Audrey Hale edit. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Audrey Hale edit. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Pro-Transgender Groups Call for Concealment of Manifesto by Transgender School Shooter Audrey Hale

In Nashville, Audrey Hale, a transgender individual, killed six people, including three children, leaving behind a manifesto explaining her motives that is yet to be released by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. While Republican politicians demand the manifesto’s release, several LGBT organizations argue against it.

LGBT Organizations Seek to Keep Manifesto Hidden

Jordan Budd, the executive director of Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere, stated that the manifesto should not be published. Instead, he shifted the focus to gun control, saying that the incident occurred because of the shooter’s easy access to deadly weapons. Similarly, Lauren McGinnis, spokesperson for pro-trans organization PFLAG, argued against the manifesto’s release, citing the risk of social contagion. Meanwhile, the national president of the pro-LGBT GOP organization, Log Cabin Republicans, also opposed the release of the manifesto, fearing that it could inspire similar violent acts for attention.

Police Department Refuses to Release Manifesto

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department confirmed that they will not be releasing the manifesto during an ongoing investigation. This has led to a debate about the ease of access to guns and the risks associated with releasing such manifestos.

Tucker Carlson’s Controversial Remarks

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson accused the left of preventing the public from knowing the real motive behind the shooting. He argued that the manifesto’s release would reveal that the transgender movement is targeting Christians, including with violence. He went on to highlight the need to understand what kind of medication the shooter was taking.

Transgender Movement and Extreme Rhetoric

Some transgender activists have used extreme and aggressive rhetoric, claiming that there is a “war” against transgender people or that a “genocide” is being carried out against them, necessitating resistance. Breitbart News captured footage from pro-transgender counter-protesters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, holding a sign reading “TRANS GIRLS NEED GUNS.”

The debate around the release of Audrey Hale’s manifesto has become polarized, with Republicans arguing for transparency and LGBT organizations opposing the release. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson’s comments have sparked controversy, and the transgender movement’s extreme rhetoric has come under scrutiny.


    1. Here, here. Let everybody all over the world see the sinner she was. Let her burn in hell for all eternity.

    2. it needs to be released, oh how they want to cover it up, but if it was straight people they would be demanding to show all

  1. Why is it that every time some attack on humanity occurs the tendency is to fit the culprit into a particular classification, gay, black, trans, white, etc,. then vilify that group. How long is it going to take for it to be realized that each of these transgressors were representative of themself. The same crime has been committed before by someone of a different background but because of the need of some to vilify a group of people, each incident is used to condemn a swath of individuals not just the perpetrator responsible. It’s time to be more concerned with prosecution of the individual responsible, determining how they could have been thwarted in their action, than trying to swing a huge net casting dispersion on an entire group of people. The news only reports that which will further the message being forwarded by a group attempting to mislead the public in an attempt to dilute the rights for which our country’s forefathers fought. We only hear the arguments furthering how lack of gun control is so detrimental, we do not hear to any a great of extent those instances where legal owned and utilized guns circumvented or curtailed incidents. Criminals do not obey gun laws, they circumvent them. Those areas strictest in attempted gun control have the greatest incident of illegal gun usage. We need to get back to prosecuting those who commit the crime, not pat them on the back and proclaim their action was reactionary to how society has treated them. How they were treated was most likely in reaction to their original treatment of others or their feeling of entitlement. A criminal is a criminal, if he is mistreated in the course of apprehension, then there should be some action for the individual mistreating, however that does not negate the fact that the criminal is still a criminal and is due whatever he law dictates, not a dismissal of his original infraction.

  2. Listen up all you lgbtq and trans what Evers the people of America will find out the truth about this biatch who murdered innocent child and grownup for no reason sheโ€™s a cold blooded murder who deserves nothing! The only one who will suffer is her mother but not you leftist in this community She Murdered Innocent Children for NO Good Reason she gets nothing cause she got what she deserved DEATH! Fk commie joe this is on you to old man!

  3. The lgbtq and trans community you caused this I have 30 grandkids from preschool to college snd now I donโ€™t want any of them to go back your the cause eith your trans ideology crap these sAte your children not yours except that fact we donโ€™t want them brainwashed like this woman was your ideology is what did it leave our children alone live your life the way you want but stay away from our children!

