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MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid attacked the coverage of the Gabby Petito case, allegedly that the only reason why Petito’s case is receiving so much press coverage is because of what Reid called: ‘missing white woman syndrome.’

As Fox News reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid turned to race Monday while discussing the media’s coverage of missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito, dismissing the focus on the case as “missing White woman syndrome.”

During a segment on her show “The ReidOut,” Reid said while Petito’s family deserved “answers and justice,” she felt the same media attention didn’t apply to non-White people when they go missing.

“It goes without saying that no family should ever have to endure that kind of pain. And the Petito family certainly deserves answers and justice,” Reid said. “But the way this story has captivated the nation has many wondering, why not the same media attention when people of color go missing?”

“Well, the answer actually has a name: Missing White woman syndrome. The term coined by the late and great Gwen Iffil to describe the media and public fascination with missing White women like Laci Peterson or Natalee Holloway, while ignoring cases involving missing people of color,” she added, referencing two well-known cases of missing women.

Is Reid correct that the Petito case has been over covered by the mainstream press, or is her objection to it merely an expression of her own racism? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Joy Ann Reid needs to get a life and get over her hatred for white people. It will only make her look petty and unliked.

      1. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over il Your g Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open… 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒌47𝑯𝒊𝒕.𝑪𝑭

      2. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over l Your X Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open… 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗔𝗽𝗽𝟮𝟰𝟳.𝘁𝗸


      1. All of them on the left are this racist, hateful, and dumb, but don’t forget all the good, hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying black people, like the wonderful and brilliant Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Shelby Steel, etc etc, who are not represented by low IQ racists like Maxine Waters, Reid, or racist hate groups like ‘black lies matter’.

        1. Makes sense that you only like the “blacks” who pay taxes into your social security.. you selfish racist piece of garbage.

      2. That would be great except paying for it
        Remember she is not a African American she is a deplorable n::;:r nothing else

  2. Make everything about race – that’ll help your cause. Or haven’t you yet realized that approach has been so overused that the public – all of the public regardless of race or political affiliation – is becoming immune? But of course you know that the media isn’t reporting on black crime because they don’t want anyone to know the Leftists aren’t doing anything to assist communities to lessen it. You have the ability to change that, so stop being an indoctrinated servant to the Left and bring cases to the fore.

    1. Right, she might shut up if one of her TV guests suggested publicly that she go find a black pregnant woman who went missing when her husband returned from a fishing trip in San Francisco Bay, or a black woman who quarreled with her boyfriend and then he drove her van from the Grand Tetons back to Florida without bothering to take her with him.

      Go find ’em, Joy! Be a reporter instead of an conjecturer! Do something constructive instead of poofing up the airwaves with your endless whining about black victimization!

      1. Yup, but then WHADDAYA expect from THAT race? Like the classic line puts it, “if we’d o’ known Then what we know Now, we’d o’ picked our own cotton.”

    2. The media isn’t reporting on black crime because it would dominate the news leaving little if any time that fits their narrative of bashing white folks or conservatives

  3. God has his children and the Devil has his children. Joy and many Democrats have chosen to follow the Devil.
    It may take the Angel of Death to restore One Nation Under God.

      1. WRONG, vladi, He ALLOWS them to BE. He allows ALL of us to BE. And then when our time is Up, we answer for WHAT we Were.

        1. Statement so very TRUE! GOD gives you freedom of choice! Then YOU Are the one that is held responsible for the choices you make!!!! Many are going to be shocked at the verdict!

    1. Hell, WHAT would they Replace her with?!
      It’d just be ANOTHER White Hating black person. That’s the ONLY kind of black person there IS.

  4. What less would intelligent Americans expect from racists globalists and their racist puppets; demonrats and rinos and media and libby snow flake sheep .


    1. globalists and their demonrat criminal party created their kkk criminal organisation that made many black males gone missing .

    2. And ALL blacks ARE members of That club___ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF ‘EM.
      They simply HATE ANY WHITE PERSON.

