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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office had a curt response to Fox News Chief Meteorologist Janice Dean over her continued criticism of the governor’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dean’s in-laws, along with thousands of New Yorkers, died because the New York State Department of Health required long-term care facilities to accept returning residents regardless of their Covid-19 status.

It took Cuomo two months to reverse that decision. (Mediaite)

Cuomo earned early (premature) praise from a fawning media, largely due to his reassuring tone during coronavirus-related press conferences early in the outbreak. His “we’re all in this together” mien was a stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s “leave it to the states,” which, in hindsight, wasn’t … great.

But Dean, known for her remarkably bubbly and consistently apolitical demeanor on Fox & Friends, was among the first to call BS on the Cuomo lovefest. Outraged by the death of both of her husband’s parents due to Covid-19, she was the first to pull back the veil and bravely call Cuomo out for mistakes she saw him make early in the pandemic, namely the sending of Covid-19 patients to nursing homes. That decision alone may have led to thousands of deaths.

Since then, Dean has been on something of a mission to call out Governor Cuomo’s apparent cult of personality. There was an autobiography published about how he successfully handled a pandemic, perhaps prematurely published amidst a still raging pandemic.

On Tuesday, Dean hit out at what she saw as a botched rollout of the vaccine, which she called a “disaster.’”

A spokesperson for Cuomo flagrantly dismissed Dean’s criticism, saying “Last I checked, she’s not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather.”


  1. I am always amazed at the people of newyork who vote these guy’s into office.Thats a big state and cuomo is the best they can do will not say much for quality leadership

    1. It is not the state of New York that put this moron in office but the ‘give me free’ crowd in New York City. Heck, I once lived in New York and witnessed the destruction of brand new apartment complexes that were turned in ghetto slums but the welfare bums and greedy parasites who sucked the blood out of the New Yorkers taxes.

    2. Many are moving to Florida and they’ll be bringing that voting bloc with them…so goes NYC, so goes FL. 🙁

      1. I fear that for life in FL is great. Been here a lot of months due to the pandemic and not wanting to go back or banned from going back to NY because of Cuomo’s earlier lockdown which made it difficult to travel and return. Boy, what a difference in FL. People are polite, with traditional values and very proud of their country and not afraid to show it. Fl has been fully opened for months and starting to thrive again with no more Covid problem, in fact far less, than states with disastrous lockdowns.

        1. It will only stay that way if New Yorkers or others from blue states leave their democratic ways behind then and thoroughly enjoy the hate free, calm, traditional values, proud Americans that you have joined. The same applies to Californian moving to Texas where the traditional values and pride in American are what people live by.

    3. I live in NYS and unfortunately the big liberal city outweighs the population of most of the other parts of the state. I know upstate and Long Island voted for Trump, but not the city. Sadly, my vote has never really counted in NY even though I vote all the time when required. I am praying Cuomo and DeBlasio who have really done so much damage to people in the state will NEVER be re-elected!

    1. He is a thug and continues to show it every time he opens his mouth. Hope the people of NY wake up…he is taking them for a ride. Watch taxes go up since so many residents leaving the state!…lost revenue

    2. He actually said publicly he would not put his mother into one of New York’s old folks homes. There are also reports that he pulled his mother out of a home just before he signed the order to put covid patients into them.

  2. Hey who writes your headlines? You say Cuomo knocks Dean but the story is all about her knocking him (perhaps deservedly), Is there more to the story?

    1. One little line at the very end of the story is all that is pertinent to the headline! And it isn’t even from Cuomo, but rather from one of his lackeys. One more reason why anything “from Cuomo” falls automatically into my basket of “blah, blah, blah” gibberish.

  3. Seeing Democrats in action makes a sane person wonder why any person with an IQ over 75 continues to vote for that type of “leadership”

  4. Ms. Dean is absolutely correct, not only was his treatment of elderly patients irresposible, but his inability to admit any wrongdoing on his part is inexcusable.

