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“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade opened the longtime unswervingly pro-Trump show with a direct repudiation of President Trump. 

Kilmeade’s criticism comes after yesterday’s insurrection by Trump supporters at the Capitol. One woman, Ashli Babbitt, died after being shot in the neck. Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department acting Chief Robert J. Contee III said three other people perished from “separate medical emergencies” and 14 police officers were wounded.

Per Mediaite:

Brian Kilmeade did not mince words when he flatly told viewers, “Let’s be honest,” Kilmeade opened. “Since November 3rd, or when we got the verdict by November 5th, the president’s behavior has been terrible.”

The Fox & Friends co-host then curiously spoke in terms of how Trump’s behavior hurt the GOP. “It has cost him two senates Seats, that we know that for sure; It cost him his party the majority in the senate; we know that for certain.”

“We can also say this about the president of the United States: He obviously believes with every fiber of his being that he won this election. The problem is his legal team hasn’t had any success at all proving that, which is why Richard Nixon of the 1960s folded his tent, why Al Gore made a speech and said ‘even though I think I won, it’s time for a peaceful transition of power.’”

“The president didn’t do that,” Kilmeade continued. “Instead, at 12:00, supposed to speak at 11. He gives his speech, at which time he said, let’s March over there at 1:30. Now it’s true; his people do not have a track record of violence, absolutely true. Well, that track record broke. And even if it was infiltrated by people who don’t like him, it doesn’t matter. When you send 50, 60, 70, 80,000 people to the Capitol, which is guarded by a handful of cops and 150 national guards, Guess what? They are going to get in.”


  1. Kilmeade you haven’t seen anything yet. Did you really think the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks were going toget away with that theyhave done forthe last 4years and not pay a price. Get out of the country a hole.

  2. Another liberal doof more reason not to watch fox fake news. Guess Brian wouldn’t protest a cheater in his teams soccer game.

    1. Brian has denounced trump for sometime . I’m truly sad to see the turn of events. Wait until the democrat group gets going! Love the criticism for the ” peaceful demo by trumps supporters” by the sacred media and rhino’s but when the protesters were burning, killing, defunding the police nothing was said. what a day!!

  3. Extend all sympathies to the family & friends of the military veteran who was shot by the police. Apparently from video, she was not doing anything provocative at the time. No more details available yet. Other video shows known/recognized from facial recognition images that Antifa disguised, were the ones with the violence. No surprises there.

      1. Please stop it. She didn’t give her life for her Country. That’s an insult to the Military that did give their life for their Country on the battlefield. She was someplace she shouldn’t have been. I’m all for the protests but once you break into and push your way past Cops and barricades you become like Antifa and BLM.
        I voted for Trump. What she and all the people who broke into the Capital Building did has hurt Trump big time. It’s hurt We the People big time. They are using the Protests as an excuse to censor our speech, shutdown conservative platforms. This is just the beginning.

    1. All this is terrorable. Cheating in a national election started the whole thing. News media never telling the truth also for 6 years. Corrupt Nancy and Chuck is honorable. And you don’t know why Mr. Trump is upset? He has worked overtime for 5 years and gave his salary to needy causes. Built the best economy twice. And at every turn he has been shit upon my everyone except foreign nations where he deserves a Nobel Peace Prise. Every media outlet should burn down. Lots of supporters did great things , marred by a few imposters that screwed everything up.

  4. I wonder if the Capital Cop who shot and murdered the 14 year Airforce Female Veteran during the protest is going to be charged…….or is it ONLY white Cops that shoot Black felons resisting arrest that get charged with Murder????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Fox News and all of you are dead to me. Kilmeade, you are an opportunist who loved getting those interviews with President Trump and he trusted you, now a turn coat…Listening to your useless chatter makes me want to throw up. Shawn and Mark should leave Fox and move to OAN or Newsmax the future that will be bigger than Fox, 75 million bigger, stronger for conservative news.