  6. Interesting to note that either she didn’t or it wasn’t reported that she did name any missing black women. Could that be due to abortion?

    1. Hell, they don’t KNOW who IS missing and who ISN’T. They have no Accurate records for most of them, OR their known, verifiable family members Whereabouts, so NOTHING IS KNOWN TO REPORT ON. 🤷‍♂️

  7. This is someone’s daughter,sister,aunt,for the love of God do you people have nothing better to do than be racist?? GET A FREAKING LIFE LEFTISTS!!!!! Just remember there is one thing no one can rigg……..Judgement day with God!!! Thats a fact!!!!!………

    1. AMEN! But save your breath, Dems, Libs and Blacks are Irredeemable, their hearts are So filled with HATE.
      They DON’T Recognize or give a Hoot what God says, so HOW ARE THEY EVER going to Repent? NOT POSSIBLE. They are Way too Smart and Proud to be humbled before The Lord and ask for Forgiveness and Salvation.
      Whaaaat?!! Who needs THAT shit, maaaan?!
      What IS you, some kin’ o’ Religgun fanatic?!

      1. Everyone’s redeemable until their last breath. We must not forget that. That is between God and each individual and we should not be commenting on what we don’t know.

        1. That IS, of course, True. I’m just DARNED AWFUL FED UP. This Great country is CRUMBLING. When you have a MAJORITY that are Godless and SICK, it is Terribly painful to witness WHAT IS HAPPENING!

  8. Joy Ann Reid, there is no reason for any American to resent the attention we give to any person who goes missing.

  9. Quit purchasing products from her show sponsors with a note to them online about why. This woman is PREJUDICED against white people and her show should be cancelled. And don’t lecture me about being against blacks. I have black relatives and close friends that agree with me.

    1. 👍 Yup, they HATE me. And like I GIVE A SHIT!
      Just tune them OUT and they’ll go away and find some other platform where they can HATE.

  10. No you piece of female fluff. She is being covered because she is a psycho like so many pretty women are now days. And since she is “pretty” and “published” and “popular”, despite her savage treatment of her stupid, simp of a boyfriend, she is female news of interest beyond the importance of real news.

    1. Don’t get upset, she’s just one more black person that HATES Whitey. They ALL do, so she’s nothing Special, good OR bad, just Anither one.

  11. Divide and conquer, that IS the strategy of the leftists. Doesn’t matter if you divide along the lines of race, money, vaccines or anything else, by keeping the chasm wide you will never be faced with unified push-back for your vile agenda.

    1. They ARE Something, aren’t they?!
      Dems, Blacks, Libs, Lefties___ just Shoot them All and put them AND us out of our misery.

  12. Jealous of a missing young woman who probably was killed but, white, police hater, white hater, and as usual another low IQ democrat, Seeking this kind of attention means you have no one in your life who really loves you, too bad, your sickness can’t be cured, you life will remain unhappy, cause you to have poor health and not live as long, as those not afflected with your type condition.

    1. PATHETIC lot, aren’t they though?
      Wow! WHAT a way to go through Life!
      WHO tunes In to these foul human beings? And I use the term human being Loosely.

    2. Those who give in to The Dark Side tend to live lives nasty, brutish and short. It makes perfect sense, dominated by negative emotions like envy, rancor and hatred. That goes for so many and sooner or later even Georgie Porgie Schwartz will find his 6′ dirt nap. As will we ALL, and then face the Judgment.

  13. Joy Reid is a POS racist pig ! You just can’t stand the fact that your inequalities and failures are all on you, but you have to throw in White Woman syndrome !….. their is no such thing except in Racist Black peoples vocabulary!

    1. She is SHIT. Shit STINKS. Give her the Ultimate black woman missing treatment, tune her Out and don’t Ever listen to another Word the black hate-filled witch says.

  14. Joy watch FOX they report the weekly deaths in Chicago all black on black crime and the Mayor does nothing but blame white reporters! Where are you on black on black killings!

