Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Acting Navy Secretary Resigns

UPDATE: Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has accepted the resignation of Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly for criticizing an aircraft carrier captain who pleaded for help during a coronavirus outbreak aboard his ship.


“He resigned on his own accord, putting the Navy and the sailors above self so that the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the Navy as an institution, can move forward,” Esper wrote in a Tuesday statement. “I have the deepest respect for anyone who serves our country, and who places the greater good above all else. Secretary Modly did that today, and I wish him all the best.”

The Navy’s top civilian Thomas Modly has submitted his resignation 24 hours after leaked audio showed him calling the dismissed captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt “stupid” and “naïve.”

The speech was reportedly poorly received by the ship’s crew. (CNN)

The Navy and Department of Defense did not respond to a request for comment.

Modly’s Monday morning remarks to the crew prompted sailors to yell back in frustration, President Donald Trump to say he might “get involved” in the matter, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper to order Modly to apologize, two US officials tell CNN.

The acting Navy secretary issued his late-night about-face apology Monday evening, just hours after he defended his comments to the aircraft carrier’s crew. But Modly’s belated declaration that he does “not think Captain Brett Crozier is naïve nor stupid” was not enough to protect his job.

This story is developing. Stay with American Action News for the latest updates.

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  1. Anyone ‘leaking’ anything should be incarcerated b/c That leak is not the full story and anyone has the right to change their mind no matter what was said at That particular time of the ‘leak’ which, of course, the ‘leak’ becomes the narrative and that is usually the way it is plotted – leakers are an evil blotch on the country, something that’s needed rectifying for years, so hope Trump does the correcting.

      • The story I heard was that the Air Craft Carrier captain was not fired for asking for help BUT for going outside of channels to ask for that help. IF I know much about the military, it is that they DEMAND that things be done through channels. The Aircraft captain did not. FIRE THE SUCKER.

      • Modley was right. The Captain intentionally went out of channels. He was stupid. He was wrong. GOOD RIDDANCE. Crozier was naive and stupid. Want to bet he is a Dmocrat. Otherwise, why would he ignore the chain of command. And someone needs to tell him just how LACKING in fatality corona really is. Just another dupe.

    • The Aircraft Carrier Commander was wrong, because he broke security protocol. The Secretary Of The Navy should have never made the comment in ear-shot of anyone who could use it, and so he threw himself upon his sword. There’s no honor in any of this, which can only question the integrity of espirit de corp.

      • What should a unit commander do if he, through proper secure channels, tell superiors that a crisis such as a disease isn’t just affecting his unit’s effectiveness, but is also jeopardizing the unit’s mission and his people, AND his superiors choose to delay or disregard responding to his pleas, especially for political appearance reasons?

        • The aircraft commander did not talk to his superiors first, he wrote and distributed the letter first and that is a no, no in any military. He should have been removed and he started the whole affair. You go to your superior first, no affect, go to the next higher, etc., etc.
          It’s the military not a private business and by the time you get to be a commander you should have learned that. My Father who fought in WWII learned that as you moved up the ranks. He had an old saying, “Don’t burn your bridges behind you to solve a problem.”

          • And you know that for a fact? My guess is that we will hear more information on this as the days go by. One thing we can all be certain of: The msm NEVER gives us “nothing but the truth”!

        • Perhaps you should not comment on anything where you fail to get all the facts and just recite your own bias. He not only broke the chain of command but went outside to civilians in unsecured messages. He exposed our military to our enemies in the same area where this ship was deployed to protect against attack and control of shipping lanes, both military and commercial. The command was aware and preparing but he felt they were too slow and made one of the worse mistakes any leader can make, provide top secret information on our military capability in an area surrounded by those seeking to take control of the high seas. He violated the 2 most important military requirements, discipline and chain of command that led to the media getting the information and exposing it in world-wide news as well as a national security breech. Those who have not been in the military have no idea how important this is and how much it informs enemies like China, Russia, and North Korea that our most important defensive and offensive carrier in the Pacific is no longer fully capable to continue their mission.

          • I keep hearing/reading that he didn’t first go thru channels. How can we know that? We have no view of those channels, we aren’t supposed to.

      • Bill Gates and his puppet Faucci want America to collapse – the Pro Chinese pressure they are creating is becoming more effective. We see that in the “cracks” showing in the Naval Command structure. Thirty feet away form the Captains office was the Office of the Admiral of the fleet.
        What did the Captain do – go Public!? Like it or not Captain you are not Public you are military and you decided not to live with that. The same statement to the crew – times are tough suck it up.
        The nation is being played Bill Gates has even said Covid 19 is a mild flu.
        But that he needs the Pandemic Lock-down to ensure that natural immunity DOES NOT OCCUR and that way world commerce can be controlled by his Vaccines.
        The world is being played. This is Bill Gates Business case for control and Faucxci is Gates man in the Whitehouse.

