Yesterday, former President Donald Trump backed Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. Despite their political differences Trump controversially chose to back McCarthy, However, despite Trump’s endorsement, McCarthy still continued to fall short of the necessary 218 votes.

This morning, new Twitter CEO Elon Musk stepped in with his opinion, saying on Twitter:

“Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker”

The two have an established relationship, and McCarthy has chosen to defend Musk on multiple occasions. In the past, McCarthy has said, “Elon believes in freedom. Elon is an entrepreneur. Such an American success story,” in regard to Musk’s controversial stances on freedom of speech that he has implemented on Twitter, adding, “We’ll no longer let government go after you simply because of their political views.”

According to Federal Elections Commission data, Musk has donated to McCarthy’s campaigns throughout the past five times since 2011.

Both Musk and Trump appear to have hopes that by House Republicans uniting around McCarthy that the House of Representatives can get back to work with their post-Midterms Republican majority, however, a handful of voices in the party don’t agree, and are pushing for a different Speaker of the House.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) have been leading the charge along with Republican Representatives Biggs (AZ), Harris (MD), Perry (PA), Roy (TX), Luna (FL), Crane (AZ), Ogles (TN), Rosendale (MT), Good (VA), Cloud (TX), Miller (IL), Self (TX), Brecheen (OK), Clyde (GA), Norman (SC), Gosar (AZ), and Bishop (NC) all choosing to vote against Rep. Kevin McCarthy for taking on the role of Speaker of the House. Due to these votes against McCarthy, he’s currently pulling less than 205 total votes out of the required 218, and if McCarthy and other House Republicans can’t lower these 20 Republicans down to a total of less than five, then the GOP may need to look in a different direction when voting for the next Speaker of the House.


  1. when the count is 200 to 20 holdouts you aren’t really holdouts you are pandering to the commie democrat pedophiles and licking the boots of the donkey holes so they can put a pilosi puppet in as speaker to still have the commie democrat control of the house.
    being the 10% don’t make you right and powerful.

  2. How will they “Drain the Swamp” whilst the “Alligator-inChief” remains running the show ?
    Maybe – Just Maybe – Donald & Elon are backing the wrong “Gator” in this race !

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