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In a stunning turnaround the US military is now considering reversing its new ‘gender neutral’ fitness standards after a majority of female troops were unable to meet them.

54 percent of female troops failed the tests, which ignored physical differences between men and women, while only 7 percent of men did.

As The Daily Wire reports:

The United States Army is reportedly considering doing away with its new “gender-neutral physical test” after test results showed that the majority of women failed while approximately 90 percent of men passed. Officials are reportedly considering having different evaluation categories for men and women due to the physiological differences between the two.

“Research showed that the Army Combat Fitness Test [ACFT], which is the same for male and female soldiers, was leading to lower results for women with a knock-on effect for promotions,” The Telegraph reported. “An early Pentagon study showed that women were failing the ACFT at a rate of 65 per cent, while only 10 percent of men did.”

A report from last fall found that 54 percent of women failed the test while only 7 percent of men failed it.

The report said that Congress, which is controlled by the Democrats, stopped the new program from being implemented and the Army is reviewing whether it is fair. Congress does not want the test as it is current constructed to factor into opportunities for advancement, the report said.



  1. Equal rights is meant to end disparity in all standards! Anything else would be un-equal! This is what happens when you sell equality consideration over common sense. Men are biologically stronger than women and always will be! Equality without considering biology has a price! This will not close the gap between sexes! It will only widen it and (again) women will pay the price! Evaluations and chances for advancement will reflect this disparity!

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    1. You know just as well as the rest of us know that when the military is called in to police the police, the whole system is corrupt from the USURPERs in DC to the police. Only when we the people take back control will everything come out. United we Win, Divided we Fall. WWG1WGA

      1. Who made the current system? It’s always been the dems who do what they do best… destroy, obstruct and do legal murder. It was a lot better when I was growing up. The democrats were still in the “communist closet” because the republicans used to have the backbone to stop them. Then the dems started using their communist tactics to infiltrate the republican party to obstruct and destruct.

        The current system is bad because bad men made it bad.

        Our country is not bad, it’s the people who govern it. They MAKE the laws, they CHANGE the laws, the WRITE the laws, and they keep writing and rewriting laws that will not hold THEM accountable, and they write and rewrite those laws that will throw the book at us peons. That’s you and me, folks… the worker ants that supplies their tax dollars for them to lose control of their morals, to lose their ethics, to lose integrity, to lose control of their oath of office to defend and protect, and to their patriotism….. IF. IF, IF, IF they EVER HAD any of these to begin with. We just didn’t seem to care if they did or didn’t. A democrat once said that if a person is corrupt in his personal life, that was his business, he/she can still be a good law maker.

        I say BULL $#!@. If they are corrupt in their personal life, their brain is already infected with it, and they are not fit to rule over me and my family, or my country.

        They spend us into oblivion, they cater to our enemies, they open our borders to terrorists, murderers, drug cartels who kill our children, rapists, kidnappers, child molester pedophiles for their sex trafficking, allow terrorists, arsonists, MS-13 gangs who are just as evil as ISIS, to invade our country, our neighborhoods, and place them into our government to take their terrorism to a higher level, then they take our guns and our freedoms making us sitting ducks from all the above, putting targets on our backs for those who will “out-gun” us, bestow misery that we have never experienced, infect us with their hate and the diseases that they bring to us and our kids, as they take our guns making us helpless against all the above and against THEM, the communist democrat mafia.

    2. I agree with you that no one is above the law, but in the last twenty years it has been proven that the democrats are above the law. Other wise there would be a lot of them in jail.

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  3. They won’t be done, until we have he weakest armed forces in the world!! Go DEMOcraps!! We will be losing a war, while our troops are picking out their heels for the event!

    1. This is their goal, they HAVE to destroy our country to get their dictatorship, and that means, they HAVE to destroy us, and those who cling to our Bible, our God, and to our American way of life.

  4. This is the same problem female athletes face, and the fact that female soldiers are failing proves that female Americans are different biologically from male Americans. Democrats pushing this equality hocus are crazy. The result of their insanity will be to eliminate female athletes and make the US military a male-only endeavor. Forget female doctors, nurses and IT specialists in the military.

  5. Talk about “click bait”! Where is the part about Matt Gaetz? You know where the HEADLINE mentioned him? Be BETTER do BETTER!!

    1. I agree, I’m sick of this “click bait” as well. Needs to stop. Show some respect to your readers or we will all quit reading your posts. You’re supposed to be better than the rest!

  6. It should be an honor and privilege to serve in the armed forces. If someone wants to join they should get prepared as they would for any worthwhile job or education. But not everyone needs to be “combat ready”. Why would a clerk typist need to be able to run a mile with a rucksack? Fit, healthy and dedicated is all that’s necessary for the women who won’t be serving frontline duty.