      • ADRoberts — The issue isn’t being talked about – seems the Captain did seek help through strict protocol and only heaven knows the response he got, but his cry for help that went round the world was b/c he was being ignored, go listen to it again.

    • You are so correct!!! Seems like there is an explosion of LEAKERS, Whistleblowers and “ANONIMOUS SOURCES”- all in their own way Participating in a war against our PATRIOT PRESIDENT!!!

  2. It was bad enough that Modly jumped the chain of command to discipline someone for a stupid move albeit with the “best of intentions”. That was bad enough. However, then to double down and go on board the ship to humiliate the captain in front of 5000 loyal sailors was an act of stupidity. As a four year shipboard veteran on a cruiser, I wrote my senator who is a Navy veteran himself to send this clown on his way. Semper Fi

  3. I think this is not the proper time to be discussing the . The President has enough to deal with at this time.

  4. That was a moment of frustration on the part of both men. These are high stakes situations and both men are leaders in their field. Disagreements are to be expected. Everyone should calm down and rethink this whole thing. If President Trump were to intervene I would not object.

    • LS>>>YES< By all means and with full consideration of the folks involved and their combined frustration…reconsider, PLEASE.

  5. A definite supporter of Obama’s military perspective.
    He should have done what Obama did
    during any crisis – go play golf and ignore the Admiral’s plea for assistance
    Although Trump should not accept his letter of resignation
    and fire him for conduct unbecoming an officer so it is on his record.

    Or take the high rode and medicate the situation.

  6. The damage done was not the Captain’s but this so-called Sec. of the Navy. Losing his job is not sufficient repayment for his loose lips and unbelievable lack of judgment. “Leaking” is called for when despicable/criminal acts are carried out by authorities. If you have done nothing wrong, and the entire truth has been “leaked” – what does one have to fear? Would that someone leaked the death camp photos of the Nazis earlier – but FDR and Winnie decided against it.

  7. To me it is simple:

    I have a crew and a ship that is vital to our country and it’s security and as the Captain I am responsible for the safety of my crew before it becomes the equivalent to a row boat.

    I allegedly contacted my superiors regarding this urgent matter and did not get the response I expected I would get, instead I apparently received no response.

    I have a ticking time bomb and no response! How many of the current critics of this Captain would also be at the front of the line to Court Marshall this Captain for dereliction if his duties for having waited for someone in Washington to do his (or hers)?

    I stand with the Captain even if he did make an error in judgement, but maybe just maybe he didn’t. Who in Washington could have or should have responded in a more timely manner which resulted in the Captains actions?

    • FN
      Good reply. I am with you and Captain Crozier. No one in the position of Secretary of the Navy should ever say the captain of any ship, particularly the captain of an aircraft carrier is stupid. The Navy picks only the smartest and most capable to be the captain of an aircraft carrier. If anyone is stupid, it is Modly for saying such a stupid thing. The ship’s crew underscored the truth in my statement.

    • Well said! One of the primary duties of an officer in charge ( this Captain) is to take care of his men. Obviously the sailors of this carrier respect their Captain. He should be given back his job!

    • As a retired military officer I heartedly agree with you. Sadly, I knew of situations where superiors ignored repeated pleas resulting in loss of airmen and aircraft.

    • I’ve been on an Aircraft Carrier, on station, when 20%+ of the crew has been disabled by Food Poisoning.
      Captain Crozier is/was dealing with an even higher potential for disability of the crew, with even less control than for an outbreak of Food Poisoning caused by improperly handled Chickens.
      The person responsible for blowing this situation up is The Leaker. Until that person is arrested and the name and circumstances made public, I’m on Captain Croziers side and applaud him for putting His People First!

  8. We all make mistakes at time saying things later on wishing we could take it back.
    He apologized and that’s good enough for me
    my family have all served in the military.
    So let him continue doing the job he was given.
    Naturally the men on the ship were not happy about there commander going. Yet we all know there is a correct way of doing things .The military has rules that need to be abided by them.
    Or else where would our country be if we made the rules as we pleased .
    Every one knows u follow the rules .

    • President Trump has said that not a single loss of life to the coronavirus is acceptable to him. With his people starting to drop like flies from the coronavirus, how many deaths should he be willing to accept before he takes aggressive action to protect their health and lives? Put yourself in his shoes. What is more important, following every jot and every tittle of every regulation or keeping the people alive, under your command, who are your team in fulfilling the mission? You can’t complete any mission with a dead crew. I’m an Army veteran and retired Air Force.