  15. The trouble is that life is so cheap in the black community. Consider Chicago (like, every weekend). Any suggestions, Joy Ann?

    1. She/they aren’t Bright enough to have any viable Suggestions for jack shit, let alone a real issue.
      They couldn’t care ANY less about their fellow blacks, UNLESS its Whitey that’s involved.

    1. I like it!
      She’ll SURE be missing from MY life.
      Hey, Joy, GO find some network in Nigeria to give you a program and put your black ass on TV

  16. I do not watch any news media in any way.
    I did read exactly what was said and I see nothing racist about the remarks which make very good sense in every detail. Why is just one person getting all the actual attention when so many others are in the same situation and never mentioned in the article, and % wise blacks are the most effected, so how is that racist to say that blacks experience the same thing more often but never ever mentioned in the article.

    1. Then why doesn’t Joy start reporting on them, or anyone else in their shows? Well, actually if they reported on them from MSNBC, CNN etc., they’d never be seen by anyone.

  17. Joy Ann Reid is a Racist. The story is about the girl whose boyfriend lost her and he is now nowhere to be seen . Racists see color first everyone else looks at a persons integrity.

    1. Racists just HATE.
      TWO can play that game. I like MY team’s chances in That confrontation.

  18. I cant stand that everything is all about black!!! I am white and think it should be about everyone not just one race!!!

  19. Well Joy if you were the person missing I would be leading the charge and parade demanding a holiday for your leaving . . . I’m white by the way and you should know most people like me have never tried to have some one of ANY COLOR, RACE OR NATIONAL ORIGIN HELD BACK. . .AS LONG AS THEY TRIED TO HELP THEMSELVES ! ! !

  20. I find the story intriguing regardless of skin color which I never through about as being an issue until reading about Joy’s commentary.

  21. I think we’re starting to realize how our noses are being rubbed in liberal hubris. They relish having immunity from retribution for such attitudes derived by identity politics. These are deliberate efforts by the media to stir up racial tensions, while liberals capitalize on their political efforts to impose Government Speech Codes, Hate Laws, Globalism and Socialism during the cultural melees they orchestrate. America is dissolving before our eyes, being replaced by multitudes of self-proclaimed ‘victims’ who–in this case–will enjoin the government to exact Payback for slavery; an industry which immensely enriched the Jews who owned those companies–those same Jews who now run our media.

  22. Really low-life news reporting. This so called news caster is using the news as a political platform which diminishes the credibility of both she and the item at hand. But then, that is the caliber of news caster CNN, MSNBC,ABC, NBC and CBS hires.

  23. This woman is a total racist to the 9th degree. She would probably have a better life is she looked for the good in people instead of her hatred. She would find out that this world is a better place than she makes it out to be. Really fill sorry for her.

  24. disgusting ignorant woman. Everything to her is race based. Her actions are petty and rude. If she wants to rail at someone, how about targeting the press? They are the ones who cover these cases.

  25. The true racist. How did such a fowl woman get that position. If this was truly a racist country she would be hanging from a tree. She should thank God she is black and living in America.

  26. LISTEN UP….JOY REID Can JUMP into a LAKE with CROCODILES. EVERYTHING is BLACK and WHITE to HER. THERE are OTHER RACES of PEOPLE in the WORLD. GOD Created a WIDE Selection of EVERYTHING. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  27. Joy Reid is still a fligger for being a racist without a brain and sensitivity. We need only black women reading the MSNBC filth ?

  28. reid is a freaking IDIOT!!! AND WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP TAKES HIS RIGHTFUL PLACE AS PRESIDENT, WE WILL SEE MSM, AND THE JERKS THAT READ THE TELEPROMPTERS, GO!! They aren’t reporters, and certainly NOT JOURNALISTS!!! reid is the RACIST!! lemon, tapper, wallace, chomo cuomo, ALL msm!!!

  29. Joy Reid. That Hate Filled,, Fugly Biyatch whose Racism is beyond the pale. If Joy were white, Liberals would have offed her nasty arse already.

