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Online retailer Amazon blocked advertising for a new book exposing the radical agenda behind “Black Lives Matter,” claiming it contains “content that is not allowed.”

The company eventually relented and allowed ads for Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Mike Gonzalez’s “BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution,” after Heritage publicly blasted the decision.

Heritage initially went through the company’s internal appeal system. When Amazon did not respond within their stated response time Heritage went public.

That forced Amazon to respond, agreeing to allow ads. They also admitted the ad block was a decision by an employee, and not an automated response by an algorithm, which sometimes blocks content using certain words or images regardless of context.

“’BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution’ examines who these leaders and activists are, delving into their backgrounds and exposing their agendas,” said Heritage in announcing the book’s release. “It demonstrates how their top leaders are avowed Marxists who want to dismantle our Constitution, our social institutions, and our very way of life.”

“In the book, Gonzalez shows how the riots and protests that rocked American society after Floyd’s death were not spontaneous events. Indeed, the 12,000+ demonstrations and 633 riots that followed Floyd’s death took organizational muscle and ideological commitment. Both were readily supplied by the various Black Lives Matter organizations,” said Heritage.

“While we appreciate Amazon reversing this egregious decision, this incident is consistent with the trend of Big Tech companies to suppress conservative speech they disagree with,” said Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James.

“Amazon’s original stated reason for suspending the ad included that it does not allow ‘content that revolves around controversial or highly debated social topics.’ Using that standard, one of the world’s largest booksellers apparently wouldn’t allow ads for the biggest bestseller in history—the Bible,” said James.

“This episode is a reminder that while sometimes Big Tech can be pressured to respond in certain cases of wrongdoing, there are so many more instances where those without the resources or large-enough public profile simply have to live with the arbitrary decisions made by these companies,” said Kara Frederick, research fellow in Heritage’s Center for Technology Policy.

“The fact that this was the result of human error further demonstrates the need for Big Tech companies to establish clear, sensible, and consistent rules and policies, and then implement those rules and policies fairly across the board. They also must be willing to publicly admit mistakes when they do occur, whether intentional or not,” said Frederick.

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  1. I guess the best way for an author to get on the Best Seller List is to have Amazon cancel your book. I plan to buy the book even though I never heard of it before.

  2. LISTEN UP….BLM Have BLOOD on Their HANDS along with ANTIFA…the CHINESE GOVT…TERRORISTS…a CAPITOL Police Officer and SOME DEMOCRATS. From SamuraiQueen. 😩😩😩

  3. Sounds like the IDIOTS at Facebook. They blocked me from posting comments because I called Biden Pedo Joe because I used the term Pedo instead of Pedophile. They also disliked Ho over Prostitute. So while they are long on support of LIBERALS and their IGNORANCE they are themselves IGNORANT because they can’t tell that calling a Person a Pedo or Pedophile is the same thing.

  4. I have been finding alternatives to Amazon like retail direct. I not going to sit here and allow big tech to make money off of me, where ever I can help it. Get off of YouTube and onto Rumble as much as you can. Stay off Of Fakebook and Twitter and stop allowing them to monetize you. Look for alternatives. Amazon shut down Parler and Rumble as they were using their AWS services and didn’t like the conservative slant. Robert Kiyosaki had a capitalist board game banned from advertising on YouTube because they used the word “conservative” when talking about financing. Kiyosaki also had YouTube censor him when he interviewed Don Jr. even though it was a financial show. Fight back America. I haven’t watched sports in 2 years – again, I won’t allow them to make money off of my viewership.

  5. The Political scene in America has become a web of intrigue and backhanders and bribery and blackmail, even death for whoever oppose their narratives. Many good people became corrupted through intimidation, threats, family targeted, compromised using a photo next to a pretty girl or even worst, forcing the man to rape and child then kill the poor little child. If it wasnt for President Trump we would never have found out all the skullduggery and treason and pedophilia and cheating these wicked people see as normal! Luciferins.

  6. So far I like her and I am a member of the heritage foundation. I do agree with most of their goals but maybe not their actions (not that I disagree but maybe they rely on a flawed system, i.e.: both parties are corrupt), all the time. I do think they are way better than either of these political parties even though they are more aligned with the reps.

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