  9. Read his speech to the crew. The Acting Secretary doesn’t call the Captain naïve and stupid. He says that IF the Captain thinks there is no price to pay for his action (the complaint letter which violated protocol) then he must be naïve or stupid. The Acting Secretary was chewing ass for a specific action and referring to a specific action, i.e. the complaint letter. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!! A “brain fart” for the Captain and a misinterpretation for the Acting Secretary. President Trump should have them kiss and make-up, chew some sailor ass because they whined to the press (tattled) and move on!! We have more important crap to deal with than this piddly childish issue.

  10. What Modly did in talking down the Captain to the crew defies all for a Secretary of the Navy. Discharge this clown immediately. I do not agree with the Captain’s actions either, and believe he received the appropriate judgement. Unfortunately the acting SecNav turned out to be worse in his own judgement!

  11. While I commend the Captain for caring about his crew, I understand that there is more to the story. As I understand it, his message (plea for help) was sent unsecured. The issue with that is that our enemies will know of a weakness they could possibly exploit. COMSEC (communications security) is paramount. That issue must also be considered when contemplating relieving the CO of his command. JMO

  12. If this ship captan is so good, how in the world 200 crew got infested?…What He did not do,or what He did??? I believe that He is not smart enough to run a military ship. A believe The secretary of the Naivy decision was correct. America is a great country and we had a great gift when President Trump was elected, So, let respect President Tramp and his cabinet, because this is the best cabinet in years.

  13. SECNAV was wrong all the way. 1) Reaching his conclusion without an investigation(cart before the horse),2) giving an unproductive speech to the Captain’s subordinates(violating the chain of command-the chain of responsibility goes both ways, etc. The results display gross incompetency for the position of SECNAV. I give Modley credit for recognizing his incompetency and tendering his resignation.

  14. Great officer and they should have refused the resignation and offered an new comparable position. A bad day and following comment should not end a career,

  15. Kind of sad in a way — these a–holes get away with calling the President ANY foul name they want BUT when a ‘disgraced’ Commander (is aptly described) and reassigned, the world comes apart. I can’t believe these bleeding hearts REALLY grasp the significance of what this Naval Captain REALLY DID !!! This is NOT a game of marbles we’re playing.

  16. I am former petty officer from a cruiser. If My Captain was fired and insulted in front of the crew,even after leaving the ship,My moral,and the moral of My division would be shot This situation would require replacing most of the crew,in order to bring this ship back to combat ready. If a captain stands by His crew as this captain did,the the crew stands behind the skipper. The most important thing on any ship is the crew !

  17. the way i’ look at is that modly let us all down or he just wasn’t good enough for the job anymore to hold the position cuz u have to be the very best and give it the best the very best that you have got!!! do u know what i’ mean marva?? so it’s better to geve it away if u ain’t good and i’ mean gooddd!!! for the job!!! cuz thease jobs aren’t like any job!!! these jobs are of leadership position these jobs are the best there is there ain’t no other jobs like this that why u have to give it the very best of u the very best that u have got cuz thw job requires it!!! cuz u have to lead by semple!! oh! ask me!! sure i’ know!!!

  18. Sounds like the Captain was not getting any help from SecNav. Maybe going around him was not such a bad thing, considering 4000/5000 sailors on board.

  19. Let us not forget, the Commander in Chief has declared a WAR against an invisible enemy. The Captain of the Roosevelt found his ship was invaded with 150 “spies” and he asked for help. It appears none was coming. He could have thrown the 150 “Spies” overboard and saved his ship or he could have raised a distress flag and sent message for ANYONE to help save his ship. WHAT WOULD YOU DO???????

  20. Knowing about the virus Viet Nam had in northern sector I would NOT have docked. Infect some bitches with the “Commie Crud” and send them down to the ships area. Pretty stupid on the ranking officers’ part. Isn’t VN part of China now???

  21. If anyone has been in the Navy they are familiar with the chain of command.they also know that it can and will move slow. This captain put the safety of his men before his career. This was a general communication that was open to general reading. He addressed the president because he couldn’t accept any delay that he knew was possible. having used the chain of command to address problems we had it is looked at and then goes to be classified before sent onward. Because staff in this crisis has been under pressure, delays are to be expected. The Captain did violate the chain of command. The violation was understandable when the safety of his crew was his responsibility. He has the integrity of a leader that made a decision for the sake of his crew not himself. That may get him a reprimand but not a removal of command. Then we have another that now knows he made an error and resigned. Two officers that are no longer in service to the president and America. I have seen the egos of people who are in charge even in a temporary position like this one. They seem to think the promotion endows them with an omnipotent knowledge that allows them to make no mistakes. I see this in politicians as well. I do hope the president can rectify this.——-Grampa


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