By Peabody Awards - Katie Couric, CC BY 2.0,

Former longtime CBS News anchor Katie Couric is now facing backlash after revealing in her new memoir that she deceptively edited an interview with the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to remove a portion in which she vehemently criticized individuals like Colin Kaepernick who engaged in kneeling protests against the US national anthem.

As Fox News reports:

In her tell-all memoir “Going There,” Couric detailed how Ginsburg was critical of national anthem kneelers in the midst of the furor over former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee to protest police brutality. Several other professional athletes began to take his lead and kneel instead of standing during the anthem.

Ginsburg told Couric she was opposed to the action, saying those who kneel during the anthem were showing “contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life,” according to new reporting by the Daily Mail.

Couric wrote she wanted to “protect” Ginsburg, who died last year, and also suggested Ginsburg’s office had some influence on the final product, according to the Mail.
Commenters are Twitter were quick to condemn Couric and CBS for her deceptive practices:



    1. She is a PATHETIC lost soul Liberal, Through and Through. She’s “almost” as SICK as Keith Olberman…. it I’ve GOTTA still give the nod to THAT twisted piece of shit.

  1. Surely it’s our duty to protect the elderly and vulnerable? A little reinvention should be deemed a charitable donation to the common good.

  2. What is Katie’s new book? A book of Confessions?
    Does she have a guilty conscience after all these years? Who hasn’t she thrown under the bus, so to speak?

    1. Maybe she’s thinking in her liberal mind that these confessions will wipe the slate clean so she’ll have enough good deeds to get into heaven, if she even believes in God. Hey Katie, Jesus paid the price for you as it states in Romans 10:9-10: “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”. If it’s a true confession, your life will show the fruit of what you said with your mouth and believed in your heart. A good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. We can fool man with outside actions, but God sees our heart and He is not fooled.

      1. She’s an Idiot. From what I’ve heard from her mouth over the decades, I’m reasonably sure that she does NOT believe in God.
        Typical CLUELESS Lib. They don’t even Understand and GRASP the most BASIC “Truisms” of Life.
        ALL you can DO is Pray for them in Hopes that they will See the Folly if their ways and STOP DAMAGING THE WORLD WITH THEIR INFLUENCE.

  3. So Katie thinks she knew better than RBG. Can’t publish someone else’s point of view and let everyone decide which side they prefer and why.

  4. Ahhh yes, directing the narrative…by eliminating RBG’s thoughts and comments, she (Couric) eliminated a respected voice in opposition that may very well have changed the direction of said narrative…instead, she chose to insert her own…typical of her ilk and the media at large…

  5. This people are godless. They don’t think there will be consequences for their behavior. They don’t think there will be a reckoning.

  6. There are some intelligent and respectful nfl players and coaches but then you have the sheep that follow anything. Isn’t colon a part of the intestines what a name.

    1. VERY GOOD! Let’s just call him SHIT Kaepernick from now on.
      Just a damned Shame we can’t exile the Sumbitch to Afghanistan.

  7. And this is why journalism is dead, this is old news. We (common sense) folks have never trusted the news no matter who they were.

  8. I liked Katie Couric for years because she seemed so honest and real… I find out I was wrong….she wasn’t.

    1. She’s been a complete secular hedonistic wastrel since her start. CLUELESS.
      Just ANOTHER pretty face on an empty vessel.

  9. The msm will never tell the truth about anything, they are the propaganda machine for the communist democrat pedophile cult party!

  10. All of TV specials are edited and staged. I believe they do it to stay in business. Just which politician (and Ginsberg was an activist judge which put her in politics) would go on TV and have the truth told about them.

  11. Katie’s been taking black pipe for years. Of course she would remove criticism of Colon Kaepernick from RBG. She was always a fraud along with the rest of the alphabet media.

