Yesterday I was proud to join with @RepJayapal (left) and @aijenpoo to discuss the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which we will introduce to guarantee domestic workers the dignity, benefits, and legal protections they deserve. From U.S. Senate Office of Kamala Harris. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Today one’s silence speaks volumes.

Vice President Kamala Harris stayed silent when a college student accused Israel of committing “ethnic genocide” during the VP’s visit to George Mason University. The student accused Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians while suggesting the U.S. shouldn’t be funding Israel’s Iron Dome defense. Instead of politely correcting the student, Kamala supported the anti-Israel remark saying “your truth cannot be suppressed.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“You brought up how the power of the people and demonstrations and organizing is very valuable in America,” the student began. “But I see that over the summer there have been protests and demonstrations in astronomical numbers standing with Palestine. But then just a few days ago, there were funds allocated to continue backing Israel, which hurts my heart because it’s ethnic genocide and displacement of people, the same that happened in America, and I’m sure you’re aware of this.”

“Americans are struggling because of lack of public health care, affordable housing, and all this money goes to funding Israel and backing Saudi Arabia and whatnot and I think that the people have spoken very often in what they do need, and I feel like there is a lack of listening,” she continued. “And I just feel like I need to bring this up with you because it affects my life and people I really care about.”

Vice President Harris responded she was “glad’ the student spoke up.

“A democracy is its strongest when everyone participates. It is its weakest when anyone is left out,” Harris continued. “That’s not only about being physically present but that your voice is present.”

“Our goal should be unity, but not uniformity,” the vice president said. “Unity should never be at the expense of telling any one person, ‘For the sake of unity, oh you be quiet about that thing. You suppress that thing. Let’s not deal with that thing.’ That’s not unity. True unity is everyone in that room has a voice. And then we see where that ends up in terms of a healthy debate on the issues.”

Tensions between the U.S. and Israel during the Biden administration have become strained because of President Biden’s attempt to re-establish an Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran.


    1. She’s a round heeled Dumbass. She doesn’t know WTH she’s saying 80/90% the time.
      WHAT an AWFUL MISTAKE of a VP!!!

  1. We can get off this Israel kick, and apply that phrase to America’s Abortion Industry. The founder of Planned Parenthood emphasized “Ethnic Genocide” by encouraging black women to terminate their pregnancies. I don’t care what Israel is doing, as long as we don’t fund what they’re doing.

      1. That’s funny! Actually, blacks are by and large industrious and capable of performing in many disciplines. My good friend, who had to teach Mr. Luddite here about computers and operating systems, was a black ex-gang banger from South Central Los Angeles.

          1. Lots of African-American educaters detest hearing about natural talents in music & athletics. As one said, singing at White House at age 15, flipping burgers at McD’s at age 30

      1. The behavior of blacks is influenced by media, legal and technological factors (You can witness the latter factor on You Tube, as several of them record police activities with their cellphone cameras.) Hoisting one’s racial background up as some justification to legislate protections for their ilk smacks of entitlement. If we had true conservatives in congress and state governments, there would be no Hate Crime Laws, Affirmative Action, Government Funded Abortions, Speech Codes and BLM riots. I guess that would explain why we don’t have true conservatives in congress.

      1. SCREW All THAT! What’s WRONG is they’re anti-moral. Bunch o’ corrupt pigs in it for ONE reason, become Wealthy.

        1. Their Babylonian Talmud describes the agendas we’re now experiencing. Jews strive to crush Christianity, enslave populations under Communism, and empower their people as Globalists, who will not be elected by populations, but rule from foreign administrations. Soros is a visible manifestation of that agenda.

  2. Well, let’s see: Harris’es husband, Douglas Emhoff, is Jewish. If she hasn’t gotten the word by now, then she’s even dumber than we thought. American politicians MUST support Israel, and recognize the Holocaust. Otherwise, they’re political toast, and they’ll know the fate of others who preceded them. Cynthia McKinney would be a sterling example.

  3. Again and again this thing called a VP of the United States, refers to all that we are a democracy! We are a REPUBLIC!!
    How ugly and horrible is that thing who laughs and chortles bc it cannot say what is the truth!
    A long time ago, our children were taught the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, in the classroom we stood up faced our Flag placed our right hands on our heart and said in unison, “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States ant to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…..”
    I am grateful for my forefathers who left the tyranny of democracies in Europe and came to this land and forged out a nation so all who came here could be free!

    1. I heard allegation that at one news conference, when asked when she was going to visit the border, she responded with one of her horsey laughs. What an attitude for somebody charged with managing immigrant crisis

      1. She’s a PIG human being, Period. VICE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES! Wow! WHAT this country has become is nothing less than a CATASTROPHE IN PROGRESS.

    2. And I am grateful for those forefathers that forged this GREAT country as well, AND, I’m SUPER grateful I’ve lived when I have, being near 70 now, ‘CUZ THIS SHIT EATING SOCIETY WE’VE GOT GOING NOW, RIGHT ALONG WITH THESE SHIT EATING POLITICIANS, can ALL go Straight t’ Hell. They’re headed there at breakneck speed NOW. When I look at this country NOW, I have a tough time keeping my meals down.

  4. The Jewish people suffered more than any group on earth for centuries, before written history, they built the Pyramids along with other slaves, just read the hieroglyphics!

    1. Oh baloney. The Jewish people only suffered retribution, not persecution. Every nation in which Jews have settled in significant numbers threw them out, including nations in Europe, from some of those nations more than once. They’re (Jews) currently getting the boot from France, and Russia, too. Jews ran the slave trade, they’ve been involved with pogroms against Russian citizens and ethnic Germans in Ukraine, Poland, and now against Palestinians in Israel. Their Holocaust was debunked in a court of law, so they can’t hoist that fairy tale up as a defense. As far as I’m concerned, Jews should be in Israel, where Herzl knew they would be safe from said retribution.

  5. We must stand behind Israel , our whole country has gone crazy backing everything that is against what our Forefathers, who built this nation . Godly laws , morals , and every thing that built a great nation and now destroying it. When and if , Americans turn against Israel , they will have the biggest battle than they ever had and we will lose. If we have leaders that encourage this, then they should be out of office.

    1. You stand by Israel. America needs to shed our Middle East obligations, and forge our energy independence and sovereignty. I’m sure the IDF or Mossad will have a slot for you if you’re so concerned about the “Holy Land”.

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