  4. Why is not the hypocrisy for tranparency not equally displayed? It should be good for all not just for some. The acceptance of the two tier national diplomacy and justice system is frightful

    1. ๐‘ช๐’๐’Ž๐’‘๐’๐’†๐’•๐’†๐’๐’š ๐’‚๐’ˆ๐’“๐’†๐’†!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  5. Parents could prevent some of these shootings if only they would admit to the problem. Mom told he/she to get rid of the guns and he/she did not. When did parenting stop, they did not check to see if the guns were still in the house! I would have and if so taken them and put them in a secure place. Where was the father in all of this, the Mother was an activist against guns and wrote letters against them. Parenting does not stop just because they are older, if they are still living with you it is your duty to see that they follow the rules. Mine are grown w/families and sometimes they hear my opinion or different subjects.

  6. As a 66-year-old true woman myself the LBG community needs to shut the hell up and quit dragging transgender people into this big controversy just justify yourself as transgender people we just want to blend in and not be recognized we don’t need bullseyes put on our back and for the Democrats they need to butt out cuz they’re pushing drag queens drag queens are gay men who enjoy dressing up his women to entertain that’s how they make money they are not transgender women so get out of it leave it alone and leave us alone we don’t need your damn help and I have three small grandchildren and if somebody tried to teach them s*** this stupid s*** and then doctorate Truman school I promise you I would put a bullet in my in their head myself

  7. โ€œGenocideโ€ is being carried out against them?” What!? Who was killed the other day. Three little innocent lives snuffed out. Two women and one black man. The last two represent the supposeded marginalized people of our country, yet this sick individual killed them! Since the shootings, I’ve seen nothing but boo-hoo-hoos for the poor trans community and how much the “Prez” and his “Doctor” wife love them and want to protect them. Nothing about the dead children and their teachers and custodian from our basement sleepy “leader.”

    Our local “news” channel on NBC (which we watch mainly for the weather) carried something the first day of the shooting, calling the shooter a woman who identified as transsexual, to my surprise. The next day, just a small blip about the shooting, the third day, nothing. They’ve already taken it off their “news” rotation. The third day they had 15 full minutes about Trump being indicted, on a 30 minute local news show! It shows plainly what their focus is on, and that doesn’t include the poor human lives taken by this sicko.

  8. as soon as the liberal Democrats, BLM and the LBGT crowd are on the hot plate, all the rules that apply to us and everyone else are all of a SUDDEN OFF THE TABLE and out the window for them.

  9. Of course, the gays and transgenders want to hush up revelations about the shooter. They want us to accept that being gay and transgender is normal. It isn’t; it’s a mental disability.

  10. TG’s deserve, love , dignity and respect, says Joe and Jill.
    You have got to give love, dignity and respect to get love, dignity and respect, says I.
    Shooting up a Christian school and assassinating 3 pre-teen juveniles and 3 senior educators does nothing to endear TGs to the general population. Love does not come out of the barrel of an automatic weapon. It was a TG full of bile and hate, not love and respect, who was spreading death and destruction throughout the halls of education in a Memphis school, days ago, who is challenging J&J’s quasi- sincere message of L,D&R.
    The TG’s message is foul and foolhardy as are the partisan minions from the govt’s Ministry of Truth who are promoting these salacious frauds and fallacies throughout the social media and threaten our culture and our youth. School is where children develop their socialization skills, but are now being indoctrinated w the radical Left’s anti-social and anti-family propaganda. Adult decisions are being imposed upon our juveniles who have no knowledge of gender dysphoria or have any world experience to depend upon to make any kind of life changing decisions that they are now being pushed to make. You can’t drive before you are 16, and you can’t drink or vote before you are 18. Who decided that pre-teens as early as kindergarten should have to make decisions about a sexual identity before they develop their own maturity and reach adulthood? Where are the soccer moms when you need them.
    The schools have been overtly anti-male since the early 80s, and have taken an even more perverse direction these last few years w the Left’s gender dysphoria and political relativism.
    It is time adults take charge and reassert the values this country was built upon, those of God (morality), family (civility) and community (ethics). Values are not relative. They are the fixed axioms our country was built upon. They are not the social corollaries the relativists would have us replace them with. A house w/o a strong foundation will not survive the storms of even the mildest seasons, and certainly not the social hurricane the global Left is trying to expose us to, now. The Left’s agenda of hate and anger is the fire they are using to burn the house down. God, family and community are the proven tools of the first responders to save the house from the Left’s proposed conflagration for our certain destruction. Pick up your firefighting tools and get busy, and then get out and vote. 

  11. This YOUNG WOMAN was mentally disturbed and had, for some reason, an unfulfillable desire ‘TO BE WHAT SHE WAS NOT’ – and that made her dangerous.

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