Photo edit of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

After the fourth and fifth votes remain with the same 201 votes for McCarthy, 20 for Donalds, 1 Present vote, and 212 for Democrat Jeffries. The House is set to go into the sixth vote.

As of now, and until a Speaker is selected, House members cannot be sworn in and will continue to use the Representative-elect title. The Clerk of the House, who is currently presiding over the vote, will continue to head the House until a Speaker is selected.

The voting will continue until a majority is gained for one candidate. This could take days or even weeks depending on how the member-elects vote. Though this will for sure remain close as the votes continue to come in.


  1. Republicans are obviously not united in purpose or conviction. We’ve seen what RINO does to the Republican Party. It’s sink or swim at this point. McCarthy is not a conservative. We need someone who speaks for the values of the Republican Party, and isn’t a go along to get along.

  2. We conservative Republicans are furious over this ridiculous fight within our party. Unify and hold MaCarthy’s feet to the fire! Yes, Washington is broken, but fighting within doesn’t advance our cause! We need to hold the Democrats accountable for all that has happened! Get it together and move forward with our oversight and strength.
    You’re making us sick, this isn’t why we voted to have 2-year-old bickering… Our nation is being weighed in the balance. Fight for all of us, Americans who stand for this country. Get it together NOW! Please

  3. Fire them all, if a democrats wins the chair democrats control all and we have self centered a-ses that only care about what they want, their way NOT we the people !

  4. To vote for House Speaker:

    o Cater meals in
    o Vote
    o Remain on CH’
    o Remote vote for those with medical or family issues
    DONT Leave CH until voting done

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