Kanye West unveiled his YZYSZN9 (Yeezy Season 9) lineup at a fashion show in Paris last week. Accompanying him was right-wight author Candace Owens. West and Owens both wore a shirt with ‘White Lives Matter’ across the back, with a picture of the Pope on the front.

The shirt, as one would assume, was the subject of controversy. Media pundits, writers, and Twitter users spoke about the shirt. Many called it “extreme”, “racist”, or “hateful”. This is likely the exact response Kanye West assumed he would get. All for wearing a shirt with nothing more than ‘White Lives Matter’ having been written on it, this is, of course, a play off of Black Lives Matter, something that no one who critiszed Kanye would take issue with.

Kanye’s upcoming concert at So-Fi stadium in Los Angles would be canceled following the controversy. Following the cancelation of his concert, he took to Instagram to say, “My Sofi Stadium show on November 4th just got canceled. I wonder if it had something to do with my White Lives Matter tee, what y’all think?”

Kanye would go on to post texts he received to his Instagram, “I just got news from Vaughn, that Sofi isn’t available any longer due to inability to staff the event on the current notice. I’ve already asked twice to investigate further if there’s any way to make it happen regardless, but they got back with a firm no,” Niklas Bildstein said in a text that Kanye would screenshot and go on to post onto his Instagram account.

According to Fox News:

West, now legally known as Ye, caused an uproar after showcasing the shirt. Carlson noted that liberal media said he was “legitimizing extremist behavior.” 

West responded that he was privately warned that people wearing the shirt would be “greenlit” (vernacular for being assaulted) like some Americans who wear former President Donald Trump’s signature red trucker hats emblazoned with his “Make America Great Again” mantra.

On Wednesday, he posted a photo of a black sweatshirt from his line with “WHITE LIVES MATTER” written in white on the back. The sweatshirt has a picture of Pope John Paul II on the front. 

“Here’s my latest response when people ask me why I made a tee that says white lives matter … THEY DO,” he captioned the post. This post has since been deleted. 

Fox News Digital reached out to West’s reps and Sofi Stadium for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Kanye would go on after the initial controversy to have a 2 episode long interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. Having a sit-down interview with someone that many on the left believe to be extreme himself sparked more discussion around Kanye.

During the interview, Kanye went over his improved faith, his pro-life stances, and his thoughts surrounding how Democrats treat Black people. Kanye is no stranger to public discussions around his controversies, and he appears not to be afraid of it. 


  1. WOW! Wearing a shirt with White Lives Matter and showing John Paul II on the front, who was shot in an attempted assassination, will get you cancelled. Who’d have thunk. Gavin Newsom is supposed to be Catholic. Everyone should email him asking him why the double standard? It’s not just censorship it’s dictatorship.

  2. You bet it was cancelled due to the shirt. And nothing will be done unless his fans raise Cain with the stadium brass.

  3. “…like some Americans who wear former President Donald Trump’s signature red trucker hats emblazoned with his “Make America Great Again” mantra.” WTF is a “trucker hat”? Those have always been known as Baseball caps, or “caps”…and don’t give me this crap that it’s an entirely different style…it’s precisely the same…

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