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A Connecticut sports reporter finds himself out of a job today after hurling a racial epithet at a United States senator.

Fred Gerteiny, formerly of News 12 Connecticut, called Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the Palmetto State’s first black senator an “Uncle Tom” in a since-deleted tweet. (Fox News)

The Hill tweeted a link to a story about Scott saying he thought President Trump “misspoke” when he said “stand back and stand by,” but called on him to correct his statement if that really were the case.

“After reviewing the incident, the network released sports reporter, Fred Gerteiny, as a result of a racially insensitive comment,” the network said in a statement. “News 12 Networks has a zero-tolerance policy for racism or improper conduct based on race, and prides itself on being an objective and unbiased multi-platform news company.”

When asked if he had apologized, Gerteiny later tweeted that he “wrote an email to Senator Scott.”

Scott’s support of the president and the Republican Party is regularly criticized by the left.

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  1. Start throwing these Jerkoffs in Jail and if you don’t it’s going to get worse before it gets better there more racism going on now then there was when I was growing up in the late 50’s 60’s and the Dems are the worse there trying to start a race war

    1. There’s definitely more anti-Black racism now than when I was growing up mid-1940s to around mid-1960s. Hopefully our great Black Brothers and Sisters will wake up and realize who accepts them versus who *uses* them. It’s past time they divorced the KKK party. Donald Trump is working for you and giving his paychecks away as did John F. Kennedy.
      Wake up! Biden and Harris want only your votes so they can rule over (use) you

  2. Does it surprise anyone that a leftist would make a racist comment? It doesn’t surprise me in the least. It is leftists who think people of African ancestry are unintelligent and need to be led by their noses, while those of us who live in reality know better than that.
    But, since leftists live in “La-La-Land”, we should expect as much from them.

  3. Senator Scott…don’t concern yourself with groups that are labeled by leftist felons. Your POTUS is on your side as well as mine.. (blonde/blue)!

  4. Where is the news? All liberal reporters are racists. They hate it when minorities don’t need, or want, their “help”!

  5. Overall since even before the civil war it been the democrats whose has been the racist. They just soft soap the black people with their lies etc. to get their vote etc. I think all parties need to wake up to what is going on. It CCP and the democrats on a take over of America. Its time for those that don’t know to wake up. Power, control, and money for who all is involved. I think that is why china sent the virus around the world personally or thats part of it.

  6. Must not have been a member of the MORON MEDIA that this twit worked for. Had it been one of them they would have given him his own show and if not that a raise at the least.

  7. If you want a blatant example of what the Democrats think of the intelligence of blacks, it’s this: The requirement to produce I.D. at the polls will impinge upon their ability to cast a vote. The Democrats hold the opinion that, based upon their skin color, they are infantile, incompetent (to vote the right way) and need to be led by (Democrat) hand on their shoulder.

  8. Truely sad for black conservatives and the predjudice they face especially from white people. I am very glad for the advances for black people under this administration and the call to stop sending American jobs overseas and slowing the importing of foreign workers. People became very wealthy giving our jobs away and then expected us to vote for them. Once again, it’s beginning to matter to be a US citizen! Yea!

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