    1. Especially when Cuomo issued an executive order to place wuflu patients in LTC facilities. Despite having the US Navy’s hospital ship, convention Center and Good Samaritan Hospital all with open beds. His ideology and hate for POTUS drove his irrational thinking. He would rather kill the elderly over allowing Trump to get credit for helping out. He also went ape over the lack of ventilators blaming Trump. When he had plenty of ventilators in a warehouse. A typical demonicRat places ideology over the needs of his people. What a sick bastard.

  5. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are criminals for what they have done to the State of New York and the once great New York City! The damage they have caused through sheer stupidity and incompetency is painfully apparent. Too bad that is not punishable

  6. He keeps winning because certain religious groups block vote… I have watched them come up from the city in caravans of buses and try and vote a second time at their vacation home residences…even though they literally just left the Poles in the city.

  7. Well, Governor Cuomo killed her parents. He does not have a leg to stand on!!! She should sue him and so should all of those other families of all of the other residents who was killed by Governor Cuomo while in the nursing home; thanks to his immature decision making. There is no reason Cuomo should not have to stand trial for these killings.

  8. What a jerk! Just another dem hypocrite. Didn’t he remove his parents from a long term care facility? Also, agree with Rich, how do these nuts keep getting elected?

  9. The elections are all fixed so Dems can win….and unfortunately, New Yorkers will be stuck with CUOMO forever because no one else wants him…including Biden…

  10. All it took was for the socialist president to win by cheating and his people are getting more and more brazen and rude.

  11. Cuomo, Deblasio, Shumer and AOC…….NY…FYI…..Keep voting these slugs into office and your city will soon look like a ghost town because everybody moved out.

  12. Trump did NOT encourage lawlessness or the breaking into the Capitol… Why all the lies about what he does or doesn’t do??

  13. All the CCP virus regulations were designed to steal the e- lection.
    This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both.
    Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.

  14. Cuomo is a poor excuse for a human being. He cares less about the people of NY. All he cares about is spilling lies, ruining peoples livleyhood and all for the dam publicity. Why anyone on the face of this earth thought he should be honored for Covid is out of their mind. He and only he should be held liable for the murders of thousands of elderly who died because of his incompetence and plain down and right ignorance. He is the most disgusting, arrogant, rude, obnoxious, narcissist out there. He has totally destroyed NY and the people in it. He is evil to the core. He should burn in hell.

  15. Cuomo had to get rid of the ones already on Medicare/Medicaid to make room for the illegals to receive the benefits

  16. Back in the good old days cuomo would have been nothing but a dago punk slave for the mafia
    Today he is nothing but a deplorable punk democrat bastard

    1. Agreed…Cuomo is a garbage human being who needs to be physically, and very painfully, made to swallow every tooth he has in his ugly liberal ace…him and his brother both are as worthless as they are useless.

  17. Please, the death of old people is not an unspeakable tragedy. It happens a lot every day. It’s in the natural order of things. Andrew Cuomo however is not.

  18. They are all commiedemorats and they may have cheated their way in there too. I figure they are all connected to the mob. Looked to me by putting sick people in nursing homes was planed to help clean out the old people in the area. Nothing surprises me any more with the east and west coast of this country.

  19. I’ve never understood the Jewish community that voted Democrat. That vote alone could swing the election to Republicans in new York

  20. janice dean has every right to be angry by losing her loved ones over a demand that cuomo put these people at risk when he had ample facilities to handle them. he is a killer and i hope that this woman can carry out punishment for him. he played GOD and now it is going to bite him.good luck janice. i hope you much success for future patients in like situations.

  21. Cuomo and his “weight head” brother need to shut their mouths! They are both hypocrites not worthy to even address the American people.

  22. Last time politicians were blaming President Clinton, terrorist entered into the country and destroyed the country this time politicians accused president Trump,Chinese dragon is killing our people in U S A .please stop blaming each other and kneel down and pray God for his mercy up on our people and ask forgiveness of his forgiveness. God bless U S .

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