The big three television networks didn’t even bother to report the Russian origins probe’s latest developments on Tuesday night’s newscasts.

Their omission follows Attorney General Bill Barr’s appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham to keep investigating the origins of the special counsel investigation of President Trump during the next administration. The Mueller Probe produced no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Barr’s announcement to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees reaffirms that fighting over Trump-era investigations will continue and possibly intensify under a presumptive President Biden. Despite all of that, ABC, CBS, and NBC showed no interest in reporting the latest developments.

Fox News’ Brian Flood and Joseph A. Wulfsohn report:

In a scope order, obtained by Fox News, Barr stated Durham as special counsel “is authorized to investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III.”

Under U.S. code, the special counsel would produce a “confidential report” and is ordered to “submit to the Attorney General a final report, and such interim reports as he deems appropriate in a form that will permit public dissemination.”

Durham’s investigation has produced one criminal charge so far, against former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who was accused of altering an email related to the surveillance of a former Trump campaign aide. That prosecution, though, did not allege a broader conspiracy within the FBI, and the conduct it involved had largely been laid out in a Justice Department inspector general report from last December.

After the Clinesmith charge, Durham’s team went silent. Two sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News over the summer that Durham was not finished with several lines of investigation, which he believed were “critical.”

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      1. I have no confidence in Barr, the DOJ or the FBI. If they were going to do something, they have plenty of time to do it before the election and could have saved the Republic.

        1. This election fraud was known to be in planning and to be implemented for 2020 back before 2018. Trump issued National Emergency EO 13484 in Sep of 2018. In Sep of 2020 EO 13848 was extended for another year. Special forces Seizing the servers in Frankfurt was part of EO 13848. (CIA and FBI) were left out. Read the EO everything happening in the election fraud is covered in the EO. All of this has to go to the SCOTUS. EO 13484 allows seizure of all assets and funds of the Criminal Billionaires and or other entities identified as being behind the fraud. The malfactors have been self identifying – It is all still playing out.

        2. Good surprises coming Dont lose heart and avoid MSM. They re lying in their panic because they not only lost, but massive treason was committed.

    1. Maybe Not Many of the Corrupt DOJ and FBI, Low Life Corrupt Rhinos are left in Bill Bars DOJ
      I am so surprised that Republican Administration does NOT Clean Up of of the Trash left from the Previous Administration, in the Case BARAKATA HUSSEIN OBAMA & BIDEN Administration and the Democrat Party Does when Changing/Replacing Power. Are they suppose to be Smarter, or just Uncivilized as they are all the time for a Power Grab, and No responsibility, for Obvious & Intentional Failures. to exploit and Ignore the Constitution.

      1. Trump’s big failure was in not replacing the top four managers in each and every Government Agency. Need I name them all? The FCC issues license to operate, yet they allow bias to go un checked. Many are nothing more than Democratic propaganda machines defending them while attacking the GOP and all God fearing folks, and all Conservatives.

    2. I have not seen Bill Bar take any action against Any one , he has been a laughing mater for 4 years. He has made himself look so bad it’s not funny. he should hide his face in shame . collecting a pay check for not doing any thing , he fits right in with Obama & his scamming gang.

  1. If Biden ends up in the White House the investigation will go NOWHERE. Biden will order the investigation stopped right after he is inaugurated because HE IS PART OF THE CONSPIRACY!

    1. The appointment of Durham as special prosecutor will guarantee the investigation will continue and people will be charged and sent to prison. Without Durham being the special prosecutor nothing would have happened. I feel as you do, but having Barr make this move makes it a whole different ball game.

      1. Barr has definitely come under a threat, someone is threatening him to the point he would be silent or be killed. Big things are going to happen. The question is? Do we have enough prison cells ? Or should we just take them out to sea For a swim with the fishes ?

      2. Sorry but you’re hallucinating. No one will be charged or sent to prison. What we’re nw seeing is government of, by and for the government with the full cooperation and collusion of the ministries of truth (traditional and social media). There is no longer any way out of this nightmare with our nation or our unalienable rights intact.

        1. There is one way, but the question is, is there enough people that haven’t been indoctrinated into this new world order that are willing to do as the founders of this country did, pledge their lives and money and other resources to stop this take over of the U. S. ?

          1. Many $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONAIRES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ foolishly think they are invincible. But they are one heartbeat away from becoming a DEAD PAUPER! Their earthly money will be of no value! Hell awaits them if they do not REPENT!

        2. But the day is drawing closer when Gabriel will sound the mighty trump and Christ will descend leading his mighty army. And Michael will pursue then cowardly Lucifer until he catches him, binds him, then throw him into the bottomless Pitt and seals it for a thousand years. Christ will set up his Kingdom and rule with an iron hand, but a fair and honest hand. Then Satan will be loosen for a little while and still being corrupt will attempt to lead another revolt which will be quickly put down.

      3. The proof as they say, is in the pudding. I want to see tangible results like Hilary glaring out at us from behind iron bars.

