Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

The notoriously liberal New York Magazine is now claiming that Vice-President Kamala Harris’s political career has now reached an ‘unparalleled low point.’

As Fox News reports:

In an article headlined “The Kamala Harris Conundrum,” New York Magazine highlighted Vice President Kamala Harris’ “slip in political traction” and said the vice president has reached an “unparalleled low point.”

The article, written by Gabriel Debenedetti, said that Harris was “partly a victim of the enormous expectations” the Biden administration placed on her while “selecting the future leader of a vibrant, thriving post-Trump Democratic Party.”

Debenedetti said some of Harris’ supporters would argue she was “one of the few things” keeping the Biden administration’s plummeting popularity at bay.

It leaves “Democrats with a conundrum: a successor-in-waiting who is just as disliked as the standard-bearer but is also exactly as irreplaceable,” Debenedetti wrote.

The article noted that Harris’s popularity really began to decline after her initial visit to Central America.

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3 months ago

Good assessment! It should also be noted that Biden painted himself into a corner by announcing, without thinking of course, that his running mare would be a woman of color. No one else could even be considered after saying that to reporters.
Well then, what was he stuck with?
Stacey Abrams? Yuck
Maxine Waters? Yuck Yuck
or Kamala Harris who called him a racist during the debates and was so unlikeable she sunk like a stone during the primaries, blaming it on -what else?- racism. However, Harris had national name recognition from the debate and more polished than Waters or Abrams who were constantly videoed, screaming into microphones and who are even more unlikable.
I would like to know why Joe can’t just pick the best person for the job. Harris wasn’t it, she just fit a demographic. Same for SC justice. Just pick someone fair-minded and smart. Why does it have to be a female of color? That sounds racist to me! Should be equal opportunity for all. Someone needs to tell Joe his is a white male.

3 months ago

When was her ratings out of bed favorable I need to know . Kameltoe Paris ( her stage name) needs to be put out now and not tomorrow or this week . She is as worthless as tits on a bore hog .

3 months ago

What A coincidence!! So has the United States!!