  6. 1) obviously has not read a single report.
    2) If there was -0- fraud, then whats the problem with a mandatory 10 audit of the ballots? (not a re-count. An audit. BIG difference)
    3) Just following orders from Soros. (STFU, get on board and buckle up)

  7. I’m a Trump supporter and I totally agree with Kilmeade….once SCOTUS refused the case…it was over…Trump should have left gracefully with a speech stating “we’ll never know if Joe Biden’s Presidency is legitimate” (which half of America believes it isn’t). Trump did grievous damage to his legacy…and shame on his son’s for not intervening in his foolishness….I want Trumpism without Trump in the future….he doesn’t have the temperament to be President..
    PS: The GOP has shown their FECKLESSNESS by refusing to support an investigation of Biden’s obvious CORRUPTION….they are either very weak or very corrupt themselves….I believe Tony Bobulinski….

    1. No…you sir are NOT a Trump supporter…you are one who doesn’t understand the man who is not a politician but an American who loves this country and is willing to fight…against all odds to the bitter end…for it…and us. He is not in it to make millions or a political career….he was in it to “Make America Great Again”….and he was on his way in doing so but unfortunately the swamp is deep and too corrupt…and when the going gets rough….so called “supporters”… like you…quickly throw in the towel….no sir…I repeat….you are NOT a Trump supporter so don’t insult the rest of us by making such a false statement.

      1. I went to a Trump rally in Montour Falls, Pa. I donated money to him several times….all Trump had to say yesterday was ” We will now march to Congress and PEACEFULLY protest this stealing of your vote…NO VIOLENCE…because we are better than that”….instead he once again gave our enemies AMMUNITION…and his turning on Mike Pence is disgraceful…..The GOP’s refusal to push for a ‘Special Counsel’ to investigate Biden’s obvious CORRUPTION shows they are just as bad as the DemoRats…Trump had the ability to fight the SWAMP after leaving office but he foolishly squandered that potential…sadly..

  8. Go too hell!! Fox News sucks now and so do you. You and Chris Wallace suck and it’s bad to be put in the same company as Chris Wallace. Here I come Newsmax.

    1. On DirecTV, OAN is channel 347 and Newsmax is 349. Easy switch back and forth. FOX is partially-owned by George Soros. Tucker Carlson can’t hide his dislike for the greatest President in American history, Donald Trump.

  9. I agree FOX has lost its way, and I guess that only leaves NewsMax TV standing, and most of Talk Radio. I condemn the violence at the Capital, but Pete Hegseth said it right: peaceful protesting works as long as you are confident you have your vote to try to change things. When we no longer have our voice in votes, which is now the case (GA had the same fraud problems as in Nov – dead people voting for Dems, Repubs leading until the 5-hour break, then magically, Dems lead), what is left for those with no voice, but to fight? I think Trumpsters have caught most Repubs and Dems in bed together. How many of the 74m disenfranchised voters are ready for Trump to lead a new Party with a slew of fresh candidates into 2022 and 2024? How about The American Constitution Party (ACP)?

    1. We need a new party of we need for Conservative State to succeed from the Union and form our own free Country. The United States of Patriots.

  10. This is 100% deceit from Kilmeade. We have the actual photo profile of one of the crisis actors, who was at a blm riot, as well as video of the cops purposely opening the gate. Fox has banned Rudy, worships Brazile, then claims hundreds of affidavits from Rudy are not evidence. He knows SCOTUS & Congress were both threatened and some bribed, which is why they flipped votes yesterday. Scared cowards. Even Cruz folded. 14th Amendment, Fox. Mark my words.

  11. Trump will go down in history as the last POTUS elected by the people. Repubs have seen their last days of control of their congress. Repubs are totally done.

  12. This is not the America I know and love. Not one time did Biden nor Harris ask for civil peace and for the looting to stop post George Floyd. In fact, they bailed rioters out of jail. Anybody who believes a 47 year corrupt politician with dementia secured 80M votes is just as delusional as creepy Joe. Had the Dem’s fought for an honest recount of the 11/3 votes we would not be here. Instead, they fought tooth and nail to suppress evidence in every courtroom where votes were challenged. How sad for American’s, regardless of party affiliation.

    1. Biden is totally corrupt and corruption runs rampant in the democrat party. He and Harris plus the deep state mob are about to destroy the greatest nation in the history of the world unless the real Americans stop them. On guard , Patriots !

