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In spite of one of its most famous hosts, Chris Cuomo, being accused for sexual harassment in the pages of the world’s most read newspaper, The New York Times, CNN has so far refused to cover the story.

As Fox News reports:

Former executive producer Shelley Ross outlined an incident where Cuomo squeezed the cheek of her buttock without her permission in 2005 in a guest essay for the New York Times on Friday. She also produced an email where Cuomo appeared to admit to the incident and apologize for his behavior. The CNN host then reiterated his apology to Ross in a statement to the Times.

CNN has not covered the story on air through 9 a.m. ET on Monday, according to a search of the network’s archives using Grabien Media.

CNN addressed the situation in its “Reliable Sources” newsletter Friday, but anyone who relies on the liberal network’s on-air reporting for information missed the story. CNN’s in-house media pundit Brian Stelter failed to mention the story on his Sunday show that covers the media industry.

CNN’s website does not appear to have covered the story, either, aside from its newsletter. A CNN.com search Monday for “Shelley Ross” did not return any recent hits.

CNN is usually more than willing to report on allegations against almost anyone, especially Republicans, but when it comes to a member of their own staff it appears the rules are different.

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