    2. No, the evil Dems want Biden in to continue their lies and frame President Trump and his Associates like they did General Flynn!! They think they aren’t accountable to anyone, but God Loves America & Our President for draining the swamp and standing behind Israel! GOD WILL PREVAIL, TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED!!

      1. He will if the Supreme Court does it’s job. By the way Cruz is leading a valiant effort to help Trump rightfully retain his Presidency. Good job Sen. Cruz!

  2. We need term limits to get rid of all those deep state politicians on both sides of the aisle.
    They both have something on each other if one says he or she is going to come after you the other side says if I go down so do all of you.. Just a simple way to look at these politicians. We need to rid ourselves of life time idiots. One term for a senator of 6 years and 2 terms for the house of 4 years total should be way more than enough. This way men and women elected officials corruption is held to a minimum. No director of any government office should be able to stay in that job more than 4 years. I would also look into the Pentagon’s personel and military top dogs. Might be wise to put term limits on Pentagon positions. Corruption is and evil that exist in all fields if one is there to long and most of the problem is a thing called POWER and wanting to have say over every aspect of your life. Government was created to protect its people not take their freedoms and liberties away from them. When our elected officials take office they first take and Oath to uphold and defend the “CONSTITUTION of the USA and our BILL OF RIGHTS” as it was giving to us. Any one trying to change it should be removed from office, in fact anyone before running for office should have to take that oath to run for office and then giving again when they take office and if they fail to uphold that OATH OF OFFICE they are immediately removed from office to be replace by the State re election or appointed a new official by the governor of that State. Most our officials taking the oath is just lip service or a show piece and it means not one thing to them.

    1. Term Limits is Not a panacea that would solve current political problems.
      Far from it, term limits would put even more power in the hands of multi-billionaire power brokers.
      There are better solutions.
      One would be to force elected officials to do their jobs.
      The best way to achieve this would be to dis-allow office holders the ability to campaign for office from the time they take the oath of office until they leave.
      This would save billions of dollars.
      No travelling around the country or the world, stumping, crowing and making promises.
      This also would save billions of dollars.
      Just do your job and if you do an acceptable job you will be re-elected.
      Second repeal the seventeenth amendment which would ultimately result in the repeal of the sixteenth.
      This would prevent the waste of billions of dollars.
      If you do not understand these things, you have not really payed attention to history.

      1. Also, Them or any family member should not be allowed to financially benefit from a company that they dealt with while in office for a period of 25 years.

        I think that term limits could be helpful for any federal position. A total of 12 years for Pres, VP, Senate, and Congress and then go home. For instance, 2 terms as a senator, or 6 terms as a congressman, of 2 terms as pres or vp and then 2 terms as a congressman. Or only 4 years as a senator. Then 9 years for a supreme court justice.

        I agree on these people globe hoping. Keep their butts on the job. All trips should be paid out of their annual budget.

        I would like to also see congress and senator salaries paid by the states they represent. That hopefully would make them responsible to the state. I waffle a little here because they might become less independent.

        And I agree, restrict their campaigning while in office. They get enough time off with a pretty nice pay check.

        1. They take more breaks than anyone else in the country. No more lame duck times off. Stay in your office and get something done.

        2. And they should confiscate Piglosi’s ice cream until she votes for a stimulus relief package that makes sense. No ice cream for you miss piggy!

      2. This is the clearest/doable, common sense solution I have heard regarding “we need term limits” Term limits were and are never going to happen. However you sir have a great solution…best post of the month albeit a young one.

      3. If their 230 protection is taken away they can be sued. Also if the FCC whom issues license wanted to they could pull their license because they are biased and not living up to the terms of use issued to them.

    2. More importantly ! A mandate that eliminates the position of all elected officials found to be making deals with any organizations, foreign or domestic for personal profit. Using a political office to fill your pockets with tax payers dollars or to score favors with pharmaceutical companies and such for personal gain must be eliminated completely. Politicians absolutely must be American patriots through and through. Any indication otherwise is enough to be eliminated from office forever.

    1. Barr didn’t deny any knowledge. 🙄🙄

      He did however say that a lot of what people want to see upheld belong more in our civil courts than expecting the Fbi to deal with them all. He also noted these issues would continue to be investigated. Thus attempting to insure the Durham investigations continue and are less likely for Biden’s (OMG) DoJ to trash them.

  3. I’m truly surprised by this, especially in the light of Barr refusing to investigate the massive vote fraud in the election.

      1. Biden might be in the investigation by Barr. Who knows. Trump has already been proven innocent. sneaky snake Barr maybe.

  4. Could biden be charged before he took the oath? Would/could he be charged after he took the oath?

    I pray the answer is YES to all.

  5. Well, Mr. Durham, there were a lot more criminals and criminal activity than Mr. Klinesmsith involved in this probe. They must be brought to justice and held accountable for their crimes.


  7. So once again the MSM treats their viewers/readers like mushrooms — keep them in the dark and feed them manure!

  8. What caused the looooong delay? Bout time. There should be expediency in anything and everything associated with the election process, particularly, with the fraud related charges.

