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Former failed presidential candidate and former congressman Joe Walsh is now blaming a person her referred to as a ‘big Trumper’ for having his low-rated radio show canceled.

As Mediate reports:

Former Illinois Republican congressman Joe Walsh announced Wednesday night that his show on GAB Radio Network had been canceled. In a tweet, Walsh said the network is run by a supporter of Donald Trump who has wanted to oust him for some time.

“It’s not a surprise I guess,” Walsh told Mediaite when reached for comment. “The same thing happened to me at Salem Media before my primary challenge to Trump. They let me go as well.”

GAB Radio Network is owned by Joseph Walburn

“Look, I’m no big deal, but today is the final straw for me,” Walsh tweeted at the time.

It looks like Walsh may now be forced to do the unthinkable: get a real job.


  1. I guess ratings were so good another station will pick Joe up? Probably not since his immediate family was the only ones listening!

  2. You may be antitrump due to personality but you can’t be antitrump and, legitimately, call yourself a conservative. Which of his policies did you disagree with. If it was the America First ideology then you are a globalist and anti-American!

  3. Boo whooo glad Juan Williams is going he is such a idiot he couldn’t say one thing positive just another black crying foul but he has profit so doesn’t that make him a black privilege or is he a poor black person I think not if it wasn’t for the brave men and women of all races he would not have his freedom in this beautiful country that Biden is slowly destroying yes Hod Bless Trump who cared for all people race and color Biden hates white

    1. The dude will remain at Fox as a political analyst! LOL. Didn’t ever observe that the fool showing half oz of brain matter. A racist, a foul and loud mouth, yes. Brain matters, nahhhhh.

    2. I stopped watching The Five due to not being able to stand Juan Williams however I may, just may, return to viewing it again.

  4. Joe Walsh’s radio show went for a couple of years. He always hated Donald Trump and wasn’t afraid to ridicule the President. As if he could do better? Joe tried to primary the President before the 2020 election. He received no support. Joe Walsh is a legend in his own mind.

  5. Disloyal, vile, hateful Reps have to go, it’s a no-brainer. There are 99½% MSM out there spreading hate, lies and vile about Trump so the world does not miss this tin-pot traitor.

  6. adios Loser!….find some Liberal Democrat program to parrot the Socialist talking points.

  7. Why would the radio think it’s important to have “one anti-Trumper conservative voice”? There are enough democrats to fill that role. The democrats succeed because they have each others’ backs.

  8. You got it all wrong, Mr Hasbeen! Conservatives need Conservative Voices, not anti/pro Trump ones. Just go back to your room and pout!!

  9. Just another cry baby that blames everyone else fothis bad choices in life, yo act and talk like a communist then you are one.

  10. Couldn’t be because his show sucked… NO, it was because of Trump. What would these losers do without Trump to blame?

  11. Oh come on, WHY THE HELL DO MY COMMENTS NEED APPROVAL??? You support FREE SPEACH??? Or do you need to be trashed???

  12. Oh too bad Joe boohoo–now you know how Trump feels
    doesn’t feel to good does it Joe?? LOL

  13. Joe Walsh is a LOSER and a LIAR. You lost your show because you SUCKED. The people are getting real tired of you RINO’s pretending to be “conservative”. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

  14. Joe, Joe, Joe, I’d listen to you up to the year Trump got elected. You had your undies in a bunch and you came down with incurable TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome. It was worse that Liz Cheney’s. Your ego got the best of you. Condescending and you knew it all. That is why my conservative friends did not vote for you on your second term in congress and you lost. Obama had the most corrupt presidency, and you did not seem to mind and when Trump got upset a retailer dropped his daughter’s clothing line, you screamed bloody murder. That’s when I dropped listening to you. You are not a RINO, you are a traitor. FOAD Joe.

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  16. He thinks it’s important to have anti Trump people on the radio. Is he kidding. He sounds like a rino, a democrat in disguise. There are plenty of anti Trump people on radio just like TV and cable, too many. After a while you can’t stand listening to rinos tearing a really true republican down because when they are tearing Trump down they are really tearing middle class people like me down. We are so tired of the anti Trump worshipers we don’t even look at them any more let alone listen to them. However, it is important we find out who is anti and who is pro Trump before we vote the antis into an important congressional office. It is extremely important we keep these anti Trump people out of office and from ripping our lives apart due to what laws they make with the democrats so now we know about this guy. Good.

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