After Biden appears to have, for the third time, threatened Americans with F-15 fighter jets, Geraldo Rivera went onto Fox News’s “The Five” to make his less than fully formed thoughts be known. While Biden repeated phrase that you’d need an F-15, not an AR-15, is troubling enough, some Republicans such as Rivera are actually choosing to side with Biden and the Democrats.

Biden, the Democrats, and the media are doing what they’ve done for years – whenever they’re in a tight spot, they look toward conversations around gun control. This time, the reason is Biden’s classified document situation and how the witchhunt against Trump blew up in their faces.

While appearing on The Five, Rivera made an argument as to why AR-15s would be banned, then, is corrected after saying that the “AR” is AR-15 stands for “Assault Rifle.” Rivera, despite calling himself a Republican, appeared to in part defend Biden. While Rivera did not defend Biden’s comments on F-15s, he did choose to back up Biden and the Democrats on their views on gun control.

Of course, the name of the AR-15 is not “Assault Rifle 15,” it’s “ArmaLite Rifle.” However, it’s a common misconception that people have, and typically, the people who want to ban these guns so badly are the same ones who struggle to remember its name.

Rivera fits into that category, as he has made his thoughts known multiple times throughout the past that he is not a fan of citizens owning semi-automatic rifles. Throughout the past, Rivera has appeared on television discussing his political views in regard to gun control, and he has also taken to his Twitter account to let his views be known.



  1. Having to listen to Geraldo on the Five or Fox News is very nauseating. Please give this guy a one-way ticket out of town.

  2. If you are anti 2A please understand that the primary purpose of a gun is to kill PEOPLE! And what people you may ask? Foreign and domestic terrorists who wish to overthrow the government and subjugate the citizenry. The people of the United States have been granted the right by the Bill of Rights to arm and protect themselves in order to preserve the Union. And that includes protecting YOU!

  3. Jerreldo Buick Rivera, another evil satanic pile of crap, that I’m so glad gets exterminated in hell, just the Dunce Biden!

  4. An AR-15 is a machine gun? Oh, that’s what the gun banner crowd thinks they are. Watch out, the Democrats and all the gun banning crowd will try to change the legal definition of machine gun!

  5. it sounds to me with the way brandon is talking we are going to need every kind of weapon we can get if we are conservatives. threating us with f-15’s. i can’t think of a past president who has threatened his own country

  6. Like Biden Rivera needs to move on, his mental capacity has deteriorated to the point when he come on the air I change the channel

  7. Constitution doesn’t suck you Geraldo suck! Your only for the limelight. You don’t care about anything but yourself. Big fat loser. Time to retire and take Biden and Harris with you!

  8. I do not understand why we give Geraldo the time of day. A man who is so much in love with his privet part, I do not trust. Has he ever apologized publicly for what he did, if not, why do we care what he says?

  9. love how these know-it-alls prove they know nothing. If one goes back to the original discussion of our founders on this topic, it was duly noted that citizens should have the same weapons that the Gov. possesses. That way we would be on the same footing as them. To hell with machine guns and silencers. Who can afford that kind of ammo. One well placed shot and no silencer or multiple rounds are needed. Hell, I want a tank with anti-tank and patriot missles along with ground to air missles for their F-15’s. Actually, it will probably be for the chinese as their tanks roll down the streets and their drone’s buzz the skies.

  10. Geraldo is an expert, on everything, just ask him. He can’t be a conservative, listening to him, while infuriating, he is definitely way left. of course Liz Cheney is a conservative.

  11. When, oh when, is FOX News going to FIRE this moronic idiot (Geraldo Rivera)?? Geraldo is a NARCISSISTIC, ARROGANT, SELF-AGGRANDIZING PUTZ WITH THE BRAINS OF A BED BUG!!!!

  12. It is good that Fox is fair and balanced, but when they have these left-wing liberals on to talk about their side of the story, Fox should require them at a minimum to tell the truth. Geraldo, Jaun Williams and others get on the program and tell one lie after another. One of the only Truthful libs on FOX is Harald Ford. When most of the others are spewing their lies. I just turn it off. Geraldo should be cancelled. His day has come and gone and like Biden his cognitive abilities are slipping away. While Jaun is just a flat-out liar, but FOX has seemed to reduce his airtime which is a step in the right direction.

  13. Any and every time this idiot comes on TV I switch channels. I refuse to watch much less listen to his stupidity and anti-Constitution BS!
    Guess he is too stupid to understand “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”!
    What does he have on people that allows him to not be FIRED. B

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