  12. any talking head that interjects opinion and censorship is showing contempt for another’s idea. if you believe this was protection for RGB doesn’t have a clue about who she was. to me it is a blatant action of disrespect which couric seems unable to grasp. so much for democrat ideology. it suffers from bots who sell air and hate to gin up the rage as pleasure mentality of the elite.

  13. Katie is a phony who gets by using her big smile. Let’s see you do an interview than edit what was said to your liking. Why do the interview why not just say or write, “This is what I think Ruth Ginsberg should be saying”, talk about a credibility issue.

  14. Kaepernick supports a NJ cop killer. He’s human garbage and so are people who support him.
    The NJ State Trooper was killed in cold blood.

  15. K. Couric comes from a political family, which should raise many flags. She has always been deceptive with her reports and adjusts them to suit her political endevors.

    1. EXACTLY! If they Lie or Mislead about ONE thing, they Lie and Mislead about ANYthing.
      She has ZERO Credibility. She’s ALWAYS been a Godless, Liberal IDIOTS, but THIS is even Really.bad for Her. SHAME on you Once Again, Katie!!!

  16. Couric has every right to withhold information that might make one of her heroes look bad, after all she certainly isn’t a journalist even though she pretended to be for years. Great illustration of how slanted the news business is, and why we keep getting such horrible results in our elections with these biased people covering for folks like Joe Biden. RBG actually believed in the country and that was not the narrative Katie Couric wanted to portray, and voila, fake news is created.

    1. Your Last sentence is CORRECT.
      Your First sentence is an absolute CROCK OF SHIT. She does NOT have the right to INACCURATELY portray a person OR misquote them or MISLEAD us, her viewers/listeners IN ANY WAY. She has a platform, and if she’s going to LIE or be ANY thing but Truthful, whether She likes it or not, Ghent she is TOTALLY DISHONEST and has NO PLACE having that platform, PERIOD!

  17. Couric is nothing but an entitled leftist hypocrite…..that’s why she altered RBG’s comments. She had her own agenda all along. She’s a total phony. That’s all.

    1. You GOT IT.
      She has proven to me since Day One that she is a Simpleton Airhead. Oh, she’s a Doll, and COULD indeed be a GEM, but being attractive and personable and educated and whatever else, DOESN’T make you WISE or HONEST___ and she has Certainly PROVEN to be Neither of those.


  19. The Left is pure evil. Way more dangerous to America’s well-being and future than North Korea or the Taliban. Not “woke” enough?? Does that translate to didn’t hate America enough?? Can’t watch the fake news media without becoming angry. Can anyone tell me just what is so horrible about this Country that it needs to become Socialist (or God forbid Communist) in the whack-jobs minds to “fix” it?? Vent over…..

      Plain and imple. It is a Mental Illness of Godless people that have so damaged their conscience that their very soul is in SEVERE jeopardy.

    1. Yup, send Th d cute little SpaceQueen THERE, see how she likes That SHIT.
      I have Reeeeeeeallg GAD IT with Clueless, Godless, EVIL Liberals. They really SHOUKD Nd exiled to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea or China. Just GET ‘EM THE _UCK OWTA HERE!!!

    1. Since she lost her husband, she’s “probably” become one of those wealthy Elitist white women that fly to the Bahamas frequently to get hammered by those legendary 19 year old native boys that can make ‘em come in colors and leave ‘em with a smile on their face ‘til their next trip down.

  20. couric is a liar and really not very intelligent. She was in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, we were in The Joint Information Bureau watching the news on TV of black American family being interviewed. This moron turns to me and asks, “do you know them”? Much of the Gulf War “reporting” by NBC even then was bogus and fake news.

  21. They are mostly all corrupt. Without a Fear (respect) for God Almighty, people will lie, steal, cheat, murder, twist the truth, envy, covet, be disrespectful of Authority (including parents)and in general create havoc.

  22. Remember it was Katie Couric who cut off the interview with a policewoman in the hospital who shot a killer who had shot her while shooting up a beauty parlor when she advocated the 2nd amendment.

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