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New York City restaurants and businesses filed a lawsuit against Mayor Bill de Blasio for requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination prior to entering gyms, music venues, restaurants, and more within the city’s limits. 

The lawsuit alleges that the mandate unfairly targets select establishments like diners, bars, and movie theaters, but exempts grocery stores, schools, and churches amongst others, therefore is a violation of their constitutional rights.  

Court papers filed on Tuesday in the Staten Island Supreme Court say that the mandate does not accommodate vaccination exemptions for those who are allergic to the vaccine, have high-risk pre-existing conditions, have already contracted COVID-19, and people who cannot get the jab due to religious reasons.  

“The decision to get the vaccine should ultimately lie with the individual and his doctor, who knows that persons’ complete medical history, rather than a politician,” the lawsuit alleges. “The mayor implemented even more arbitrary executive orders, trampling more recklessly on constitutional rights.”

Court documents also say that the mandate makes it “impossible for anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated for whatever reason, to work in the designated industries.”

De Blasio said that the mandate is “about public health and safety. We’re absolutely certain this is the way to achieve those goals. “Do it in a smart way, a fair way, based on the data and the science.” 

He also commented that the city Law Department has “tremendous confidence” that they have legal precedence for the mandate, which the lawsuit seeks to block through a preliminary injunction.

“We know we must get more people vaccinated,” he went on at a Wednesday press conference. “Strategically focusing on the ways to get more people vaccinated — particularly young people, where there’s been a real gap — so we can stop the spread of the Delta variant is mission critical.”


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    1. Now run home to your wife, she is probably enjoying her girl friend while you waste your time trying to scam people here .

    1. The people’s will must be done. He needs to go be vor a military court martial. That said, do we think that Miss Priss the VEEP will be any better. Oh right…she giggles much better than Biden. YUK

  2. It won’t take rocket science to understand we’re being conditioned to function under a regime. It was a stark revelation when those human ‘microchips’ were unveiled, which Odumbo was vying to mandate that Americans would be injected with those gizmos by his unilateral authority. If there’s one thing we don’t want, it’s the government being under our skin.

    1. I agree with you David. I resist, renounce, rebuke all strongman spirits, all Jezebel, Baal , principalities, antichrist, unclean, Socialism, Tyranny, Deceitful, lies mind control, death, destruction, Belial spirits, all connected spirits operating in DeBlasio, The DncDemocrats Biden-Harris Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Schumer, Newsome, Cuomo, Obama Rice-Regime and Everyone who is connected-partnered with these INCREDIBLE GREAT WICKED Unjust deeds. I command all spirits to be dismantled, powerless, Go into the Presence of THE HOLY GHOST NOW. I loose ALMIGHTY GOD’S outstretched Right Hand-Strong ARM to crush, strike, Destroy All evil strategies, unseen plots schemes,lies, DECEPTION, cover ups, conspiracies working against GOD’S PLANS for AMERICA-ISRAEL-THE EARTH. “GOD Will rule against the wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH of HIS MOUTH. GOD Will be clothed with Fairness and Truth.” (Isaiah 11) I agree with GOD’S PLANS for AMERICA-ISRAEL-THE EARTH. I Decree in JESUS NAME 🔥

  3. The money should come out of globalist puppet debozo pockets instead to come out of the hard working American taxpayer pockets .

  4. I would not have a problem showing proof that I was vaccinated after hearing of so many people falling ill from this awful disease and then subsequently witnessing the shocking passing of a good friend because of the Wuhan Coronavirus ( Covid-19). My bowling buddy was dead in 3 days after calling me that he was suffering with a breathing problem. Knowing he was compromised due to a bought with prostrate cancer I told him to call 911 but he hesitated fearing some alleged fear of legalities.
    This is a serious virus that the world has been victimized with and all thanks must be showered on China and it heads of state . While we witnessed unending Trump bashing over a long period of time we have to thank him for operation warp speed, the vaccines, and treatments evolving because of his oversight and persistence.

    1. Thank democrats and China for the virus-when nothing else worked to defeat Trump this is what we got.I wonder if it helps with their depopulation goals also? Aside from horrible numbers of deaths it brought on voter fraud, division, business closures-many permanent, government dependence( a favorite of Dems) , many things that advanced liberals in their U.S. takeover.I suppose China will be keeping our manufacturing now and we will be oil dependent.Other countries will once again allow us to pay their way.

      1. And now we have the Delta variant, and the Lambda variant is lurking in South America (just in time to reach here prior to election day 2022). The demokraps will fully use these variants as a reason to do the ‘vote by mail’ crap that brought us the dumbass in the oval office, and a demokrap majority in both houses.

        1. I’ve said it MANY Times now, THEY WILL DO ANYTHING IT TAKES!
          It is now Time that WE MUST TAKE THAT SAME TACK!
          Either DESTROY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY or WE will be destroyed!!!
          I don’t know just HOW….. but IT IS A MUST!!!

    2. Well I hope you rushed out to get the poison poke. Soon you can be bowling on the other side. Sadly, you have no idea what is going on. If you want to fall for the lies, go for it, but don’t blame it on those of us that can think for ourselves and look beyond the mainstream lies.

      1. A-Jay, I apologize for being so blunt, and I too am sorry about the lose of your friend. But, please open your eyes to the truth of what is going on. They are using this to take away our freedoms and put us into communism where our lives will suck. Check out Do not give up your freedom, and please do not expect me to give up mine and my grand kids freedom.

