Okay, okay, Mitt Romney never committed treason or physically hurt anyone, but the fact remains that he was supposed to champion the Republican Party in 2012.

President Obama and his administration were burdened by scandal and shouldn’t have had the political weight to win re-election. Many voters found though that Romney didn’t give it his all and refused to stand up for himself and his party at pivotal moments and ceded the election to Obama before it even began.

This was not Romney’s only shortcoming. The Utah Republican found an ally with Donald Trump in 2012, but he did not offer him the same courtesy when Trump’s election seemed unlikely. In fact, he even went as far as to denounce Trump and implore Republicans to actively oppose the GOP nominee in order to salvage their party. Romney’s questionable decisions (to put it charitably) didn’t stop there, the other day he became the first U.S. Senator in history to vote to remove a president in his own party.    


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