    1. Huh?! Liberals LOVE her Shit, whether it spews from a white mouth or black! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK SHE WORKS FOR, Conservatives?!

  30. I think people like her don’t have the intellect to realize that the United States is 65% white and 12% black. If you go to Africa you will find just the opposite there and it will be the same way it is here with Black people. Her ignorance is astounding but she’s just a mindless pawn for the people who want to control everything you do and she’s trying like all the globalists to start a race war.

    1. Uuuuuh, That would be NEVER. There’s NO concern for the blacks killing blacks, ONLY whites killing blacks, THEN they can play the Race card and promote White Guilt and work towards REPARATIONS! THAT’s What they WANT!

  31. She’s just jealous because there’s so many Black woman missing especially from Chicago that aren’t reported…because the Mayor is an ugly Black woman who doesn’t like Black people so they go unreported…oh wait isn’t that an anomaly. The Black folks in this country talk shit about how White Folks don’t care about them and all we do is pay there way every month….lol. This bitch Joy is freaking crazy. I think all cops should let Black people do what the fuck they want…don’t arrest any of them for the crimes they commit…I also think we should stop paying for all the black kids that these black baby mommas have and then lets she what Joy thinks about us white folks. Lets start Oct 1st every body stop donating to give these black kids free lunches…breakfasts…make the Blacks folks pay…to support their own. Do it for a month and Joy will shut the fuck up.

  32. She’s a low class black. The lowest of low. She’s disgusting. Her ass should be fired. That’s not the first time she’s made remarks about whites. There is no place in reporting the news being a bigot. If a white was talking about a black they would have lost their job already. But, all the white liberals are all scared of the blacks. Whites have no balls. That’s why America is dying a slow death. Our country is definitely going to hell. God help 🙏 us. 😭💔🇺🇲🇺🇸

  33. The real reason, all these “a-holes on Fake-News Media” would rather not talk about Joe Xi-Den, the worst president, ever…

  34. What a stupid communist democrat cult party pedophile supporting racist this MSNBC is! They sat mon their ass when the capital police killed the young unarmed black mother, with her child in the car seat, when obamo was the president and she was only there to confront the baby daddy!
    Losers all, are these main stream communist democrat cult supporting pieces of trash!

  35. Joy Reid is a piece of waste. Real human beings (which she is not) have compassion and concern for anyone suffering catastrophic circumstances regardless race, sex, or religion. MSNBC should be embarrassed by her comments.

    1. Are you Kidding me?! hey WANT that Shit! It’s WHAT they DO! STIR UP STRIFE AND TURMOIL AND PROMOTE RACISM. These sick f___s that SAY they’re the ones who CARE and that they HAVE TO point all of this shit out, ARE ACTUALLY THE ONES WHO ARE THE RACISTS!

  36. The second paragraph reveal some anti-white bias to be sure. Her point about the lack of coverage of missing non-white people who who are missing is well taken, but the citation of the alleged “Missing White Woman syndrome” weakens rather than strengthen her argument. By the way, how often does the media mention missing poor white people. How much media bias is racial and how much is economic/social class based?

    1. WAY over people’s heads, Mike!
      Which IS, one of the PRIMARY reasons this country is on the fast track to Ruin…. the Majority is DUMBER than DIRT. American Tragedy

  37. Joy Reid really needs anger management courses. Poor Joy, she just isn’t relevant enuf, and her ratings suck, so I guess Msnbc says in their morning meetings, go for it Joy, shake it up a bit today, and we will follow.

    1. It’s WHAT they DO! It’s ALL they’ve GOT!
      DIVIDE the country! HATE! DESTROY AMERICA!
      And they are VERY SUCCESSFUL at WHAT they DO! God DAMN them ALL!

