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Fox News is now set to face a major new lawsuit after a federal judge ruled that a former producer who had allegedly been sexually harassed and raped by former anchor Ed Henry may pursue a lawsuit against the company.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Eckhart, a former associate producer on Fox Business Network, alleges she endured years of sexual harassment including lewd messages from Ed Henry, the Fox News’ former White House correspondent. She further alleges being coerced into a sexual relationship and that it culminated in violent rape in a hotel room. Henry was fired as a result of her charges, but the termination wasn’t enough to stop Eckhart from going to court against Fox News.

U.S. District Court Judge Ronnie Abrams sees enough in her complaint to allow a claim for harassment under New York State Human Rights Law, although the judge is dismissing a second claim for sex trafficking.

According to the 52-page opinion (read here), much of Henry’s alleged abuse falls outside of the statute of limitations, but there’s enough from 2018 to carry her suit under New York law (if not Title VII) for now.

In allowing a hostile workplace claim, Abrams points to allegations that it was an “open secret” that Henry was a “serial harasser,” that Fox News had received a prior complaint about him, and that the law firm of Paul, Weiss had conducted an internal investigation into sexual harassment in the wake of allegations against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

Eckhart reportedly may also pursue claims against the anchor himself.


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  1. Employers have an obligation to act when acts of sexual harassment are brought to their attention. According to this article, that is not what happened. The claim in the lawsuit is that the employer should have known WITHOUT anyone bringing it to their attention—much less the former producer. The accuser even admits to some level of tolerance and cooperation with the accused advances. Thus she will also need to prove that the employer should have known that her cooperation really wasn’t consensual.

    I abhor rape and sexual harassment in the workplace. But that is a lot to expect of an employer, especially without a complaint.

    1. Always liked Ed, but if accusations turn out to be true he should be held to account. FNC however already fired him over this. What else should they have done?

  2. Good Morning am I missing something how do you coerced into a sexual relationship with Ed Henry but i didn’t hear that she said no or that she was kidnapped she went to the hotel and now she’s looking for another pay day from fox news which she probably got when they fired Henry another money grab hate to say this but my belief is she shouldn’t have go F to the hotel in the first place

      1. “NO QUESTION” Really Brian, open and shut decision by you, NO QUESTION, regardless of the further evidence by other women? I guess they all colluded in making up these allegations, RIGHT! You were at court to hear all this evidence and/or read the claims and the courts comments. And naturally you KNOW and understand the relevant law. Am I correct so far?

  3. I wondered what became of him. I NEVER LIKED HIM. IN FACT, COULDN’T STAND HIM. He always reminded me of the FAT, EVIL CHIMPMUNK in the Disney film “Enchanted”.
    Ed Henry always displayed a love of Ed Henry.
    Neuter him.

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  5. Personally, I’m surprised at Ed Henry because to me from a male’s perspective heretofore he always seemed to me to be somewhat of a milquetoast & certainly not overtly assertive or aggressive sexually! But ladies evidently it just shows what the proverbial quiet ones will do when the lights are out! N’est-ce pas?

    1. Who knows WHAT the hell the Truth is here!!! Let’s wait for something “proven”. Suuuuuure sounds like ANOTHER split tail on the take to me.

  6. Never will I forget a very nice lady who worked for me in the corporate arena. She once told me: ‘You know those sexual harassment claims in the workplace? They usually arise from women who had ‘expectations’ of the man. They wanted ‘attention’ from him yet nothing happened.’ ‘Oh REALLY?’ sez I. ‘Oh yeah!’ she said.

  7. I have practiced trial law for all long time. There will be a lot of discovery and depositions before the truth or a semblance of it is adduced. Then, as most often happens, there will be a confidential settlement with no admission of liability.

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