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On Tuesday, the co-hosts of ABC’s The View absolutely lost it over the prospect of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade being overturned by the current Court.

Fox News reports:

The co-hosts dedicated the first two segments of the show to railing against the possibility the landmark Supreme Court decision could be overturned, warning it could lead to “fascism,” and that women would subsequently die from attempting their own abortions.

She then played a string of video clips showing Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch answering questions on Roe v. Wade during their respective hearings.

“It sounds to me that all of them felt that there was precedence set, and that they would honor the precedent. And now it’s the complete opposite is happening, not that I’m surprised,” Behar said.

“My worry is that this is just the beginning. Next they’ll go after gay marriage and maybe … Brown v. Board of Education. They already eroded our voting rights a little bit. So I see fascism down the line here,” she added.


    1. those idios know ABORTIONS WILL STILL BE LEGAL AND IT’S UP TO EACH STATE TO SET THEIR RULES AND REGULATIONS. What’s more, Blue States ie California, NY, etc. will most likely remain to have no abortion limitations – it’s all fear mongering on the progressives to make that the big issue instead of addressing the real issues facing us today – inflation, immigration – gas and food prices going thru the roof – the supply chain – Iran, China, Russia to mention just a few.

      1. This show is what happened to the Bidiot misinformation project! After reviewing 15 minutes of “The Spew”, the program IMPLODED! I am uncertain who would actually win the dumbest person on national t.v. award. It used to be Lemon, then Stelter, but that torch is getting passed around FAST! smh

  1. Dear Joy, your lack of education is showing. Fascism is the brother of Socialism, both of which eventually morph into Communism. Now is it the Dems or the Reps that are fighting to advance the cause of Socialism?

  2. Joy has revealed her lack of education. Fascism is the brother of Socialism and both lead to Communism. Joy apparently believes that Conservatism breeds Fascism, which clearly is not the case. It is her precious Liberal Democrats that lead the country toward Fascism. Anyone who equates Conservatism with Fascism is woefully uninformed.

  3. Behar sees “ fascism”, seems to me SHE is the fascist! What a nut job! She is so dumb! Nothing she says makes any sense. Why is she so opposed to Roe bieng overturned? She is too old to worry about an unwanted pregnancy, so why all the “ pearl clutching”? Just making sure she is on the wrong side of the debate, as usual. Waiting for oopsie Goldberg to weigh in on this.

  4. These woman (?) don’t have the sense God gave a Piss-Ant. When you consider the number of people who actually watch and believe these beasts you can see just how the far the progressive left have eroded the God given gift of common sense. What trash!!!!

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