  38. As usual, all the racist division, hatred, and abuse comes from the vilest blacks and whites on the left. If instead of this ugly, low IQ, black racist, a white employee had made a similar (and considerably more justified) comment about the amount of coverage, rioting, looting, etc every black death gets, except the majority of black deaths, which happen at the hands of blacks, they would be instantly fired, and the twitter mob would be all over them. Sickening and vile black racists like Reid have no empathy, no decency, no love, and no class.

  39. Reid is a nasty racist woman of color. She doesn’t bother to report the hundreds of black deaths from other blacks in Chicago. OH I forgot they have a black mayor so it doesn’t count. It’s a normal occurrence for those killings so no big deal by Reid standards.

  40. this is sick classification! White, black, yellow, green or orange–missing young people is a tramatic and extremely sad family event. The “biggest relief” is the closure of locating the remains. There so many cases that never reach this closure….Another NY family has a missing daughter for over 10 years and still an open case….

    1. How true. MSNBC ratings are low in general but Joy Reid is even at the bottom of their ratings. That’s why she tries to be controversial. It’s an attempt to boost her terrible numbers.

  41. Lowlife celebrity, no brain, race baiting dunce and jealous…could add alot more but probably gonna get bounced anyway. This breathing unit is a waste to humanity!

  42. Joy Reid can bring a highlight on the many black women who go missing but she wont because they were murdered by black men and its not in her narrative or the Fake Media!

  43. Hey Joy Reid, please tell that to your handlers, because CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox and all of you pushed this all over the internet and on national television. The average Joe has seen it publicized everywhere.

  44. Or… they needed something to change the narrative from Afghanistan, Haitians at the border, and most of all breaking news out of Maricopa, AZ. Joy is just helping them out.

  45. The only reasons she has a job is because she is a Racist, Black, and hates white. She is living high on the Hog. Fire Her and send her back to where she came from.

  46. Well ppl are they pushing this forward to keep ppls attention on this story so you dont realize what is really going on.
    I don’t believe any of it. Just try and look these ppl up. You can’t find them on any site etc. are you all being taken for a ride? It wouldn’t be the first timr

  47. Joyless Reid has always been a race baiting low life POS! The dirt bag never has anyth say about black on black crime. If it was her that was missing, we would hold a thank you party for the perp and give him or her a parade! She is the total opposite of what the great MLK fought and stood for during his too short life! People like her are the racists!!!!

  48. The title to this discussion is enough to vomit. Shame on this woman who is black. She is representing other blacks with her comment and that hurts them. The whites are sick and tired of back lash white supremacists. She is a black supremacists!

  49. Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African -N-e-g-r-o- has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the pure-blooded -N-e-g-r-o-.) He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his head. for shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable. Before the white man came to make civilization, the black would immediately kill any born that was not pure black. This is discrimination at the ultimate! Does Critical Race Theory (CRT) address the 100% failures of 6,000 years???

  50. joy never covered the murder of “Miriam Carey”, a young black mother unarmed, executed, with her baby in the car seat, by capital police!

  51. I doubt if very many people are even aware of this story. As for Joy Reid, she is a typical far left brainless racist. She does work for the correct station, MSNBC!!

  52. Joy Reid is a racist and not a nice person. She really hates whites. This young girl was killed for no reason and that’s what has struck most Americans. If it had been her child, she would be outraged..

  53. Just like Ashli Babbit? George Floyd story coverage was massive. Stop being over the top racist Joy Reid. No one is listening yo your dumb ass

  54. What would she say if big media swamped the news with nationwide law enforcement hunting a Black man to determine if he murdered his Black girlfriend? We all know the answer. White people always will be the scapegoats for racists like this one.

  55. Well Joy, Black Americans certainly got a lot of coverage in 2020, which resulted in cities burned, pillaged, and Police defunded. How’s that working now? Are you angry because Petito was a murderer White woman rather than a murdered Black woman? That’s a sick sense of justice Reid.

  56. Then why doesn’t SHE make a point of covering missing “persons of color” instead of turning it into another racially-motivated point of contention?

    She could use techniques and formats similar to those successfully used on “America’s most Wanted” or “Cold Case Files”.

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