By Lorie Shaull from St Paul, United States - David Hogg speaking at the Westminster Town Hall Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Anti-gun activist David Hogg’s attempt to put pro-Trump pillow maker Mike Lindell out of business has hit another hilarious pothole/

“Effective immediately, I have resigned and released all shares, any ownership and any control of Good Pillow LLC,” Hogg dramatically announced on Twitter. “I want to thank (co-founder) Will (LeGate) for his partnership and wish him absolutely nothing but success with the future of Good Pillow.”

While Hogg announced he’s stepping away from the company, despite months of tweets about Good Pillow’s high-minded liberal ideals and commitment to making sure every step of manufacturing is “woke,” it’s unclear whether Hogg and LeGate ever got around to actually creating a company.

While they had no idea where they would make pillows, or how pillows were even made, the company was already committed to hiring “activists” to its board, hiring people for diversity over skill and making sure the pillow was made only from “sustainable” materials using green energy.

That led to Hogg’s liberal Twitter followers for attacking the company for still not being “woke” enough.

The company’s problems got only worse from there.

Hogg and LeGate never filed a trademark for “Good Pillow,” allowing a North Carolina man to snatch the name.

LLCs also do not issue shares, so it appears Hogg isn’t even aware of how to quit a job he may never have had.

Several weeks after announcing they would begin competing with Lindell, Hogg took to Twitter to ask if anyone knew where they could build a factory or find employees, things that are usually known long before announcing a company.

“I NEED A UNIONIZED PILLOW MANUFACTURER IN THE US,” Hogg pleaded on Twitter in February. “We’re having a hard time finding one. If you know one PLEASE dm.”

Several days earlier Hogg and LeGate realized they needed a logo, because The Washington Post was doing a story on the company.

They took to Twitter to ask if a “top tier” graphic designer could create a logo for their coming corporate juggernaut, but only if it cost less than $200.

Good Pillow’s rudimentary website was also filled with typos and spelling errors. The company’s Twitter account last posted in February.

They have yet to hire any employees, build a factory or make a pillow.

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    1. Hogg-boy is just still upset because for the Senior Prom at his school, his boyfriend cucked him – with a girl….

  1. Not sure how he couldn’t make it work, he’s been crying in his pillow a lot since quickly becoming irrelevant.

  2. LOL. The little punk doesn’t have a clue as to what it takes to start a company let alone run and manage one. LMAO at you Hogg. Go learn some skills instead of looking angry all the time.

  3. A REALITY CHECK for the COMMIE SNOWFLAKE! GEE, NOT as EASY as the elite make it look. Being “WOKE” moves the starting line about 100 miles behind the competition. Companies can only be “WOKE” after they have made it and then it might bring their downfall too. (Listening COKE, NBA, NFL, Wally World, Antifa, BLM, Scumbag Democraps etc.)
    That’s OUR education system teaching BS and the Commie government will take care of you. Always heard the first million was the hardest to make and after that it gets easier.
    Hogg thought he would just put at the call and all the “WOKE” would run to his aid with money and skills that NONE of them have. If it was that simple EVERYBODY WOULD DO IT! HELL, they couldn’t even get a business plan together to figure out where to START. FUNNY how he figured he would jump in and rise to the top just like the rest of the WOKE DUMB ASSES. Kid, your 15 minutes of fame is over. Good Luck!

    1. Kind of like celebrities, sports figures, musicians etc come out of the closet AFTER they’ve made their millions.

  4. A couple of bozos that thought they could compete with Mike Lindell. What a joke. Mike is the King of pillows and Giza sheets. What do Dems know about running a business. Nothing. They are leaches. Keep pushing until we push back. You won’t like it very much! We won’t mess around. Nuff’said.

  5. I’m sure your Mommy thinks you are the best, brightest, smartest, most creative, deepest thinking creature to ever walk the earth. You were then schooled by teachers who worried more about your self-esteem than what you actually learned, and your coach gave everyone a participation trophy.
    Well, welcome to the real world, Davy Boy.
    Rotsa ruck!

  6. No one will do business with Hogg-boy because sensible people know he’s a mentally ill spoiled brat who’s still upset about being exposed for lying about where he actually was during that school shooting.

  7. He reason our country in shape its in. Full of lies. Scared of his own shadow. Pencil necked know it all that doesn’t know $H!T. Remember high school. Kids like him always talked big game but ended up alcoholics or coke heads by time they hit 30. He should never be in news again. Leave him be and let u fade out quietly.

  8. Maybe when the hogg-boy turns 40, maybe 50, he’ll look back and see how his own stupidity made a fool of himself for all to see. Did he really think he could just walk in and out-master Mr. Lindall? This hogg-boy needs to start school all over again, and start in kindergarten.

  9. So, the little milquetoast doesn’t know anything about business or firearms. Maybe when he grows up…………………..oh wait, he is a liberal so he doesn’t have to.

  10. Always remember that neurologists reveal how the human brain does not reach maturity until age 25. Sometimes 25 years are not enough. There is a such thing as a young fool in training to be an old fool.

  11. Maybe Hogg and Greta Thunberg should get married and live happily ever after in the Fogg. The two of them have been being used from the start.

  12. He should contact Harry and Meghan. They know how to do all this. Just ask them. Also Meghan needs more pillows. They also know how to do excellent word salads, and calligraphy.

  13. Darn, I would have bought one of his pillows, claimed it gave me a bad rash, and sued his brains out…..a short lesson in how Capitalism works and doesn’t work for the little dummy.

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