Nicolle Wallace, in her own words, is “(a) self-loathing Republican” who served as the White House Communications Director under President George W. Bush, and was a senior advisor to John McCain during his 2008 Presidental campaign. President George W. Bush would go on to not endorse Donald Trump during his 2020 re-election campaign, and John McCain frequently voiced his complaints against Donald Trump throughout his presidency. After leaving politics, Wallace would go on to be a co-host of The View, and now, the host of MSNBC Deadline: White House.

Now, like former President Bush, and John McCain, Wallace continues to serve as a token Republican/ moderate where she’s wanted. While her rhetoric typically comes off as moderate Republican rhetoric, she’ll say anything bad she can against Donald Trump and those who are endorsed by Trump.

MSNBC’s Deadline: White House show host Nicolle Wallace, made her latest attack on Trump voters. This time, she claimed that there was “rot” in white women who voted for Donald Trump. She said, “The sign of rot in white Independent women voters voting for Donald Trump and the numbers they did after he committed on tape to being enthusiastic about grabbing women in the — because he is famous and they let you, he is describing enthusiasm for sexual assault, and they voted for him anyway.”

Breitbart reports:

She continued, “J.D. Vance, who did an interview, not with me, not a mainstream journalist, where he articulates support for women staying in violent relationships and marriages, says that is better for the kids. The tragedy is that women will vote for him. Women saw to it to vote for Trump. What is the thing to wake people up from some sort of sleepwalking trance that says, ‘Well, he gets me where I want to go on life, or he gets me where I want to go on tax policy,’ and understand that the norms are held up by having people with some modicum of decency and morality.”

Wallace asked, “How do you make women voters understand that to be the case?”

Former Rep. Donna Edwards (D- MD) said, “I think this is been the great struggle, especially in this environment. Once Donald Trump got that nomination in 2016 and then went on to win the presidency, even in the face of the allegations that were coming from multiple sources over multiple kinds of behaviors regarding women, not the least of which was the “Access Hollywood” videotape. But I think there is no longer a moral bar in the Republican party, that Donald Trump essentially opened the door to candidates like Herschel Walker.”

Wallace previously bashed Trump voters with similar language, claiming they had “rot” for supporting the 45th President of the United States:


  1. Another big mouth, small brain twat. Nothing new. Who, with an I.Q. # higher than room temperature cares what she says, thinks, or does?

  2. The reason, I voted for Trump was because he stood against the radical elements of America. Trump said what he was going to do. Others say one thing and do another.

  3. Cheers to the “self-loathing Republican”… spot on description of horrendous support for the previous resident in the WH.

  4. She is missing the point……
    Everyone who voted for Donald J Trump wanted change in the way the government did business.
    If we look back 40 years we can see that what’s happening today is just a repeat, but in a different language with the democrats.
    I’m not leaving out any other representatives either, and they know who they are.
    It’s called transparency… in this case it’s with governmental officials that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.
    The democrats have put themselves in a position of nothing but greedy individuals that only want control over the masses, and when we the people disagrees with them they put a label on us.

  5. Well, Nicole, I voted for Trump. And I am not rot. I am not going to blame him for what he said, it is locker room talk. It was his policies that I voted for. He has proven to me time and again that he loves this country, unlike you. He did not deserve the constant harping and attacks by the other party and some in his own party because he wanted to clean out Washington of the corrupt politicians. Remember, it is all of you who put your hand on the bible to pledge to uphold the constitution and it is my guess that anyone you would endorse has not.

  6. Nicolle Wallace is one hopeless, dumb piece of manure. She has cratered to nothing. From the hopeless View to the hopeless MSNBC.

  7. With her background ,she is a ” real winner ” ? Does she have a ” Karen ” tatou ? McCain ,Bush , Clinton , Obama ,Biden : what a hand to draw to ??

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