  13. Brian Kilmeade, you are proving that you are totally biased against President Trump and that you swallow whatever leftist lie you can find. Our president did not lose the election, but the corrupt courts refused to hear the evidence. It was not the Trump supporters who violent at the rally. Antifa and BLM were there and wearing MAGA gear, to frame true patriots. If you would pull your head out of your anus and watch the videos of what happened, you would see the cops opening the gates for the actual thugs and then you would also see a cop inside the building practically giving them a tour. This was all staged to give the RINO’s cover for certifying the fraudulent election results!

  14. I put Kilimead right along beside Cuomo, Tapper Rivera , The queer lemon And Pelosis Kilimead is really a diehard Racist and Democrat . our Country is in the Dumper now !!
    My prayers will be Kilimead gets his Sorry ass fired

  15. you people sound like the ones that stormed the Capitol.
    You are not Patriots.
    Brian is right. Trump could not get out of his own way. HE WAS HIS BIGGEST PROBLEM.
    Terrible messaging. We got hustled by the Democrats, suck it up, we lost fair or not, we lost.
    Don’t try to overturn the election, fix the problems so it doesn’t happen again.

    1. The media needs to be DESTROYED. Bring back HUAC and start putting these Marxist professors in the university system on trial for sedition and treason.

  16. Guess you are worried about your job and pleasing Murdock’s daughter ‘s in law. Another spineless creature is what you are. Make sure you have your friend Chris Wallace have his liberal say, as you always do.

  17. We are now living in a high tech banana republic, a colony of China. America died on November 3, 2020. That is what you should worry about.

  18. Was done with Fox News when they declared Arizona went for Biden. All the people that have told us for years that Clintons were going to Gitmo, Comey, Struck, Page McCabe, & Bidens crime family nothing ever happens. Unreal. If I did anything wrong I would go to prison. Antifa were the violent actors @ The Capitol yesterday. Do your research! Agree all Fox News is another arm for the Marxist/ communist government we will be subjected to.

    1. Before the happening at the Capitol yesterday I had already said that I thought the people would rise up. My friends commented that they think we are headed for civil war. Never in my lifetime have I lived through such inequities. No consequences for all the destruction by the left all summer long. Noticed for a while how Fox News has changed and become more liberal. Brian, you and your friend Chris Wallace should be fired and move on. Was a very long time viewer of Fox but am moving on to NewsMax. Horrified at the communist direction my beloved America is moving. Feel so sorry for my children and grandchildren that they will not realize the freedoms that I enjoyed in my day. I truly believe that we have lost our two part system forever. Hope I’m wrong.

  19. What a disappointment to hear Brian speak the words he did. I would never want someone like him on my team. All of a sudden they care about protests. The violence and protests that have gone on for 4 years from the Democrats (not just libs) has gone on with no reaction like this from the media or the republicans or democrats.

  20. Good bye Kilmeade, Fox News and the Republican Party. It’s funny how we are so bad but all the other protests were fine. Lockdown and National Guard for Trump’s supporters but no lockdown for all the other ‘peaceful’ protests. I’m tired of them jumping ship as soon as things start looking better for the other team. I guess they have to now have to kiss up to the Democrats because they are the only ones who will listen to them from now on. Good luck with that and I look forward to them turning on you.

  21. You are as dumb as cnn. The people are tired of not being heard, seems trump is the only one who gets it, if we believe there was fraud, why wouldn’t the people we elected want to show us the truth by full disclosure. Ted Cruz was right on the money. You have lowered yourself to play the blame game. Fox is becoming hust like the rest of the news media. Won’t watch this idiot again.

    1. How many times have we tried to contact our elected and never got a call back or the opportunity to actually be heard? Some intern/trainee says they will pass your thoughts on to__________. Guess we showed up in person yesterday due to no call back !

  22. Brian Kilmeade you are a turncoat and a hypocrite!! You are a party of why I do not watch FOX anymore. Whwn will you admit to being a democrat?!!!

