Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

The notoriously liberal New York Magazine is now claiming that Vice-President Kamala Harris’s political career has now reached an ‘unparalleled low point.’

As Fox News reports:

In an article headlined “The Kamala Harris Conundrum,” New York Magazine highlighted Vice President Kamala Harris’ “slip in political traction” and said the vice president has reached an “unparalleled low point.”

The article, written by Gabriel Debenedetti, said that Harris was “partly a victim of the enormous expectations” the Biden administration placed on her while “selecting the future leader of a vibrant, thriving post-Trump Democratic Party.”

Debenedetti said some of Harris’ supporters would argue she was “one of the few things” keeping the Biden administration’s plummeting popularity at bay.

It leaves “Democrats with a conundrum: a successor-in-waiting who is just as disliked as the standard-bearer but is also exactly as irreplaceable,” Debenedetti wrote.

The article noted that Harris’s popularity really began to decline after her initial visit to Central America.

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