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Occasional Fox News co-host Kennedy is getting her show back on Fox Business.

“Kennedy” will relaunch on FNC’s sister network in the coveted 8:00 p.m. time slot. Executives canned Kennedy’s show seven months ago along with Trish Reagan’s program. Reagan’s dismissal followed a baseless on-air claim that the coronavirus amounted to a conspiracy to destroy President Trump’s re-election chances.

The Washington Examiner further reports on Fox Business’ primetime changes:

“Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours,” the network said in a March statement. “FOX Business will run long form programming in primetime for the foreseeable future.”

Kennedy tweeted on Thursday, “Listen up freedomaniacs, liberty lovers, politicos and misfits of every stripe: I’M BACK, B*****S!!!”

While her show was in limbo, Kennedy occasionally co-hosted “Outnumbered” and “The Five.”

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      1. Kennedy is funny, but Trish Regan is great.
        Why is Fox acting like the liberal left? That’s not why people started watching Fox. It may be time for a true conservative network.

        1. Fox needs to lighten up. A CNN lawyer can jerk off on the air and only get suspended but FOX fires those that don’t toe the line no matter how popular they are.

        2. Trish Reagan’s program was cancelled because a faction at FOX NEWS knew that she was right about the LEFTS, more like Pelosi, Schumer Obama and others, used and are still using as of this moment the Coronavirus as the only tool left in their bag to try and take down Trump. After a corrupt Vice President and now Presidential nominee cannot figure out which planet he on and getting blitz in every debate despite the three hardcore liberal moderators who constantly interrupted and became debaters against or just shut down President Trump. Politics has always been a corrupt business and everyone who pays attention knows it, yet these corrupt politicians elected by the people, most uninformed, to SERVE THE PEOPLE not special interest don’t give a a hoot about the people they represent. That in itself is criminal and they have turned Washington into a money making machine for those in office. those corrupt to the core and the very few who are not get pushed aside by the likes of the Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, the mightier than thou who are members off the Committees of the Judiciary and Intelligence who are the most corrupt and they brag about it. If it was up to the patriots these pundits would be horizontal.

        3. I have become disenchanted with Fox over this election mess so I turned the channel and AON and NewMax … bye bye Fox News!!

      2. Trish needs to come back. Am Glad Kennedy is back and hope she hasn’t made any consessions to come back.

    1. YES. YES. YES.. She was great and it is time to get her back on. AND BRING BACK ED HENRY. HE GOT A BAD DEAL ALSO. TIME TO FIRE SOME OF THE FOX MANAGERS.

      1. Why is FOX News hiring liberals? And moving some of their best commentators and hosts, either completely off air or to late late night guests! Higher ratings translate into higher revenue which results in increased pay! Obviously FOX management doesn’t have enough college graduates that were business majors! Whatever happened to their slogan “Balanced & Fair”???

        1. Chris Wallace might be the best journalist that Fox News has and everybody thinks he’s a star but he has moved from the center right to center left he is definitely no longer balanced listen to him daily it’s blatantly left Fast Eddie

          1. Are you kidding???? Best Journalists????? He is a left wing liberal. I stopped watching him last year. He always has a gotcha question for Republicans and “What color ties do you like for Libs”. He is a complete Ass Hole as his name shows. Wallass. He should go to cnn and let some one who is not bias do Fox News Sunday. I think Jesse Waters would do a tremendous job interviewing his guests and would not be so harsh on the Libs.

          2. WPBFL … an astute observation and you are 100% correct on that. Wallace has long pretended he was not a liberal, but he is letting down that mask of late. He is reading the tea leaves; noting the family that owns fox are LIBERALS … Wallace is doing what Kamala Harris did after calling Bidden a racist in debates, and now she professes he is best thing since sliced bread. She knows where hers is buttered; and so too for Mike Wallace. Some will sell their sole to get ahead.

          3. Clarification: 100% correct on the liberal leaning of Wallace; I did not mean I agreed as the best journalist” on Fox characterization (since he is a fake). Best journalists on Fox would, in my opinion, be Trucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, since Bill Oreilly left.

          4. Wallace has always been a never Trumper and it really showed in the debates.I’ve never watched him, wonder what is ratings are. I think the democrats are slowly taking over FOX. Sad

    2. I miss Trish Reagan as well. I stoped watching fox news. I will start again the Trish comes back. Baroness Danuté

  1. Trish Reagan should be brought back! Many times people express themselves because it is related to what they DO and Economic policies, NOT just their opinion or have a thought about what could be happening! Many times there is not an obvious reason for what is going on. Bring her back too!

  2. Welcome back, Kennedy! I can’t believe she was canned for saying “the coronavirus amounted to a conspiracy to destroy President Trump’s re-election chances.” It’s her opinion! (and mine, by the way) Isn’t she entitled to freedom of speech? Good grief!