  23. No need to watch foxnews, their company owners are part of the 99% stalinist and Maoist copied static propaganda news outlets. A great evil watches over us, an evil cancer that is our federal government, never has the chambers decided not the people, that one party leaders decides who is president , then force this upon our nation. Eventually and peacefully we will rise up, and take back the basic freedom taken from us, the privileged right to free and fair elections and swiftly punish those whom ended it in 2020. The rerun senate race in Georgia is prime example the dominion voting machines in three GOP dominant districts broke down at 9 am, voters were told by the same people who counted ballots in November, give us the ballot we will enter it later. Look free elections are gone forever. (This standing congress made illegal elections a norm by refusing to investigate the Fraud.) The majority of Congress is pure evil that us a fact, no one questions that, they do not represent the people anymore. Most Federal departments do not serve the people they too serve the Democratic Party leaders.we have communist style rigged elections, propaganda one party news, and a Congress that endorses rigged elections by refusing to investigate ones that the majority believe were fixed since numbers given are humanely impossible. Courts never heard a case they reject a hearing, our corrupt federal agencies refused with congress to investigate, however media twisted these facts. The evidence of crimes of the Biden f@mily where ignored and not reported. Now roll over while they shove this rigged election up your asses.

  24. None of you seem to get it . You take NO responsibility for what happened . The American Politicians have help destroy America . Some People will NOT sit back and allow you to destroy what so many have fought and died for .

  25. Getting in was a GOOD THING clown ….It is way, way, way past time to say enough is enough.
    Everyone acting like the “We the People” who built this country are supposed to sit by and watch the free loading, morally bankrupt leftists and their enabling rinos destroy the country are devoid of any historical education.
    THIS IS THE beginning….we should have done more and sooner. The left has been threatening Trump supporters for years and we have one thing to say …..”BRING IT”.

  26. Kilmeade, you & 90% of Fox have turned so Far Left, posting your erroneous personal hate for our President is another reason FOX IS FINISHED!!

  27. it is ok when every day citizens are scared to death ,business burned but woe is me the poor senators and congressmen , they must be gods or sometjhing. we cant have that

  28. Wow, Kilmeade IS worthless, after all. These cretinous imbeciles don’t understand Antifa AT ALL, do they, boys and girls?

  29. Kilmeade, you sir are an idiot. Let’s get one thing straight, this election was stolen plain and simple. If you had experienced what President Trump did the past 4 years by the highly crooked left and RINO’s with BS lies and accusations and still survived muster then to have your election which was fraught with lies, deception and theft, tell me honestly, just how would you feel? Like maybe having a knife stuck in your heart by a country you loved so much, one you tried everything in your power to better for the people that are citizens? Only to lose it to the corrupt powers that be who do not care about you or me or any or us but how best they can line their own pockets? There is a special place for every single one of those that had their fingers in the pot and judgement day will come sooner if not later. God Bless you Mr. President, we are all still here.

  30. Kilmead is not a star he is a political hack spewing the liberal lies on everything he talks about. I first heard him about a year ago on a local station at the time I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even before I could finish the show he proved his left-wing bias. All he is is just another talking head for those who would destroy America.

  31. I wonder what you “blivets ” will do to attempt to be relevant with the Biden /Harris socialist agenda .I don’t think you will have any of the ‘SHEEP ‘ that allowed you to operate in the partisan manner since 2016 to give you any trouble .They are still waiting for “someone ” to come save their A$$ .>>

  32. Just lost me as a fan. People forget all the President has done. Anyone can
    be bought, this proves it. I will no longer watch Fox.

  33. What happened in Washington, D.C. yesterday shouldn’t have come as a surprise to almost anyone with half a brain. When the corruption that has existed within our Government, be it Federal, down to the local “Dog Catcher” in our home town is permitted to exist for not years, but decades, the end results is a “Citizenry” enraged. Yesterday was the result of a Government that FAILED the people that elected them, not the other way around. When outright criminal behavior by those that are there to protect the people they are pledged to protect is allowed to go unpunished. When it seems as though a 2 tiered justice system exists, one for those with the right connections, and one for the rest of us, then end result is what occurred yesterday. In the “Investigations” that are bound to follow I’m sure both sides will point the finger of guilt at each other. they should instead look in the mirror when they accuse. The “Pandora’s Box” has been opened, but there’s still some time to close it before thing get completely out of control. Yesterdays display of the People’s anger was a small version of “The Storming of the Bastille” and not the claiming of independence from a corrupt English King. The Idiots in charge should consider their next moves using the brain that God gave them. This for the good of ALL.