  7. I’m a woman and I CELEBRATE the biological differences between a man and a woman. Yes, women need to be able to advance in their jobs and we’ve come a long way, but there is a difference between what a man can physically do and a woman can do. I’d choose a strong man any day over a woman to rescue me in a first responder type situation. ANY DAY!! Men CANNOT have babies and DON’T have the same maternal instincts of a woman. They (men) are just different, period. I’m a strong woman, never a doormat but I love that my man has so many physical strengths and personality quality’s that I don’t have and never will lest I want to actually look like a man and act like one. No thanks, I’ll take my femininity and run with it!! This equality crap has gone too far!!!

  8. I only have a comment since Biden is taking credit for covid 19,is wrong a blatant lie my cousin in Germany are not able to get vaccinated thru pfzier because PRESIDENT TRUMP ordered it all for the American People. TRUMP ordered it way in advance .The Germans can only buy groceries, restaurants are not open.


  10. ABSOLUTELY NOT, go all the way with the stupidity don’t pick and choose lefties! You have sexual harassers in Governors mansions and no gender references in congress, how can that be? Stick with the plan lefties, you will get crushed under the wheels of your own lunacy.

  11. Wait! The United States Army recognizes there are physiological differences between men and women. While that is hardly an epiphany worthy of news, still at least the Army isn’t taking the same course as President Biden’s transsexual views of women’s sports. But, given the number of woke officers being promoted to senior ranks these days in all branches, it won’t be long until the Army is ordered to change its views from Washington desk jockeys.

  12. You wanted to be treated the same as a man, now you whine because you can’t cut it? I support equal pay for equal work, but only if you can do the same job. If you can’t measure up quit!!

  13. The US military is about winning wars. PERIOD. It is not a diversity experiment. It is not guaranteed employment. It is about being the kind of soldiers, sailors, and airmen who are better than every other country’s equivalent. There is no room for “woke” in there. Get progressivism out of the military and get excellence in.

  14. Retired from Navy, after 24 yrs of service. At the age of 42, during semi-annual physical fitness testing (yes, on shore) I told my sailors, if y’all couldn’t keep up with me, then you need to practice a whole lot more. 20 yr old females didn’t like it. A few took up the challenge. The dudes were all for it. It was nice to see healthy competition. Even the ones who couldn’t keep up with me, gave it their best effort and that’s what counted. Oh, in High School. I was a miler, 2-miler and Capt of the Track & Cross Country Teams. Sorry, forgot to mention that to them.

  15. Why would the government want this test to stop? Hidin’ signed EO that boys can compete against girls in school. They claim it is fair. So boys competing against girls in the service is fair too. Can’t have it both ways hidin’!!

  16. If the Army’s physical fitness test results in a “double-standard” physical fitness test, shouldn’t this also apply to civilian women’s sports? If transgender women are allowed to compete in women’s sports, how will transgenders in the military be tested and graded? Once again, transgenders will dominate “womens” fitness tests using women’s PFT standards. This may have an unintended consequence for transgender “women” in the military by creating an unfair advantage for advancement. Unfair advancement opportunities for transgenders may result from scoring much higher in physical fitness tests than biological women. Should the Army develop a three-tiered fitness standard that takes into account transgender soldiers?

    1. The government just had to ‘fix’ something that was working. Two choices: lower the standards, (democrat style) or use gender re-assignment provided by Biden and make all military members the same sex.

  17. The Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists don’t seem to understand the basic differences between Men and Women. I have met Women who could outpace most men and I have met Men who couldn’t beat my 12 year old Granddaughter in either a foot race or physical endurance, these are the exception. There is a very Big Difference in being treated Equally and being treated the Same. Contrary to the BS being put out by Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists Men and Women ARE NOT the SAME. I don’t care what you think you are, if you have a penis you are a man and you do not belong in the restroom, locker room, or shower room with my wife, my sister, or my granddaughter.

  18. If ya can’t pass this test you can’t go into combat with me… That would slow down the whole campain

  19. Who would have thunk it, there IS a difference between men and women.

    it’s common sense, wisdom, and sheer intelligence, and the communist dems can’t figure this common sense intelligent wisdom out reality out?! Don’t tell me that they cannot see this? It’s their agenda, and because of this, they don’t have any business telling us what to do, what to think, how to live our lives, and making decisions for us. They do not quality for any intelligence to hold those powerful offices that makes our laws, much less to rule over us and telling us what we can do, what we can’t do, and what we must think.

    We tell them what we want and they do the opposite… they are NOT working for us, they are working for themselves and for the communist UN, China, George Soros, and their communist puppet masters, and, of course, the whopping paychecks that they give to them to steal our top secrets so they can destroy us and our country.

    The communist democrat party mafia and their mobs have sold their souls to the devil.

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