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MSNBC host and Never Trump politico Nicole Wallace didn’t hold back when expressing how she felt about Senator Rand Paul’s still precarious recovery from coronavirus.

The libertarian-leaning senator tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend. (NewsBusters)

Here’s her full quote: “I think everybody hopes he’s okay. I think, not wishing anyone to be sick or to be exposed is a universal sentiment, but I wonder if that’s just made more difficult.” 

Wallace was responding to the report that, despite having being tested for the virus, Paul continued to use Senate facilities. Wrong on his part? Very likely. But finding it hard to summon up human decency regarding his survival? Well, Wallace is an MSNBC host, after all.

Here’s part of the transcript.

NICOLLE WALLACE: I don’t want this to come off sounding harsh, but I think when people hear that Republican Senator Rand Paul submitted to a test and then swam in the pool that the gym was open, I know that you’re not in the Capital, you’re back in your district tending to the needs of your constituents. 

But what does it say that in the Capital, at least this Republican senator didn’t seem to have much regard for the health of the people around him?

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    1. She is a vile person. She takes pride in her criticism and hatred of the current administration. NOTHING negative she says even shocks me anymore. You can see her hard heart….EVIL WOMAN that she !

  1. I am sure glad that I am a hard hearted conservative instead of a compassionate liberal who hopes somebody dies.

    1. Yes, me must always remember that it is the Dems who possess all of the “compassion” and “tolerance.” God knows they’ve TOLD us as such, over and over.

  2. Nicole Wallace… a nobody, nothing, dumb, uninformed, horse faced pig with no class. A lot of us wish YOU would drop dead sooner rather than later from something ! Maybe your evil ugly disposition… ?

    1. that sums it up perfectly….at least she I honest about it….they want all of us dead so they can get on with their kinder gentler world here the dead vote democrat in alphabetical order

  3. Does the idiot from PMSNBC realize the pool has Chlorine… you think the virus is eating bleach for lunch?

  4. Rand Paul had no idea he had the virus. It was suggested he be tested because of his extensive world travels. He was shocked to find out he was positive. He did not know he was putting anyone in danger.

  5. This is not acceptable. Even though we Don’t like Pelosi’s policies we wouldn’t wish her death. These people who do are Evil and should be done away with !!!!! Off the Air permanently !!!!! This goes to show you there are Evil people in Gov’t , the Media and regular citizens !!!!!

  6. He was tested. Did he receive results?

    That’s dog that didn’t bark. Half-truth is half-fake.

    And someone who says it is a half-wit.

  7. This is the compassionate left at its best. The only way is their way and anyone who does not agree or conform must die

  8. What a terrible person to wish bad on another person. One day Nicole will have to answer for her evil! Shame on you and anyone that wishes ill of another!

  9. Nicole WalIace finds it difficult to hope Rand Paul recovers from Positive Corona V reading
    I hope she doesn’t recover from being fired for making such a nasty remark. Maybe she will
    be infected and receive similar wishes from other low-life morons

  10. Offering up what appears to be a death wish on Sen. Paul Rand is what some would expect of a witch practicing the dark arts. While I think Sen. Rand, as a medical professional, should have known better in light of all the emphasis on quarantining he apparently used poor judgment in this situation. Yet, on the other hand, I’m not one offering a demonic death wish on him and/or anyone else as we confront these stressful times. MSNBC should have its commutators use better judgement when dealing with public media outreach in times like this when we should be building bridges not tearing them down because of political hostility and hate.

  11. What Rand Paul should do is visit all the fake news networks and especially sit on a panel next to Rick Wilson maybe have Mitt sit on the other side of Rick.

  12. Well you dimwitted piece of garbage, you should be so lucky. Of course, you are so vile I doubt a virus could exist on you. You would infect it first. Ladies and Gentlemen, take a look at what our mainstream media employees. Nicole Wallace, first of all does not have a brain just a powder puff. Second, it takes a lack of common decency to wish someone harm from a virus, third, I am sure there are many out there who would wish the same on her, fourth, she is not worth the time to even pay her any attention. She is dumb, igorant and a pathetic excuse for a human being. Now we know why she was hired, not for her talent, which she has none, but for her nastiness and stupidity and willness to take orders

  13. I strongly dislike what Nicole the MSNBC gal said and that it was so half-baked and misleading, leaving out important , selected details to make things sound a lot worse than they really are and trying to hurt Rand Pau/ character over this, but those commenting on this stream to disparage her and wish her badly hurt or dead are just as bad or worse… shame on you! You need to apologize and get on a higher road because such nasty comments do not help even your own cause.