  35. Ashli Babbitt “was shot and killed by the DC police”, they claimed that was her even when that name doesn’t exist and her “husband” hasn’t even seen her body, Antifa members were let inside the Capitol many wearing distinct outfits that they also wear during Antifa marches they all mostly actors and felons, so the whole thing is a full show again.

  36. I quit watching fox except at night with Tucker, Hannity and Laura. They are getting as bad a CNN,No wonder they have lost a lot of their viewers, and will continue to do so, because of people like Brian.Some of those people that broke in to the Capitol were not Trump supporters. Trump had nothing to do with that!! Everything is blamed on him!!The election was stolen from Trump. Millions of Americans believe that. There are mountains of evidence out there. There is also a film in Georgia of 12 hours of people that had signed affidavits that were telling of the corruption. The video showed the corruption being done when they ran the Republicans out then started their dirty work. I dont blame Trump for wanting to get to the bottom of it. They should not be allowed to get by with this theft, but people just want to act like it didn’t happen. That is bull crap!! Why wont they let the machines be examined, or anyone allowed to investigate? Its not right what happening in this country. I know if this was happened to the Democrats the FBI and everyone else would be all over it. There is a big cover up here and lot of corruption has taken place and people seem to just turn their heads or think its ok. The Republicans are not treated fairly and neither has President Trump. Its a shame too for as much as he has done for this country and gets no appreciation.

  37. To Brian Kilmede- When your rateinings hit rock bottom, you los your star status. I have watched you for over 15 years. I quit warching you when you turned on Trump. I am ashamed of you.

  38. Fox and Friends were one of the morning shows I watched on FOX. Now I quit watching it also. Fox has become CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc. etc. etc. There are only a couple of night shows I watch now, pretty soon it will be none!

  39. Brian Kilmeade, President Trump and his supporters do not need fair weather “friends” like you and Geraldo, and a few other of you fox news people!!! When you stick with someone, you go with them through thick and think, and not be so wishy washy about your “friendship”!!! With friends like you, the President certainly does not need any enemies!!! You, and people like you are enemy enough!!! Thanks for nothing. This President has gone through so much harassment and bullying from people like you, on a daily basis, even a moment by moment basis, what more do you want to do to him and from him??? Be ashamed of yourselves, please.

  40. OK Kilmeade. Enough is ENOUGH!!! You and fox News and all these politicians in Washington forgot that this is a government of the people, for the people and by the people and you all have lost a tremendous amount of respect. There’s about 99 percent of the 73 million who voted for Pres. Trump who want this election investigated. So it’s time for everybody to get off their butts and start doing what the people want, not what you all want. That includes the Supreme Court. That means the election is investigated from top to bottom and the people responsible for voter fraud needs to be charged and prosecuted with whatever laws they have violated. To certify a guy who can’t put four words together as president of the United States and expect him to stand tough to our nation’s adversaries is a joke and makes our nation look like a bunch of idiots. These people need to get our nation in order before God steps in and says enough is enough. What He can do you won’t like.

  41. The one last person I would have thought would do this. Steve Doocy is getting really bad, but I really thought Brian had a brain. Fox is going down the tubes fast.

  42. Sean and Tucker and Levin Judge J are the only ones I watch–I used to keep it (Fox station) on all day but since the majority of the programing is gone left-they lost me. I watch NewsMax now–they will take over first place in conservative news quickly.

  43. I sat all summer watching BLM and antifa burnbuildings,churches,write on rd in NY city by mayor.I saw Stacy Abrams laughing at deal she made about signature matching in Georgia.I saw big tech,newspapers,foreign influence in election why don’t we have Durham report yet,Biden brought up taking money from Ukraine,China,Russia Joe Biden hid in his basement not taking questions on what his son did (why not )Socialism kills economies,taxes raise,Factories will leave USA,borders are opening soon COVID-19 infected but president.Biden says Tare done the wall free education,health for illegals.I wish we could do this but we are 27 trillion in debt I am sad today for what happened but all summer I’m sad

    1. I tried but I have witnessed one of our parties bent on taking this country straight to hell and I think I am done caring. It’s really bad for your health.

