A veteran of NBC News has passed away after testing positive for the coronavirus.

According to Fox News:

A 61-year-old NBC News employee died Thursday after testing positive for the coronavirus, the company announced on Friday.

Larry Edgeworth, a longtime staffer, worked at NBC News’ 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters in New York and regularly traveled the world alongside reporters. He was an audio technician at the company for 25 years, according to NBC.

Edgeworth’s wife, Crystal, told NBC that he suffered from other health issues in addition to coronavirus. He tested positive for coronavirus earlier in the week.

“Many of you were fortunate enough to work with Larry over the years, so you know that he was the guy you wanted by your side no matter where you were,” Lack wrote. “We are doing everything we can to support his family during this very difficult time.”

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle became emotional when breaking the news. Edgeworth is survived by his wife and two sons.


  1. I notice they aren’t claiming that coronavirus was responsible for his death. They are only implying it so the public will get that impression.

    1. “He suffered from other health issues.” A real journalist would detail those issues, and provide a timeline. When was the decedent last on the job at MBC? How did he contract the virus? What was his prognosis before contracting the virus? Did anyone aks?

      1. Perhaps the family didn’t provide all those “details” you wanted to hear about. Perhaps the family valued their privacy. I see no problem with how this news item was reported. Especially since Mr. Edgeworth was one of the NBC family, and everyone that you see on NBC’s TV/Cable programs probably knew Mr. Edgeworth personally.

        1. The private details of someone’s health issues are non of our business!!! The man has passed away so all we need to know is that whatever it was that he had was bad enough to kill him. So butt out and let the family have their privacy. Oh, and olderose please be sure to have your family publish all of those details when you go.

    2. it said he tested positive for it. Maybe it didn’t kill him but it might have had something to do with it. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and hope he did not infect a lot of people around him before he died.

  2. Btw as American citizen who loves this country is tired of being insulted by California’s heads say ok now we are going to say in Spanish. We are AMERICANS WE SPEAK ENGLISH it is so insulting to me I was born in a third world country no one gave me a free ride nor gave me anything in Spanish. I am so glad they did not give stuff in Spanish that only would have hurt me not help me cause it is how society connects with eachother.

    1. The reason they have to put it Spanish is because they don’t bother to learn English. They read Spanish newspapers, watch Spanish television, and talk to each other in Spanish. My friends wife is Mexican and very smartly her father forbade speaking Spanish in the home. Good for him. Another question is when you go to vote they have many signs in other languages. You have to be a citizen to vote ( allegedly ) and know English to become a citizen. Does it only count for some people?

  3. NBC has become almost as Antisemitic as Al Jazeera.This is the same NBC an on-air tirade, their antisemitic reporter Aymon Mohyeldin excused the Palestinian terrorists who murdered four Israelis at a shopping mall, and blamed Israel instead.
    How can MSNBC send Mohyeldin back to the region following his previous form and how can Mohyeldin be trusted at all to report fairly when he has clearly demonstrated his anti-Israel bias in this latest tweet?

  4. If the cause of his demise was the infection, why did e not receive chloroquinine? If the cause of his demise was not the infection, why imply that it was?

  5. Apparently doctors have access and it is up to the doctor if they have access to give it because they have been giving it since it was okay since WWII for various illnesses not just malaria. I agree because I would assume too that people who are dying should be given it and see if it works. Lets face it when you are dying anyways and something might work meaning save your life give it to the patient any ways. After all it is beginning to occur to those in charge in the medical world that if this drug can kill malaria and other problems than there just might be another disease this drug can kill.

  6. Is NBC the parent company for Chinese News Broadcasting Company? It seems that all their outlets are Liberal and supportive of our enemies. They are all peas in a pod, little difference in them. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, they all fit the mold.

  7. The real global emergency of Covid-19 is that the ensuing bankruptcies and those that are and will be affected will be far greater than it kills

  8. I don’t care for “details” or expect the family to tell me any thing about their loved one, but when the virus is being presented by the media in a way that infers the virus was connected to some one with other health issues then neglect to be clear if the death was caused in any way by the virus., then I have a problem with that.
    This horrible virus is already being unnecessarily used politically, just be clear about what has happened, if he died from something unaffected by the virus , just say it!

  9. So it’s looking like Covid 19 targets Liberals after all….
    Mad In China by Chines Coluunists aka Progressive Liberals. China covering up mortality rates, Leftist Media complicit in coverup but going Hysterical that it seems to be preferencing LIBERALS. You couldn’t hang onto a Job, any Job, at NBC and be a conservative.

  10. They lie. They deceive. Most if not all of those who have died had other issues. BIG issues that could have killed them by themselves.
    So why keep pushing that this is corona??? Because they KNOW that eventually America will wake up and see that this is a SCAM. It is about hurting the economy in order to hurt Trump.
    I heard Clay Jenkins, the Democrat county commissioner for Dallas use the word SCIENCE.
    That is the same word they used when trying to use GLOBAL WARMING and the Paris Accord to hurt us massively financially.

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