Photo edit of the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development and a drag queen. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development and a drag queen. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Recent reports have surfaced regarding an apartment managed by the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) in Boston. Within this apartment, four young children, aged between 5 and 10 years old, were discovered to be residing. The apartment was described as containing individuals dressed in drag, as well as a disturbing collection of items such as alcohol, drugs, adult toys, and the presence of a deceased individual.

The incident came to the attention of authorities when the fire department received a call about a man experiencing cardiac arrest at the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing complex. Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters were shocked to find the apartment in extremely unsanitary conditions. Approximately six adult males were present, and during their investigation, they stumbled upon four children who were intentionally concealed in a rear bedroom by an adult male, as reported by the Boston Herald.

“At about 11:11 AM, on Saturday, June 17th, officers responded to the area of 381 Old Colony Avenue for a death investigation. District Detectives handling, not suspicious, no further information,” a Boston Police Department spokesperson told the Herald.

The incident report showed that firefighters faced an extraordinary situation. The apartment was highly unclean, with around six adult males present. After further investigation, they found four children concealed in the back bedroom by an adult male who intentionally kept them hidden.

However, the incident report revealed that the firefighters encountered a situation that went beyond a typical medical emergency. They described the apartment as being in an extremely unclean state and noticed the presence of approximately six adult individuals, who appeared to be males. Further investigation led them to discover four children hidden in the back bedroom by an adult male who deliberately kept them hidden from the first responders.

During the Juneteenth weekend, children aged five to ten were involved in this incident. The Boston Police Department confirmed a death investigation at the address, but no additional information was provided. City Councilor Michael Flaherty strongly condemned the situation, highlighting the presence of drugs, alcohol, adult toys, and a deceased individual in the apartment. The adults present, some dressed in women’s attire, were uncooperative and denied the presence of children.

“All of the adult parties were being uncooperative and did not provide helpful information,” the incident report added. “All adults present denied having children inside the apartment.”

City Council President Ed Flynn called this discovery inhumane and horrifying, urging stricter oversight of BHA inspections, eviction procedures, security measures, and child well-being protocols in BHA apartments. This incident has raised concerns about child welfare and emphasized the need for improved monitoring and support in public housing facilities.

At present, the identities of the individuals involved and potential charges have not been disclosed.


  1. MY first concern is for the children and what they have experienced! My hope is that ALL the adults found there will will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law to where they can NEVER be a threat to another child. Also,
    I have a grave concern as to where the parents of these children are. They should be held accountable for child endangerment. Sooooo sad!

  2. And as the “Story” goes, We were all just watching TV, don’t know nuthin bout no kids, they musta snuck in?

  3. This is what letting Democraps RUIN a city will get you. The males should be charged with child abuse and attempted murder since the drugs could have killed the children and may be the cause of death for the deceased individual. The children should be taken away from those who were supposed to be in charge of them PERMANENTLY. Those males should also be removed from the housing and barred from ever returning to any such place for life. Taxpayers should not be made to pay for their being IGNORANT SLOBS and as Drug addicts they should not be allowed to live on the taxpayers dime.

  4. Feel for kids who Had to go & under pressure vs those with parents who took them Bad Optics

  5. The beautiful and “harmless” life of gay men and their cross dressing passion. The mentally ill, at all levels, including our govt. are successfully destroying this nation from within.

  6. I’ve got a GREAT idea. We should tell Joe Biden we want to CELEBRATE these freaks and he should invite them to the White House!

  7. I want to know who the children belong to, how did they get there, whether they are now in protective custody, and if the 6 drag Queens were arrested for child endangerment.

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