U.S. Army Europe Images from Wiesbaden, Germany via Wikimedia Commons

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley has announced he was wrong to accompany President Trump and his cabinet members on a walk to a church through Lafayette Square outside of the White House.

Trump walked to pose with a Bible in front of St. John’s Church, a D.C. landmark where every president beginning with James Madison has worshipped.

The photo op came following the use of controversial police tactics, including using pepper gas and flashbangs to clear Lafayette Square shortly before curfew would’ve compelled the protesters, most of whom were peacefully demonstrating, to disperse.

The hardball tactics and staged event received, at best, mixed reactions overall, though they had subsided in the wake of escalating tensions elsewhere (RELATED: The Most Insane Reactions to the Riots).

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For his part, Gen. Milley expressed regret that the photographs of him accompanying Trump that day gave the perception of a politicized military, saying, “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” He concluded his apology with, “As a commissioned uniformed officer, it was a mistake that I have learned from, and I sincerely hope we all can learn from it.”

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. The lies continue to be repeated. Tear gas was not used, the protesters were not peaceful and it was not a photo op. One of the most iconic churches in DC was set ablaze the night before. These “peaceful” protesters set it on fire, and then attempted to block the brave men and women fire fighters from getting through the narrow passageways. They risked life and limb to salvage the Church. An “Amen” that they succeeded. That is what the President was celebrating. Not unlike the War of 1812 battle that raged all night, and when morning broke, ‘Our Flag Was Still There.” General Milley should have been proud to witness this modern miracle. The Bishop should be thanking the Firefighters; not criticizing our President. Shame on her.

    1. Right on Manny! I guess these modern generals don’t know the CHAIN OF CAMMAND or better yet who the CIC is. Disgusting! He doesn’t have the Balls to protect one of our most important churches in America!

      1. When Trump become president there was missing 6.5 billions in military.They did not have bills for that. Who do you think stole the money ?Money did not go to regular soldiers. Tops of military get it in their private packets..Under Trump they can not get more free billions…

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    3. This is just another example of the obama era and the generals he created. This general is one of the reason the U.S. is not respected in much of the world.
      If all our generals were as lilly livered cowards as this one we would be speaking another language.

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  4. I do not see his comment as being anti-Trump. I see him saying that he (and our president agrees) that military is there if called in when a governing body needs them to restore constitutional law and order.;

  5. It is time to purge the military of all frequently inept, “woke”, political, leftwing officers of all ranks put in by Dear Leader Obama who hated the military himself.

    1. These generals need to be replaced immediately….surely there are some competent officers left in service. Fire them….

    2. Y’all need to get a grip. No one can do or say something by accident these days without others are ready to tar and feather him. Haven’t you go something better to do with your PERFECT lives? Thanks Obama, dumb shit.

    3. These generals are a puzzle. If Pres. Trump stays in office the military budget will likely stay strong. If he leaves office, military spending will certainly decrease. In either case I imagine troop deployments will be reduced.

      Seems like the generals would prefer a strong military budget.

      What are they thinking?

    4. We had line of good military officers, until Benghazi. They were replaced because they did not support Obama for deserting the men at Benghazi.
      We now have officers who sell out the people of this country. The rule of law applies to all not just a select few.

  6. All these appeasers think by giving in they will somehow gain the love of the rabble and socialist taking over our country. When raising your children does that work? Same with these protesters and anarchists, the more you give the more they take. Where are the ethics and character that a general in the US military can stand on his own two feet but cowers in the face of criticism. I am a Trump supporter but man he needs to tone down his tweeting, making statements he cannot possibly fulfill. Tone it down Mr President and continue your work without the nasty words.

  7. The joint chief has his nose out of joint. The President is the commander-in-chief. If general nose joint has a problem he should bite his f$%king tongue. I’m damn sure nose joint would not tolerate a subordinate going to the press on him. The point here is if general nose joint doesn’t like it, resign…personally he should be fired and drummed out. Our country needs Generals who will practice the oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  8. It sounds to more like General Milley is saying that he made the mistake of appearing in the photo more than it sounds like there is a split between him and the President as the title of this piece inferred.
    As a general I’m sure that he had the choice to accompany the President or not and he made the choice to go along with it. It was probably the wrong choice and he is owning it, but that doesn’t mean the relationship between himself and Trump is ruined.

