from “those in charge” — but they are seldom mentioned, except with skepticism by the major media outlets. There seems to be a lot below the surface of this thing that is much more than a concern for health and safety. (Especially when you find that some who have made some very tough “rules” themselves break the same rules!) In my years, I haven’t seen anything quite this bizarre!