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Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appearance on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Monday has drawn criticism and sparked controversy. Many view Clinton’s reaction as tasteless and indicative of a candidate who lost in 2016 and has been perceived as a sore loser ever since.

During her discussion with Rachel Maddow, a left-wing pundit and deep state enthusiast, Clinton laughed when reflecting on the indictment of former President Donald Trump in Georgia. While there were some who saw her laughter as an understandable response, others considered it a disturbing sign of partisanship. The predominant feeling among critics is that the indictment is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt against Donald Trump, something they believe Clinton fully endorses.

These critics argue that Clinton’s amusement in discussing the indictment is more than mere support for legal action against Trump; it’s seen as a showing of her obvious bitterness over her 2016 defeat.

Maddow initiated the conversation, saying:

“Now here we are with a multiply indicted former President Trump and a democracy that frankly has not looked this fragile in more than a century.”

After once again pretending that Democracy is in a seemingly never-ending state of peril, Maddow then greeted Clinton, stating:

“Madam Secretary, fancy meeting you here.”

Clinton, with her signature cackle and characteristic head bobbing, gave a response that came across as extremely scripted:

“I can’t believe this,” and further added, “Nor me, Rachel. It’s always good to talk to you. honestly, I didn’t think it would be under the circumstances, yet another set of indictments.”

Many argue that Clinton’s laughter and subsequent comments demonstrate a lack of respect for the legal process and a former U.S. president. When Maddow asked: “Do you feel satisfaction?” Clinton’s reply was, “It’s hard to believe. I don’t feel satisfaction, but I feel great profound sadness.”

Hillary Clinton’s appearance on “The Rachel Maddow Show” has reinforced the perception of her as a partisan figure unable to move beyond her 2016 defeat. Her laughter at the indictment of former President Donald Trump, followed by expressions of sadness, was seen by many as disingenuous and symptomatic of a political bitterness that undermines the integrity of the legal process.

Her reactions, rather than reflecting a concern for democracy, seem more like an attempt to exploit a legal situation for political gain, further entrenching divisions within the American political landscape.

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