  9. This General is despicable. He is intimidated by the left socialists democrats and should keep his cowardly mouth shut. I don’t nor did I see or hear any journalist give the coverage that should have been headlines when the night before that church was burned by the mob that was “PEACEFUL”. Stupid people that have a tongue for a brain don’t care that this was a church where presidents have worshipped for centuries.

  10. You gutless piece of Garbage, it is your JOB A**Hole! Another liberal POS that should be fired immediately. Who needs this wimp hanging around and collecting a pay check and to make matters worse this Idiot is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff? Who hired this moron? or is he another left over from the muslin era? It is time to get rid of ALL Left overs Mr. Trump this POS will back stub you in a NY second. He just did, fire this F**k now.

  11. Milley and Esper must be demoted immediately! Milley should be busted back to a private and shipped off to Afghanistan!

  12. Now when anyone goes in the Military they swear to uphold the Constitution not the President wishes, and I know after 26 years in that US Military, and the Constitution says they should do that along with the Senate and House persons. Now when we have a President who wants to run the USA like you run a reality TV show then it is time for all to speak up, trump acts more like a producer of a show than the acual person in the show, but what can you expect, when this is Trump’s MO. So he can blame others whenb things go wrong but wants all the credit when things go correctly, not a sign of a good leader who takes his lumps with his credit

    1. They are sworn to follow the orders they receive, unless it is an illegal order, of the president of the United States. If they disagree with what the president orders, they should resign immediately, not run to the nearest press conference. If the president orders someone, other than a terrorist or enemy, killed, then that could be an illegal order and the troops should not follow that order. But going on a photo op? The general should resign or be fired for running to a press conference and complaining about appearing with the president. What is wrong with these generals? They have politicized the military, by making such comments, not by appearing in a photo with the president.

    2. Robert, I, too, served for 22 plus years in the military. 17 of those years as a military law enforcement soldier. As a brother in arms, you must be familiar with the Articles of War and the UCMJ. I don’t recall wherein it is written, but there is a clause which is called the Posse’ Commotatus Act I may have spelled that incorrectly. Essentially it says that the use of military personnel to enforce civilian law is prohibited. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    3. MacArthur when he defied Truman was relieved of command. Regardless if you agree or disagree the president can not allow the military to mutiny.

  13. I believe that Fox News is blowing this thing out of proportion ( Ed Henry ) Anything to get viewers.I have and am still watching Fox channel (as. I am a loyal Deplorable) but slowly but surely the newscasters are leaning to the left ( Ed Henry,Tucker Carlson,Martha McCallum,Chris Wallace,Neil Cavuto to name a few.If I deliberately name the guy on the 5. )
    Kind of sad to loose Fox too in months to come .

    1. Huh, you haven’t been watching Tucker Carlson, if you think that. Because Tucker certainly isn’t a left winger. The others maybe, and certainly wallace. Since FOX had the founders’ sons involved it started started moving to the left. Now that disney is the boss, they have moved even more to the left.

  14. If he’s soooo sorry, he should resign as the top guy because he’s sure made it clear he’s not what the military or the Country needs EVER! I retired from the military, rather than serve under that draft dodging Clinton as CinC ! But I think having a PC general may be more dangerous!

  15. Puzzling how General Milley would characterize his unity with the Commander in Chief of all United States Military forces as a political event. This terrorist group ANTIFA has declared war on America as is evident by simply watching the violence on the news. All Americans who love this Country need to take a stand against both racism and anarchy. Otherwise, the freedoms for which so many shed their blood will be taken away. I do not believe General Milley has an understanding of the seriousness of what’s happening in the Country. May God help us all.

  16. what are these candy ass gen going to about burning an looting have them come up with a plan to stop the burning looting an ,killing i have nothing from them

  17. If he’s soooo sorry, he should resign as the top guy because he’s sure made it clear he’s not what the military or the Country needs EVER! I retired from the military, rather than serve under that draft dodging Clinton as CinC ! But I think having a PC general may be more dangerous!

  18. Glad to see so many responses here being so on target. Our military was neutered under obama — it’s time to man up!

  19. I don’t know, but as a General I don’t think I would apologize for being with the President. Maybe he has his aim set on politics, that’s the only reason I would think that he might make an apology. Now he needs to make an apology to Trump for making it look like he doesn’t support him. Well, the fake news media anyway!!

