Photo edit of President Biden.
Photo edit of President Biden.

Did President Biden Play a Role in Trump’s Indictments?

Biden’s Role in Trump’s Indictments

NBC News weighed in on allegations that President Joe Biden was behind the indictments of former President Donald Trump, saying:

“There is no evidence that Biden is behind Trump’s indictments — two from special counsel Jack Smith, and one each from prosecutors in New York and Georgia who don’t answer to Washington. Yet the claims have been echoed by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and many congressional Republicans.”

  • Contrary to NBC News’ reporting, which asserts no evidence links President Joe Biden to the indictments against former President Donald Trump, 60% of 1,000 general election voters believe Biden played a part, as per a McLaughlin & Associates poll.
    • 39% believe Biden played a “major” role.
    • 21% think it was a “minor” role.
    • A significant 55% of independents also believe Biden was involved, with 31% of them stating it was a major involvement.

Role of the President in DOJ Oversight:

  • Appointment Power: Nominates the Attorney General (head of DOJ); needs Senate confirmation. Can nominate other DOJ top officials; often require Senate confirmation.
  • Policy Direction: Sets broad policy for the executive branch, impacting DOJ priorities.
  • Executive Privilege: Can withhold certain information, especially in sensitive executive branch matters.
  • Direct Influence: Can influence DOJ actions but risks backlash, abuse of power allegations, or legal consequences.
  • Removal Power: Can remove Attorney General and other top DOJ officials; controversial removals can have political repercussions (e.g., “Saturday Night Massacre”).

NBC News’ Reporting on Biden Family Scandals

  • In October 2021, NBC News didn’t cover Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged shared bank account at all, based on findings from the Republican National Committee’s research team.
  • Post-New York Times authentication of Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop in March 16, 2022, NBC News only provided 298 seconds of coverage.
  • No coverage in June 2023 on the alleged Biden “bribery” scandal.
  • A substantial 291 minutes were dedicated to the Trump indictment in the same month, as per Media Research Center, a media watchdog report.


  1. I do believe 90% of all American are privy to this information. The ABC, CBS and NBC are liberal democratic stations along with CNN, MSNBC and PBS. The democrats control most newspapers, social media, DOJ, FBI, CIA and CDC. What can happen to alleviate this problem, go to the polls and show these democrats what we did to Budweiser, Target and Kroeger.

  2. I don’t believe anything written by a so-called journalist, cowering behind the anonymity of a faceless picture.

  3. I get my news from Newsmax, but do know people who only get corpal news, and they are pitifully uninformed, but seemingly do not want to know the truth, Thank you for always keeping those of us who are interested, informed. RC

  4. Senile,lying,frail,old,puppet joe will not be running for re=election,even his own party is fed up with him.He will get blown away in a landslide running against DJT. He isn’t mentally fit to run,and americans know it.

  5. Hidenbiden has doomed himself,karma always comes back and bites u, and it’s going to bite lying,senile,old,puppet joe.right where it hurts the most.

  6. Of course, Joe and his DOJ, FBI and other government organizations played a major role in all of Trump indictments. The 3 DOJ’s and one Special Council even had meetings amongst themselves. This is a collective democrat operation against a former president of the United States.

  7. The GOP should broadcast in all 50 states. Biden and the Dems are simply crooks of the highest order.

  8. LISTEN UP…No Wonder PREZ TRUMP Shed Some TEARS in His Recent RALLY. AMERICA has turned into Something from the TWILIGHT ZONE or a PARALLEL WORLD. I am in a NIGHTMARE…and I Can’t WAKE UP. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😢😢😢😫😫😫😭😭😭

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