  14. Why don’t we all quit preaching to the choir and do one better. Put the devil back in his box and pray for these kinds of people.

  15. You are all obviously suffering from a severe case of cabin fever to be sitting at your computers or cradling you smart phones to continue climbing over each other to make vicious comments about another human being. Please, set your communication technology aside for an hour or two and go for a walk, do some calesthenics, or make/do something really nice for someone else that doesn’t benefit yourself in any way. THEN come back with a better attitude and a commitment to write/text only kind things out of an abundance of grace. And if you think this is silly, then I feel all the sadder for you. Here’s to hoping your day will improve.

    1. True but if the C’nt /A’hol is preaching to her Choir n making an Ass of herself and doing so with the Concurrence and Complicity of the Fake News MSMs and the Liberal left – then this is not a One Way Street – so how about getting to the root cause of all these comments and back n forth

    2. Please pay attention to this message. It is thoughtful and reasonably spoken so please people be kind to your family, your friends and all of your neighbors. And please pray for our country.

  16. The network that hires these sick pussies are the ones to blame. OOPS! They are owned by George Soros. Anyone know of a good sniper who wants to get rid of our enemies.

  17. Thank you Mack. I just finished skimming thru all the vile comments above and I have to say, you are a better person than me. It boggles the mind that trump and a lot of republican lawmakers can say stuff and it’s perfectly ok, nobody cares..then jump all over someone else.

  18. Such hostilities toward our fellow man. Then we want God to save us from this pandemic. God is NOT inclined toward those with hostile attitude. ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 5:44.

  19. Tell us, what did Trump say that was hateful? Or was he replying to someone else’s hateful comments about him??? 90% of the hate comes from the liberal left! Just like the comment in the article above.

  20. Harold says Pray for these people, What do you pray For? Really What do you pray for?
    Read Exodus starting with Ch. 7 And God Hardened the King’s Heart. Don’t you think
    God is hardening the Hearts of these Liberal Democrats? God is in control, Yes even
    of them.
    Please remember: Fear Not Tomorrow, God’s Already There.
    Love will keep us together.
    Love will find a Way.

  21. What a scum bag! How can she keep a good job with that attitude? She MUST be sensored by other MSNBC news people as well as the whole news world!

  22. This C’nt/POS needs to be taught a lesson x It takes two to Tango and this is not a One Way Street x Careful what you wish for because it might bite you when you least expect it

  23. I’m a Republican and I voted for Trump in 2016 and plan to again this year. I am also a Christian and I have been praying for everyone! The COVID 19 Virus should not be dragged into politics. It is a health issue and we – all of us are in this together as human beings. I pray we will stop all accusations and blame and focus on the pandemic and that COVID 19 will be eradicated. God bless us all- Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between. God bless your families. God Bless America ?????

  24. I’m not sure what/who a ‘Nicole Wallace’ is, but it certainly can’t be very bright…people are remembered by their behavior. Especially when it’s generous and kind….sooo…

  25. “But what does it say that in the Capital, at least this Republican senator didn’t seem to have much regard for the health of the people around him?”…NICOLLE WALLACE

    You stupid mouth breather!!! Kinda like your ilk’s porking millions to the NEA who loves the image of “Christ in a Urine Bottle”, or/and funding the Black Baby killers of Planned Parenthood??
    We are truly at the “End of Times”

  26. Nicole karma goes around and comes around when you get the virus do NOT expect any sympathy as you hope it kills some you don’t like those you do like you will more than likely lose be very careful what you wish for.

  27. As the lunatics at MSNBC and CNN have their hair on fire—it makes a great distraction for what is really going on here that they so easily manage to ignore. Our politicians know full well that if this pandemic explodes and it just might, that many people over the age of 70 will find themselves TOO OLD TO LIVE…just who is to determine the criteria of who gets a ventilator, who gets the experimental drugs, and who gets intensive care beds?…at 81 years of age with diabetes and high blood pressure do you really think maybe I am the most likely candidate for the mortuary? STOP PISSING ON MY LEG AND CONVINCING ME IT’S RAINING…

    When push comes to shove we all know what the decisions will be…we are all TOO OLD TO LIVE, so stop preaching to me about human rights, “equal justice under the law,” or that “no one is above the law”…WHAT FUCKING Socialists BULL SHIT…I AM BETTER OFF DEAD AS COMPASSION IN THIS COUNTRY DIED DECADES AGO!…regardless if I am a productive, self-sufficient man with a 34 year old publishing company…Just ask anyone on Welfare, Social Security or a fixed income how they are treated by these 40-year-old SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASSHOLES!