    1. He doesn’t support the president. General miley and esper counter manded an order given by the president to use the national guard to put down the riots in DC and to disarm them, taking away their guns and ammo.

  20. well….

    Did the fairy dust in his undies get disturbed?

    Time to put a MAN (of ether gender) in his position!

  21. It is always ok to be with the president. In whose eyes is he trying to look better than the president? I am not impressed by him.

  22. Guess what, General. The Prez is a politician AND HE’S ALSO YOUR BOSS AND THE GUY WHO GAVE YOU THAT JOB. So stop fidgeting.

  23. Say Generallisimo,
    Did you talk to your boss, the President of the United States, FIRST about any concerns you had?
    Who has influenced you NOT to follow common military and professional protocols, and why?
    You know, General George Washington had a favorite general; that is until he suddenly didn’t!
    General Benedict Arnold.

  24. How about an apology from the terrorists who hatefully destroyed businesses, cities and US citizens’ lives?????????????!

  25. My my…..a little pressure and the general folds like a cheap suit. Gives genuine concern for our troups under the cheap suits command.

  26. Wow, going to a church to protest the firebombing that every president has been going to is something to apologize for even though they never complained when others, including Clinton, did the sane thing in front of this church holding up a bible. Saying that in spite of the hate shown by anti-religious thugs to burn down the church will not change our national beliefs and he is in full support of the 1st Amendment rights to practice their religion now becomes a distasteful photo op. They also had no problem when Obama went to the beach at Normandy and made a cross of stones carefully placed there by his staff as a pure photo op since his church was one of racial hate not love for all. This General should be reprimanded for what he is not allowed into do, make a political statement, and that is all it was since he was far too weak a person to take the criticism from America hating anarchists.

  27. What is it? Why is there so many people against the only person who has “WE THE PEOPLE” at heart. Why isn’t there more support for the only person in Washington DC, who has our back, who has the “Constitution”, our “Bill of Rights” and our basic “Freedoms” of being an American Citizen at his heart? He doesn’t want any of this brutal Anti-American, civil unrest to continue over “one” person, but another “one” person who stepped over his bounds of authority. What about the “Black American Citizens” who are killed, maimed each and every day by black American criminals? I did not see any tens of thousands dollar funeral service for them, no their family is left with the burden. Now we have a General, who would rather condescend his Commander’s attempt to show “WE THE PEOPLE” that these riots will not serve any purpose other than to destroy the community, the businesses and the people who live in that area. Well, General Milley, I am one who sincerely believes that your time to retire as a Colonel has come, you do not deserve your current rank and its benefits. You have vilified your Oath, to the President, WE THE PEOPLE, and those who serve with you.

  28. You know in old good years NO General would speak out of President. Where are those heroes?
    Missing in action. Now we have a Deep State in a Military starting with Powell. They are nothing that disgrace to this country. I guess per their view committing a crime is a God giving right as long does not come to their homes. FIRE this so call generals this nut in Department of Defense.

  29. I do think that General Milley was speaking for all active duty Military, who can not say one word about Trump it is prohibited by Military law. Now being I live wher the people from about 7 different Military installations come to the beach and to party. It is amazing how many when not in uniform have nothing good to say about Trump. Now Military are mainly Apolitical they have to be because they serve so many different Presidents, but according to the bar ownwer and restaurant wait staff, most military talk about Trump lioke they have never talked about any other President, not in a nice way. Now one thing that no military member likes is a liar or braggart, and Trump being both does not set well with the troops.
    Now when Trump wanted active duty troops in Washington DC, there were no volunteers they had to be assigned to go to DC.
    Now when even pentagon person are not on Trump’s wave length that does say something, these persons signed up and swore an oath to the Constitution not to any President, and know they are not suppose to be assigned in the USA unless there is an insurrection which there has not been.

  30. This man is a POS. Trump has supported the military
    several times and you stab him in the back.
    Grow a pair. That TDS will kill you.



  32. Bye! Bye! AAN …that Article sounded like it was written by CNN ….don’t need anymore woke BS fed to me…I am unsubscribing..One strike and you are Out of my email!!

  33. The meeting between President Trump and the other panel members was superb. Dr Carson was so impressive, of course. All of the speakers were excellent and showcased how much they respect Trump and how well they work together.

