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Embattled GOP Rep. Liz Cheney attempted to hit back at President Trump on Sunday, tweeting out ‘I like Republican Presidents who win Re-Election’ with an attached picture of former President George W. Bush, an obvious dig at the man who has set his sites on ensuring she is eliminated in the upcoming GOP primaries.

As The Hill reports:

Cheney’s tweet appears to be a shot at former President Trump. In her interview with “60 Minutes” she said that some Republican members of Congress have privately encouraged her to continue her outspoken efforts against Trump.

“Have members of Congress, Republicans, come up to you privately and whispered in your ear, ‘Way to go, Liz’ and encouraged you but won’t come forward and say that publicly?” CBS’s Lesley Stahl asked Cheney on “60 Minutes.”

“Yes,” Cheney said, adding that the sentiment came from members of the House and Senate.

Cheney has also been vocal in pushing back against Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was riddled with fraud.

Bush’s legacy was tarnished by the war in Iraq, which has now come to be considered a major historical disaster for US foreign policy by most observers.

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