  44. What everyone seems to be forgetting to ask is, “Who Benefits?” Look what this so-called riot did: it stopped nearly all the debate and the presentation of evidence about the fraud in the election and made many of Trump’s allies abandon him.

    This would seem to make it logical to suspect is was not Trump supporters who actually did the damage.


  46. The President tried to get the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts to settle the illegal vote practices and ballot stuffing that he had absolute proof. He went to Mitch O’Connell in the Senate — every process was slammed shut for unknown reasons. The peaceful demonstrators were not responsible for the White House police willingly letting in Antifa to riot and create the destructive problems that occurred. Trump was set up again.

  47. How do you know if they were trump supporters , could have been Antifa!!!!! taking advantage of the situation, good bye Fox no more watching fox 👎

  48. Looks like Kilmeade wants his job at Fox. Sucking up to Ryan on the board and the Murdock kids and wives.

  49. Why aren’t you people that are so eager to keep knocking President Trump down and supporters about the storm on the Capital knocking ANTIFA and others down? They were there because people that were there saw them. Believe me it was horrible what happened at the Capital but it wasn’t the Presidents fault. He can lead a horse to the trough but you can’t make him drink. Some of these that did all the damage etc. were thugs and I hope all that crossed the line are held accountable.. This was a planned out deal to help make Trump look bad and the no good media was jumping all over it. If something isn’t done to start making journalist do their real job instead of lying and adding fire to the fuel, this country will never heal. I’m sure since Biden will be in they will handle him and Harris like new born babies and kiss their butts. Shame on them. What has happened to the patriotism in this country? Do you people want to be like China? You will wish to God you took up for President Trump for what is coming. The President loves this country and its people . Will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ? We will see!

  50. I have been done with FOX news since 2014, when they became an annex of CNN (Crappy New Network} ! I cannot imagine that anyone who so called legally voted for Biden, really understand what in hell they are voting for. That’s because they are not Americans, don’t pay taxes, are not citizen’s are are on the dole ! I can only hope you people wake the hell up.

  51. Kilmead, you are nothing but another loud mouthed ahold! All of a sudden all of these morons who were supposed to be Trump supporters want to jump ship. You fricken pricks, we true Patriots don’t need you anyway. For me and my house Trump will always be our President.

  52. At one time Kilmeade seemed like he had good sense; but, at some point he jumped that ship and joined the Obama/George Soros anti American crowd. Not sure why he has gone off the rails other than maybe he is sucking up to Paul Ryan. Bad news for him and Fox!

  53. Kilmeade is the reason I no longer watch Fox and Friends. I started to see the change in him and it has gotten way out of hand! I no longer watch in day programs on Fox. Down to a couple at night on week nights an d a couple on weekends. Other than that I am through with Fox!

  54. Maybe your comments are why you are losing thousands of Twitter followers. That and the fact that Conservatives want to be where Trump is and not with you. You have turned out to be a real disappointment. That’s why I said goodbye to FOX after years of tuning in on election night.

  55. Is it not amazing immediately after the Capital incident every news source claimed it was Trump supporters acting upon Trump’s orders to do so?
    I listened to his speech….I heard nothing that would encourage such behavior. There was no orders to insurrect at all.
    The media quickly reported it was Trump supporters that acted out per his speech. How could anybody know this as a fact so quickly?
    I suspect there were interlopers/ activists that were implanted to cause mayhem.
    They had ropes, Molotov cocktails and bombs that were found.
    Does that sound like the typical people found at a Trump rally? NO IT IS NOT!
    Why would they have ropes to enable to scale the capital? These were people with bad intent.They came prepared.
    It will be interesting to see who was arrested and their internet affiliations.
    To me it appears there were bad actors involved and some Trump supporters got sucked in thinking the were being patriots.
    Bottom line….False Flag operation to damage Trump via the Democrat Party propaganda machine…. the same violence as seen in Portland, Seattle, etc. All Democrat controlled cities and states that did nothing to quell the violence. DC did nothing to prevent the violence, either. DC is Democrat controlled.
    Do y’all see a pattern here?

  56. Kilmeade you’re such a suck up to the libs out there. If you want to be their buddy so badly, why don’t you just come out of the closet.

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