    SOOO, of course CBS had to cut it short and start ALL of their negative garbage. As soon as the sissy general made his little derogatory speech, I turned them off and watched the rest of Trump’s meeting on my phone! We absolutely must get a “truly” competing news station. All of the MSM is totally socialist controlled garbage.

  34. TRAITOR. President Trump made your name known and this is how you repay him. Such a nice guy. Wonder who paid you to do this. You are a disgrace to the uniform.

  35. He should resign ,a man that makes a decision then crys later . I would never follow him into battle . Who ever put him in charge must rethink it

  36. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley needs to resign yesterday.He is disgrace to our military. If he doesn’t resign President Trump needs to fire him.

  37. SEVEN DAYS IN MAY read it or watch it. Same plan, same desire. Remove the lawfully elected President by any means necessary. Fully sanctioned by the Democrat Party, the Communist Party, the Socialist’s Party, the Brotherhood of Muslims, the Fake (crooked) News Media. Turn coat Republican Presidents, Generals and so forth. Black Lives matter and other insurrectionist are busy trying to depose President trump and take over our country. Soon we will be Slaves Without Chains Ruled by Other Men’s Brains. And if necessary, they will use any weapon available to overthrow our government, and enslave us. The sound of cries of despair shall fill the air. The beat of drums, with fire, and smoke, and the bellowing of heavy guns, will cross our land once proud and free. Dogs will fight over our bones, and vultures will feast on our bloody remains. Babies will cry, and you will wonder what happened, for you turned against God, and he turned his back on the America he once blessed. It is time for all patriotic Americans to come to the aid of their country or face the consequences….death and enslavement!

  38. Many of our most senior military officers, no matter their SUPPOSED accomplishments and/or heroics, seem more and more like *******. Many of them need discipline checks and many probably should be fired. Too many of our present day military leaders seem to have character issues not unlike left-wing radicals. Many of them think catering to sexual deviants and caring for transsexuals is what their job is about, rather than tending to the real business of the military. Overall the modern gaggle of USA’s senior officers is a tentative, scaredy-cat group who don’t seem to understand how we got to “here” from way back “there.” There are exceptions, OF COURSE, there are always sterling head and shoulders above all others exceptions, but every passing day the on-average quality of the entire lot of our modern generals/admirals seems to be diminishing toward *****-hood. It is a pathetic and disgusting scene. And this guy with four stars who is now showboating to appease lefties and undercut the president, he’s the senior-most officer on active duty today! He’s in charge of all our military. He never smiles and seems to have the personality of an old dish rag, and who openly and brazenly undercuts the president. He is supposed to have the president’s six. What exactly is his problem? It appears he is a total loser. He should be fired out-of-hand for insubordination, or conduct unbecoming. Trump is being way too nice to him and also to Esper at DOD. (Signed: a retired military officer who regrets having to say any of this…)

  39. Gen. miller ! you are a disgrace to this country and a embarrassment to every man and women that has served with honor in all branches of the service. you stand there and apologize for standing by our president ! which i might add is your damn job.you should resign ” NOW ” you worthless piece of shi_ .( YOU SIR. ARE A BONAFIDE COWARD )

  40. i have sent two post in the last 10 min. and for some reason they chose not to post my comments !! WHY ? neither was any worse than all of the other comments . SO WHY MINE ?

  41. Wonder who got to him and what did they promise this traitor to get him to change. He’s disgusting.

  42. President Trump needs to bust Milley back to a private and station him in Afghanistan and put him on latrine duty, until he retires with a privates pension!

  43. I would hate to go into battle with a coward wearing stars! As a Veteran Milley you disgust me maybe you need to be defunded or retrained by the Girl Scouts of America, at least they have the courage to knock on doors and sell cookies!! If your any example of our military leadership we are in dire straits!!

  44. What a disgraceful asshole. Can four star generals be disgraceful assholes? You bet. Consider Westmoreland and Colin Powell for starters. Together both were responsible for the blatant and cowardly lies that led to ten’s of thousands of American lives being lost in Viet Nam and Iraq. Folks, that makes them assholes which is a diplomatic term in this case. And as for today’s hotshot mouthing off against his Commander in Chief right now, allow me to add: he is a four star asshole. This moron is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Can you believe it? He should be fired right now, immediately, with no hesitation. A.S.A.P.

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