Bragg and Beria. What do these two have in common? Pop Acta Photo Edit/Alexander J. Williams III
Bragg and Beria. What do these two have in common? Pop Acta Photo Edit/Alexander J. Williams III

Lavrentiy Beria was Joseph Stalin’s henchman. Stalin took Beria to Moscow and appointed him chief of the NKVD, the notorious secret police. Beria was Stalin’s henchman who deepened the police state hold on Moscow. Now, D.A. Alvin Bragg is Biden’s henchman and doing the Democrat’s bidding by creating a police-state that politicized the New York justice system.

Biden sees President Trump as his greatest adversary. As such, the Democrat party secretly recruited D.A. Alvin Bragg to bring down a bogus indictment charge on President Trump. This is the first time in history that a former U.S. President has been indicted. History has been made with this indictment, one that has ushered in a police-state mentality. Don’t like your political opponent? Choose your man, and find a crime that fits. This gives way to more police-state endeavors that will affect our everyday lives. Don’t like your boss? Choose your man, and find a crime that fits. Next thing you know, we will see penal codes rewritten in the justice system. D.A. Alvin Bragg is the new Lavrentiy Beria.

Lavrentiy Beria was appointed to the atomic project where he oversaw the creation of the atomic bomb. Beria spilled blood whenever he was told to do so. D.A. Alvin Bragg spilled political blood by bowing down to the Democratic demands. Beria sentenced 14,500 innocent Polish prisoners to death in 1940 at the infamous Katyn massacre. D.A. Bragg has sentenced the American justice system to death with this infamous indictment of a former U.S. President. The Democrats have breathed new life into the Beria era that was once in the silent corners of history. This scary and crazy henchman mentality has been resurrected.

The U.S. Attorney has NOT charged President Trump with federal election law violations. This means that Bragg cannot tie these New York state charges back to federal charges. If he does, then this whole political speculation will reek of political payback. Bragg and the democrats have made a mess of the once revered American criminal justice system. With this brazen act, any U.S. citizen can be persecuted by an accuser for not being in lockstep with the accuser’s beliefs. D.A. Bragg once had a reputation for being soft on crime. Now, he has a reputation for being the Democrat’s henchman, attempting to take down any man that threatens the elderly Biden. The man that the Democrats are trying to take down is the powerhouse of President Trump.

Lavrentiy Beria was known for doing Stalin’s bidding and spilling blood. But history has almost forgotten him. D.A. Bragg is now known for spilling the blood of the American Criminal Justice system and doing the bidding of the Democrats in the politicized move. History will forget Bragg too. This is all a political spectacle that Democrats are conducting in order to influence the 2024 election. Sound familiar? It’s what they have accused Trump of for the past seven years. The first who smelt it, dealt it.

Democrats defined election interference and now they are proving every day how much they are willing to tip the scales of justice to get what they want in 2024. We cannot let them continue down this path. The scales of justice will be rightly tipped back into balance when President Trump is acquitted and elected in 2024. Truth and justice will always prevail.


  1. Trump should never have been charged, and bought and paid for Bragg should be disbarred for politicizing the system. Can we guess why he has this position? lets say he did not win because of credentials. Roll tape of him campaigning, promising to charge Trump YEARS ago, before Bragg was elected and any charges were ever sought. He is a tin-plated phony. I think Trumps lawyer should seek a change of venue after first asking for dismissal of charges which have already expired. NY is a hot-bed of uninformed DEM minion voters who cannot make up a fair jury. So sad to see the US sink to third rate nation status with a corrupt justice system.

    1. He’s also a senile lude lying old fart pedophile sex addicted money grabbing sor-obama prostitute with no morals, scruples or human values and a complicit puppet of the deep state.

  2. It’s all b.s. Letitia James ran on “i’ll get Trump” now this fat f*ck thinks he can get Trump. Yet crime in NYC is rampant and murderers walk free. So once again we’re railroaded by coloreds getting away with any crime they commit and the “law” not giving two craps about victims or the aftermath. Why do you think millions have fled NYC?

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