  3. Trish and Kennedy should be back on primetime. This old Democrat switched to a Trump supporter in large part due to their thoughtful insights and wickedly truthful commentary on facts and truth!

  4. Everything was fine except the “B*****S” word. If you CARE about saving our country from socialism, ( I LIVED in a socialist country and am doing EVERYthing possible to prevent the U.S. from turning into a more socialist country !!! ) then study the “Trending”, “Latest videos”, and “Top videos” sections of .
    If you WANT this country to turn socialist, then PLEASE MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY !!!

  5. Kennedy is a horrid liberal and she should never have been taken to FOX Business. Fox News should also get rid of Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, and ship them all to MSNBC or CNN. What is wrong with FOX?

      1. Fox news “fair and balance” means they have to have different opinions and discussions. If it goes one way it is not fair and balanced. That being said fox has been going more left on opinions , what’s good is I don’t have to change channel as much to see the Dems perspective, MSN, CNN, Etc., Juan shows the justification of the lefts thinking and spin , as distorted as it is. TRUMP 2020

  6. Bring back Trisha Reagan,,, Fox Business News,You Were Wrong For Letting Either One Go! Just Because They Both Didn’t Fit Your Narrative At The Time. Shame On You,,Fox! So Much For Being Fair&Balanced,,yea right!

  7. First I want to thank you and all the other retired military for your service!! I agree with you about President Trump making our Armed Forces in the world again!! If WeThe People want to keep our freedoms President Trump is our only hope for this country!! Putting God first.again will make this nation thrive along with continuing to be a friend to Isarel!!! The Dems are power hungry, corrupt, hates this President and this country and wants to turn this nation into a socialist hellhole!! God and WeThe People are the only ones who.can.stop this insanity!! God Bless all of you and God Bless The USA!!

    1. I’m sorry!! My.comment was meant for.another site!! Welcome back Kennedy!! We all missed you!!! God Bless You!!!

    1. Will have bring the ole’ VHS & DVR players, tapes & DVDs out of storage to have something decent to watch!🥱

  8. If Biden wins this upcoming election being a conservitive in this country may wind up worse than being Christian in ancient Rome.

  9. Bring Trish Reagan back and get rid of chris wallace,or juan williams, we need real people on fox since it went so far left. Pick it up, or I’m gone.

  10. Fox news has turned it’s back on America’s values such as truth and justice. Prof of this is Fox’s employees taking bribes from George Solos.

  11. Please don’t editorialize and use the term “baseless” to describe Trish Reagan’s comment. There is plenty of anecdotal support for her point of view.

  12. FOX is in the pocket of Liberal they took over The Drudge Report and now are riping fox up piece by piece its disgusting , the communists are taking over america we all better make our voices known and do something about it

  13. What you did to Kennedy & Trish was cruel & unwarranted. What has happened to this once great network? So glad Kennedy is back. Now bring Trish back. Why not let Juan WIlliams go? He is so biased & uninformed .He just wastes valuable time & infuriates viewers.. Let real minds like Kennedy & Trish fill his spots.

  14. So glad to have Kennedy back! Trish Ragan was good too! You can bring them back and get rid of Wallace!

  15. Yes! More Kennedy. I would also welcome a return of Trish Reagan. Juan Williams makes it hard to sit through an hour of The Five unless I’ve recorded it and can fast forward him, Marie Harpffff, Donna Brazille and several other “balance” personalities.

  16. I watch Newsmax, wish I could get OAN also. Fox is going down hill. They put the Judge on a vacation( being polite) for a couple weeks.

  17. Trish Reagan was right the democrats are useing virus to keep Trump from getting re-elected is she going to get her job back

  18. The station is being run by the wives of Murdocks sons who are now in charge. Wives are Liberals and instigated the changes from day 1. If you notice, the good looking women are gone. Nothing wrong with the average woman but looks are hardly a reason for removing someone. Trish was fired the evening she wore a stunning but very sensuous dress on her show. Maybe she had plans after the show. I knew the minute I saw her that she would be fired for being beautiful. Boy the sons wives must be insecure dogs to be so threatened. Mike Wallace is a arrogant pompous ass like his father. A big stick up his behind.

  19. There may be no direct evidence that an intentional release of the virus was designed to stop Trump’s re-election or simply to punish the US for its sanctions against China, but it also is not beyond the realm of possibility, so firing someone for issuing that opinion is ridiculous. It is easy to see why China may prefer to see Trump fail and not get re-elected.

  20. Would be easier to warm up to Fox if Wallace, Brazile and Juan Williams left on a permanent vacation. I suggest instead of getting rid of someone like Kennedy and Regan, they choose one of these.

  21. Love your ethic’s, intelligence, beauty, and our marriage if we were both free-bles. You are a
    very pleasing personality !!!! I missed you and are pleased to see you back on the big payroll !
    You have a very pure American heart !!!!!!!!!

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