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The House of Representatives has set a Wednesday vote to censure Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar after he posted an animated video on Twitter that depicted him attacking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and President Joe Biden.

The Hill reports:

The move, confirmed by a source familiar with the plan, would make Gosar just the 24th House member to censured in the chamber’s history and the first in more than a decade.

Gosar currently serves on the Oversight and Reform panel with Ocasio-Cortez. The resolution would not take away his other assignment on the House Natural Resources Committee.


  1. America Vote out the Nazis AKA the democratic party next election We The People demand our country back from the Nazis.

  2. Give the guy a fukkin medal and a hearty pat on the back. Who doesn’t want to attack AOC? Guy’s perfectly normal.

  3. Let me get this straight. The people elected him. He did not break any law, just posted a video. Now THEY want to remove him from office? If we get to remove people for doing stupid stuff, then they need to remove AOC and several other people too, including Biden.

    1. I agree lots need to be removed they have done a lot worse that a video. Like Piglosi, shiff, Shumer, A O C, Waters, even Idon all have committed treason.

    2. Agreed. Dementia Joe lies every time he opens his mouth and AOC belongs in Venezuela. Nasty Nancy should be censored for her performance.

      Leave Gosur alone, free speech is in constitution

    3. He is a republican who actually got up off his chair and was creating a problem for the self appointed queen so the queen says off with his head and AOC went for her machete

  4. joe biden, national international fxxx up, the entire world now is laughing at his lack of leadership, wants to change the United States, well he has done that, we have HUGH shortages across our Country, inflations across the Country, recession across the Country and the only surplus we have ARE illegal aliens,which he wants to raise taxes for them and give them votung rights, they are not legal Americans, and are disease ridden invaders. Biden has fxxed up everything he has touch since being if office, now we have great inflation, leading into more recession, biden archaic policies sre dalt as he is, policird not wanted by Americans or the increase in taxes to disadvantage to the American people I said before a million times over fake election, fake president, joe biden and company, hold your nose the bidens are around, name one thing you done right since being in office? joe there is a difference for being an actor and a liar, you fxxxed up on both sides of that coin, this is sick, hope that Taliban aid, will be coming from the bidens art sales, said yesterday White House looking to hire “stage hands”, should have said stage hands an “actors” what a clown act, these democrats are so fxxxed up, when the hammer falls, jail will not be enough, they should be forced to return all income received both legal and illegal. Now joe, who lies about everything, we find out shared bank accounts with Hunter, you know the one he never discussed business with or Hunters friends with taken photos, who are now in jail. Biden suffers from total obfuscation, obscuring perception of all his lies, his concept of concealing, and communication by making it more confusing and harder to interpret. Professional liar as most of his appointed cabinet members, Mayorkas, Once Again, Defies the Law and Gives Employers the Green Light to hire illegal aliens, this man lied to Congress several times, has not honored his oath of office to protect and serve, broken several immigration laws, and has decided to implement his own laws without Congress. MANDATES ARE ABUSE OF POWER, Where is Congress on this matter?

  5. LISTEN UP….The POLITICAL CARTOONS Make PEOPLE LAUGH. WHO Does NOT Need a GOOD LAUGH with ALL the HELL that is GOING ON????? Even GOD and SATAN like to LAUGH. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  6. Heck, I would give the guy a medal, nearly everyone wants to wring that Bimbo’s neck Including the majority of her Own Party,…. lets get behind Gosar,…. and Censure pelosi for TWO Fake Impeachments,…. then lets Censure AOC and the Rest of the Squad for anti-American activities,…. and lets hang that comedienne skank for her portrayal of executing Trump,…

  7. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious but the left including those in the house and senate have done exactly the same and worse. Remember schumer’s direct threat to supreme court justices? Nothing was done to them. Funny how the left goes nuts when they get what they give. Until they police their own they need to shut up and realize the are the supposed party of equality so if they can so can we!

  8. So four years of attacking President trump is ok bit attacking a terrorist supporting thing is inappropriate. Right

  9. I agree. if we removed people for doing stupid ignorant things almost the whole democrit party including our jokes of president and vice-president would have been gone six months ago

  10. Grow the fk up,u pathetic idiots.AOC is a looney=tune and everybody knows it. Hidenbiden is mentally unfit for office, and a danger to all of us.

    1. hey, hey now, Joe, easy on insulting looney tune’s they are better than that, even wile E. Coyote had more sense than Always, Obtuse,Crazy

  11. Republicans are very critical to our own members and pass most grotesque behaviors that Dems
    present. They should be more fair in judging them.


  13. With all the stupid shit that Biden. Harris. An the rest of them they all should be gone. Sticks an stones. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that. Through the years people have grown very very thin skin Grow up

  14. How many death threats have liberal congress members publicly issued against Trump and his supporters on the liberal news. GOP needs to wake up and play hard ball! Get McConnell, Graham and the other wimps out of there!

  15. WHAT? Remove him for what? Because he did a video on that STUPID WOMAN? Well I think the House would have better things to do than waste taxpayers money and time in such frivolous things… Besides they never censored OMar or Tailb for their attacks on Republicans or then President Trump!!!! Stupid. stuff!!!!

  16. This is the same body who refuses to “censor” the censors ie FB and reinstate Donald Trump’s constitutional rights of freedom of speech.

  17. I suppose it’s fair….they’re doing what we plan for them this time next year. If they do pursue this, by the way, I want the squad members and mad Maxine tossed out too.

  18. AOC is a Bolshevik in red lipstick. Or is it lipstick on a pig, should I say a scrawny sow? In any case, the Progs clearly operate on a double standard: they can air any vile, objectionable joke about the Republicans but they have ZERO sense of humor about themselves. Just like their lord and master, the Father of Lies.

  19. This shows just how lost the republican party is! Gosar is a GREAT representative, but apparently the old guard doesn’t like it. Well WE THE PEOPLE do like what he is doing, and that he is not afraid to tell it like it is! If the GOP votes to censure him, then we need to vote ALL of those people OUT!

  20. democrats are bragging that biden has signed 57 executive orders and almost each and every
    one has put america one step closer to hell-communism and venezuela coming next-
    lets go brandon

  21. the real surprise is that the rest of the free world does not sue america for having
    democrats put the world in jeopardy –

  22. I can’t wait till November 2022, when we get to see these clowns booted out on their bitards! Bye Nancy! Bye Chuck!

  23. Censure him?? Are you kidding?! He is only displaying other House members feelings, who had no balls to do what he did! He did nothing worse then the many Democrats who do the same thing against Republicans!

    • the House has time for, inflation, energy prices, food up, China, Russia, expanding their influence in the gbe,
  24. Ah, yes, but those same Democrats wildly applaud and support BLM/Antifa after they openly attacked and destroyed large parts of American cities and murdered over 30 people. Why not censure the ENTIRE Democrat Party?



  26. I sure as H#ll hope ‘after midterms’ the Republicans have their list of DemocRATS lined up for censure – first ‘Ole Maxine’, among others!

  27. He can’t do this yet the left can attack President Trump with lies and other garbage like the now proven false Russian hoax. Look at the amount of money spent trying to impeach POTUS for a completely false narrative!

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