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Delta Airlines is now reportedly planning on taking drastic action against their unvaccinated employees, forcing them to pay an additional $200 per month toward their health insurance premiums.

As CNBC reports:

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian notified employees Wednesday that they will face $200 monthly increases on their health insurance premiums starting Nov. 1 if they aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19, citing steep costs to cover employees who are hospitalized with the virus…

The measures are the latest attempt by a U.S. corporation to drive up Covid vaccination rates. Delta stopped short of an outright mandate like rival United Airlines established earlier this month. The airline, which self insures its employees, stands out in its plans to raise premiums for unvaccinated workers to cover the higher costs of insuring employees who get Covid.

Delta is self-insured and United Healthcare administers the airline’s health insurance plans. The change in approach was Delta’s initiative.

Delta also said starting Sept. 30, “in compliance with state and local laws, COVID pay protection will only be provided to fully vaccinated individuals who are experiencing a breakthrough infection.” Unvaccinated employees who contract Covid, without exemptions, will have to use their sick days after that.

In addition to the hiked premium, employees choosing to not receive the vaccine will also be forced to undergo weekly Covid tests and mandatory indoor masking.


  1. ALL Delta employees should start looking for another job and ‘screw’ this communistic domineering company !!!

    1. There are enough globalist puppet, libby snow flake vaccinated sheep that will run to fill those positions .

      1. maybe but already Huston Methodist Hospital is hurting badly for help since they let 150 staff members go who didn’t want to take the gene therapy “vaccine” They reap what they sow

        1. The worst part is this was our favorite Houston hospital. My husband had his heart surgery there in January and we were so pleased with his care. We were looking forward to him getting his knee surgery there soon. Now we wonder if he can even go there because he is unvaxxed. We both had COVID back in the beginning and see no reason for being vaccinated but natural immunity doesn’t seem to be accounting for much these days, since many of the Houston Methodist staff members had the virus.

          1. I understand Barb but there is nothing in this world that would make me take this poison in to my body, based on all the info I have heard about this poison that is being sensored by media, medical etc.. Your beating covid gives you much better God given immunity than this crap big pharma can come up with, I would hope and pray that you guys could find another good surgeon for the knee surgery. As my father always said, if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything

        2. Thats why I suggest Nurses advertise private at home nursing , They can charge direct for visiting. Or go into caring jobs.

    2. I disagree, at least Delta is making a financial decision here rather than one of their woke arguments, I consider that progress from these people. Unvaccinated should pay more for insurance if Delta wants to handle it that way, just as long as they do it the opposite way when they come up with some defect in the vaccine that is causing everyone that took it to get cancer or something. I have no problem with financial decisions being made but there are consequences to those actions too which I am sure Delta management has not even considered.

      I got vaccinated, everyone should if they can and they want to, if they don’t want to get vaccinated I do not hold anything against them and no one should. People don’t get upset if everyone is not vaccinated for the flu every year, people die from the flu. Covid is going to be around a long, long time and every year people will be taking a Covid booster I am fearing. We didn’t ask for the Chinese to create a monster virus (well maybe Fauci did) but we have to do what we can now to mitigate it. I would mass produce the therapeutics and have them everywhere, pharmacies, grocery store pharmacies, urgent care, etc. those will save lives, the “vaccines” will only make the infection less severe. Saving lives with as little intrusion into peoples’ lives the better.

      1. Israel is one of the most injected (so called Covid vaccine) countries in the world. Covid is surging there. And the data is coming out that the injected are getting illnesses at a much higher rate and more serious than those who were not injected. So then Delta and other corporations should be sued into oblivion if one of their employees dies (about 13k), is permanently disabled (over 16k) , or has other health issues due to the injection. What will that do to their insurance rates? Bite them in the rear big time.

    3. People definitely need to hit these idiots where it hurts – in the pocketbooks. In spite of the fact that the news media is claiming hospitals can’t keep up with the influx of COVID patients, the reality is hospitals are understaffed right now because doctors and nurses are quitting due to the insistence they be vaccinated even though many have had COVID – which I might add they caught while trying to save patients during the worst of the pandemic. I’d like to see all the colleges that insist on student’s receiving the jab to attend on–campus classes lose at least 3/4 of their enrollment. I used to say there are other colleges but it looks like they’re all playing the same game, but there are a lot of online universities these days. My husband and I are both on Medicare. We have had the virus and will not be getting the gene therapy posing as a vaccine. I’m waiting to be told we have to pay more for Medicare for being unvaxxed.

    4. Delta pilots are pretty good sticks. Their cabin crews are also top notch. This is a rather tongue-in-cheek ploy to not only get free advertising, but also to suggest to the flying pubic that this carrier will not subject passengers to ‘diseased’ crew members. One thing’s for sure: Once liberals commence one of these clamoring canards, they don’t go half way on their efforts to milk them.

  2. Ah, ain’t freedom wonderful? Cannot wait to see what’s coming under this antiAmerican administration. I guess that as long as we remain obedient sheep, everything will be hunky-dory. How do you spell “Achtune mien Fuerer?”

  3. This company has a history of throwing its employees under the bus to cover their own issues. They will never back up the employee. It does not matter if you are a pilot or flight attendant. First and foremost as an employee, you are wrong!

  4. The same thing is happening in the medical profession. Hundreds of nurses are lining up to be fired rather than take the mandatory jab. Want ads for medical professionals are on the increase to replace them. Now what are these med techs and nurses witnessing that they are not allowed to share? Adverse events? Poisonings? Cardiac inflammation? Neurological mayhem? Deaths?

  5. I like ti see the true data abiut hospitaliozations and vaccination status as I don’t believe delta. Good thing I don’t fly anymore because I would neverr take any of these airlines and encourage others not to also. We the tax payers have bailed their ass out and now they lie… disgusting.I do wish for karma, like the vaccine turns all these heads/leaders/owners, who say they tooke the vaccine, and I want to see undisputable proof that they did, has some serious side effects and they all experience them. In fact anyone who mandates any vaccine need to have that same karma vist them….

  6. Oh what happened to the flu? Many people choose not to get the flu shot but don’t see them having to pay more for insurance or wear masks. Haven’t they heard their are antibodies that can be given to people that come down with CoVid which was available before the vaccine came into the picture but kept it under wraps. Beginning to think some of these companies are as bad as our government or who is paying them off to put these ridiculous thing in place so can put more pressure on people to get the vaccine .

  7. So does Delta charge smokers a similar extortion fee? Skydivers
    Surcharges on anyone with company funded life insurance engaging in activities that alter the acturarial tables? Ie: skydiving, scuba diving, racing cars, expressing free thought at any public venue?

  8. Guess what they do not need insurance, that only enriches the insurance company , doesn’t give anyone real healthcare.

  9. I suggest all the CEO’s of these rogue Companies get the jab. And not a placebo! Also all DemonicRATS, their propaganda arm the Media and all who took part in the massive Election fraud. Then the rest of us can live and enjoy life in peace. How come none of these media or Politicians are getting Covid? Because they know its a hoax that its so dangerous and ICU Units are packed, All a lie

  10. When they go woke they go broke! Communist democrats have ruined this entire country! Fake penalties for not abiding by their communist democrat cult party wishes!

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