    1. we have to fight this plague that devastates our country! I know it has taken over and a long time ago! Our country was the opportunity for those that were suppresed to have a new life with a Government that fought for liberty and on, but we lost it somewhere along the line! Please don’t talk like that , we need all we can count on won to take this country back and we can’t with more people wanting to take their life or die because of this! If you feel the same compation you have to die as well as the compation you have to live and fight , it would win our country back! Nobody cared that some men were LGBT’s or women for that. God is who they answer to, not us. We have no right to judge anyone. We will take our country back , but not without you or those the think like you!

  28. and may a cloud of nasty “19” bugs land on your head. What is wrong with you MSNBC “hosts”…you have a problem with more than one side to a story.

  29. It must be a little unnerving when you realize that even your own delusions of virtuous grandeur are vaporizing along with your ratings, your career, and what little journalistic credibility you ever had. Glass house hack.

  30. During this crises that affects everyone in this country…the Democrats and the media have continued to do everything possible against the health and safety of the American people all because of their hatred for trump…maybe it’s time that Democrat voters reassess their reasons for voting Democrat…and join the the president and the American people to restore the health and safety of this country. The recent actions of the Democrat Congress and the left wing media should be reason enough to help restore this country and not fight against it..

  31. Be careful you wish for something may come back on you God forbid you’re such an ignoramus. Nicole go home shelter in and learn not to blab your whole mind. Out of the mouth speakers the heart. The King James version for you agnostics who can’t help sounding foolish.

  32. It usually does come back to hit you threefold when you wish something bad on someone. You might be careful what you wish for.

  33. What Nicolle Wallace said about Rand Paul is disgusting and shows that she is under the control of Satan, The Great Deceiver and father of Lies.

    Unless she repents from her sinful and evil ways, she will end up in the Lake of Burning Sulfur, where she will be weeping and gnashing her teeth forever and ever.

  34. What a bitch..maybe she will be infected with the virus then lets see how she feels.. She makes me sick to my stomach. GOT TO HELL NICOLE AND THE REST OF YOUR NETWORK.

  35. And every single negative comment made by one of you vile self styled “journalists” makes it more difficult to hope and pray you don’t come down with a fatal or permanently disabling case of Covid -19.
    And there are worse things than dying. Like being on oxygen for the rest of your life. Whelp, there goes ~your~ career in front of the camera.

  36. She should be fired! She also should be reminded that Corona virus isn’t a respecter of persons and SHE could end up with the same illness!

  37. No decency what so ever, just a low life scum bucket, it must be a part of the Communist Democrats way of thinking, they are showing us just how they feel about the fine people of this country as well as this country self. Talk about Tyranny!!

  38. Now there’s a funny coincidence. I was just lighting some candles and performing a couple of rituals that were intended to guarantee that Nichol Wallace wouldn’t live to see tomorrow and that her demise would be prolonged and painful. See, we can wish horrible things on others that we don’t like too Nicole. Actually, I’m lying. I don’t wish that on Ms. Wallace, but that’s because I’m human and I subscribe to the Judea/Christian principle of not wishing something awful just because you don’t like someone. Ms. Wallace hasn’t risen to that level yet I guess.

  39. Ms Wallace, you are a super sick SOB. I do wish upon you diarrhea with extreme coughing fits and no bathrooms in working order!!

  40. What goes around comes around. What she hopes for the worse for the Senator will eventually happen to her….and maybe 10fold worse.

  41. What a disgusting POS she is. That is down right evil. Karma will come back and get her and it just may be karma as the virus.

  42. If we can’t help someone to understand the control our society has on everyone and their finances and their daily lives, we should want to undue this type of world! The help we need that everyone understands a new world order will forever make them a slave and they will have no freedom what- so- ever. All your life will be controlled! I don’t understand making boys into trans gender people or women take over being a man or not liking men at all! I think it should not be in schools! Let children make their own decision’s. These are not freedoms, their there to learn, History , math and English! They have brainwashed people into believing this is the way to live!

  43. As we in America’s west would say, “The Socialist/Democrats and the American Mainstream Fake News Media, have slumped lower than a Snake’s Belly!” Smelling worse than a spotted skunk!

    How could a person with an I.Q. over 7, ever be stupid enough to watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC. Or read The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Vox, The Washington Post who have associated themselves with Pravda

  44. horrible comment. But WHY is the pool open? Is it “an essential service”? The pool should have been closed. One can not rely on the judgment of individuals, even members of congress. The public needs to be protected from itself!

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