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Tucker Carlson Takes Aim at Republican Icons — Including Trump

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Tucker Carlson held nothing back in his monologue on last night’s show, going after conservative leaders including the president for not responding sufficiently, in his view, to the protests and rioting that have become commonplace in America in recent days.

After deriding public figures, including Mike Pence and Nikki Haley and powerful insiders with Trump’s ear, like Jared Kushner, Carlson turned his attention to Trump himself. (Mediaite)

“What about the president? Where was he during all of this?” Carlson asked. The host then aired footage of Fox News reporter Leland Vittert, who was attacked by protestors near the White House this weekend.

“That was in Lafayette Square in the center of our capital city,” Carlson said. “The tape raised a troubling question. If you can’t keep a Fox News correspondent from getting attacked directly across from your house, how can you protect my family? How are you going to protect the country? How hard are you trying?”

Carlson noted that the morning after, while Trump took to Twitter to note that he and his family were safe, “he did not mention protecting the rest of the nation, much of which was then on fire.”

Carlson said that for Trump’s supporters, “this was a distressing moment.” He added that if Trump fails to protect Americans, “you’re done, it’s over,” pointing out that Nero, the infamous Roman emperor, is remembered for abandoning his “nation in a time of crisis.”

Do you think Carlson’s harsh criticism is fair, or has his view been clouded? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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