  9. The only reason AG Barr appointed Durham as a special prosecutor is simply to protect Durham. As such, the Democrats can’t fire, demote, or move Durham without Congressional blessings. It’s actually a smart move but, one that I fear, won’t do much more. I would be very surprised if anything came out of it, just as in the past 4 months…..

  10. I’m now convinced, more than ever that the head creature in the swamp is Obama with his right hand aid Hillary and Biden and Camila as puppets along with Shumer and other low life congressional members gop and dem. Only thing to stop the defeat of our nations now is an uprising by real Americans all over the USA. It took spilled blood by patriots to win our freedoms and looks like it may take it again to defend our freedoms and nation. Also convinced FOX news is in on destroying our liberty and freedoms. Supposedly guardians of our freedom are mere puppets too.

  11. dr 08nov20

  12. 10Nov20
    There is no two ways aboutDominion Voting Machinesthat democrats applied to strategic counties to overturn election results in favor of Joe Biden. These machines were placed well in advance by professionals operating the machines to select voting for a specific person of their choice namely JBiden as opposed to DJTrump. Wherever these machines were hooked too, to manipulate exclusive results for a candidate, is fraudulent, with intention to hurt the other party, in doing so, has determined these facts, then fresh elections to be recalled by the FEC to fix a date where both parties observe recounting and transparency. Dominion Voting machines are manipulative and can be fixed. With this in view, consider Joe Bidan an illigitmate P-elect as being fully aware of this fraudulent act. This case should now rest with the nationsSupreme Court to null-n-void the Nov03 electionsas being disqualified and manipulative.

  13. This 2020 Election has been a real joke, so much fraud how much of the tax payers money went on paying all these liars, cheaters, etc? they need to have all poll workers sign affidavids of honesty. liability if caught fraud jail time . They need to have driver of ballots with the same . how sad the Democrats have gone this far, a scandalous party . now I know they are corrupt because of what they did to me, but going this far. putrid, nasty , unconstitutional. all American judges should be crawling in their cloaks & skins with this stuff !!! This is not at all cute, funny, or allowable ever.

    1. This election was a copy of the past election in California the outcome is always declared before all the votes our counted and know one is contesting it we need what the demos do national protest. This will give the true voters count.

  14. This crap has been going on for 4 years. It’s quite clear who is guilty and who is innocent. All the guilt comes from the Democrats. Obama, the FBI, John Brennan,the DOJ, and on and on. Barr is a Bush man. The Bushes are as corrupt as any deep stater can be going way back. All evidence is against the democrats. Trump was impeached for a made up quid pro quo with the Ukraine. Shiff remember that idiot. Joe Biden brags of his quid pro quo on camera and no investigation. The Bublinski confession of Hunter and Joe’s corruption and no investigation. Obama set Flynn up and no charges. Fox rode the coat tails of all of this BS for 4 years and now it’s like none of this ever happened. The election was stolen and everybody knows it. But now we have a lifetime crooked politician elected as President and all media is ok with it. Trump worked for America and Americans, but we would rather settle for corruption and the destruction of America from the inside

  15. If they found nothing it was because they were looking for nothing. Meaning they were just going through their motions, killing time until the incident becomes history and those involved or already in their graves, thus, no use having in further investigations. Incompetent or crooked. You be the judge!

  16. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information going on, when just about a week ago Barr said the investigation with Durham had finished and nothing to report, that had not already been reported. Now the next administration has every right to fire a Special prosecutor, just no one but Barr can under the Trump Administration.

  17. Dont forget the Kraken 🙂 President Trump will start a fresh FBI with General Michael Flynn, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. You do the crime, you will do the time!! And Gina Haspel of the CIA is corrupt too. Good bye Clean up of all Government Agencies on the cards

  18. The long time older than trash Congress House and Senate Reps & Senators need to be ousted! Term limits are necessary right now!! These old farts are not doing a damn thing for the citizens but for themselves and the new members who are more socialist than some communists! These old guys were raised when I was and the change in their agendas are plain stupid!! Even the so called Catholics and good Christians approve of things not taught to them by our Lord Jesus Christ but the Devil himself! And their current lies, theft, racist, anti American and treasonous actions in the last 12 years have been easily exposed by the 2019-2020 election process! Term limits, arrests of these criminals and real transparency is not a suggestion but a necessity!

    1. Pray
    2. Obey II Chronicles 7:14
    3. Pray again. Harder.

    IF God does not intervene, our nation is lost. I believe a revolution is possible as many millions are convinced that a wide spread conspiracy is underway. But will it save the nation? Only God’s intervention will make it so. There are simply too many corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats who are working together and covering form each other. PROOF??? Hillary is not in jail. Sessions did not do anything. Barr has not done much. And Roberts has turned traitor.

  19. The way I see it unless Barr has a written confession of guilt he will never indict anyone. He has all the evidence he needs and still is afraid to make a move. All he is doing now is bidding his time until the election is over. He is to afraid if Biden wins he doesn’t want to be on the wrong side and if Trump wins than he still has nothing to worry about. The D.O.J. and F.B.I. should be scrapped. They ae truly worthless and a waste of good tax dollars. Their the ones who can be defunded

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