        1. I’ve heard more then one doctor say that the Delta variant IS NOT NEARLY AS DEADLY as the original china virus!!! The truth with all of this is YOUR CHOICE, PERIOD!!!

    3. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.
      Unfortunately, they are not giving the right medications & too many people are dying so that they can push the vaccine & high priced medication, rather than the inexpensive medication that actually works. Sadly, it’s a ploy to manipulate us using our friends and loved ones.

  5. Someone needs to tell DeBlasio that “his” Science is wrong 100%! What a BLATANT FOOL THAT GUY IS to believe the old feebleminded idiot in the White House (who never got the jab but put on a good show making it look like he got it but it was saline solution, NOT THE JAB!) who keeps blubbering “Get the vaccine” to everyone when he himself knows “ZERO” about that jab! Stupid is as Stupid does!

    The one thing I have certainly learned through this “Orchestrated” Pandemic is that Democrats are NOT INTELLIGENT PEOPLE AND TEND TO GO OFF THE EMOTIONAL SLIDE INSTEAD OF USING THEIR GOD GIVEN BRAINS TO THINK THINGS OUT!

    But that is the true mindset of a red blooded clueless Demonrat! They wear their emotions on their sleeves and tuck their brains up where the sun doesn’t shine. No wonder our Nation is drowning in idiocy! DeBlasio is just another “Demonrat Cancer” illness currently infecting our Nation! Bet he hasn’t gotten the jab either!

    1. You GO!!!!! Demonrats are AT THE LEAST, Stupid! Then when they CHOOSE to be Evil, too____ LOOK OUT!!! The Clintons, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Cummings, Waters, McAuliffe, Nadler, Schiff, Newsome, on and on and on and on and on. SERIOUSLY! WHO Votes for these piece of SHIT “creatures”?! This has GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. OTHER warped, angry, SICK “creatures”.
        OR the MASSES of innocent, exceedingly DUMB people that Fall for the Democrat “something for nothing” or “government take care of me” doctrine. People with NO Ability or Confidence in Making It on their own or that don’t want to have to WORK, FALL FOR THEIR SHIT! And their SHIT DOES NOT WORK! Next thing ya’ know…. they’re OWNED by them and THEN, they aren’t even FREE and they’re TOLD What they can and can’t do. You are NOW, Communist!

  6. What can you say about De Blasio that has not been said already, time for this jerk to be sent back into oblivion, get someone in office who love New York City, and wants law and order to serve the public in safety. De Blasio was always a coward and now the world knows it.

  7. Have you ever been to New York City, New York? It’s an experience you won’t forget — until the Pandemic hit and everything closed up and people were literally smothering in their homes with no jobs, nothing to look forward to. The whole New York “vibe” scene tipped over into the trash, only it forgot to take DeBlasio with it.

    From a vibrant artsy city full of mixed cultures to a city with an exodus rate off the charts! Why? What is causing New Yorkers to flee that state? My guess, “LEADERSHIP, INEPT LEADERSHIP” that has stolen American’s Dreams!

    Cuomo resigned after being exposed as an immoral guy. So why is IDIOT DEBLASIO still there and trying to force Americans to get that dangerous “jab” that has killed almost 50,000 Americans??? What is wrong with deBlasio’s brain OR IS HE PART OF THE DENIZENS OF THE SWAMP THAT ORCHESTRATED THE WHOLE PANDEMIC SCENE FROM BEGINNING TO END TO DEPOPULATE AMERICA — New York is one of the highest populations in the U.S. If he is in that nasty group of entities, perhaps he should get a double dose of that vaccine or perhaps one vaccine from each of the three Big PHARMA Companies?? Sounds good to me!

  8. A smart and fair way…well, it’s not smart, it’s stupid and it’s not fair in the least…it’s devastating. This world is upside down as it was prophesied in the Word of God.

  9. It is an unproven experimental “vaccine “ that many scientific researchers say is unsafe.there are 2 safe therapeutic drugs when taken at onset of Covid which are safer than the “vaccine “.

  10. I am impressed with the huge lawsuit against de blasio and the recall against newsome

    and I so hope that de blasio and newsome lose and lose hugely financially and politically

    🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍❤️🥰

  11. I hope the business owner wins his lawsuit. It is against the constitution to ask for private information regarding ones medical records. No one has the right to see them.

  12. Go home, Warren Wilhelm! And don’t give me this ‘de Blasio’ tripe! You are no MD. You are nothing but a totalitarian tinhorn dictator and a blowhard. Welcome to the dustbin of history.

  13. Dictator deblobsio, you’ve always been a jerk, but this is the ultimate f u to conservative NYC RESIDENTS!!! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? I SCRAPE YOU OFF THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOES BEFORE I ENTER MY HOME!!!

  14. Let’s just hope if it has to go to the Supreme Court, they show some fortitude for a change and not disappoint “We the People”. These demigods needs to understand that our Founding Fathers believed in Natural Law. We hold these truth self evident that all man are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is what the Bill of Rights is all about, what the government is not allowed to do to or against you. In short, our rights come from God and not from Government. Government can’t have the Department of Defense fund the Wuhan lab to work of bioweapons and then rush in and act like the fireman who started the fire, just so he could look like the hero when he rushed in to put it out. American’s need to push back or we will be under COVID restrictions for the rest of our lives, once you give into Tyranny, Government becomes addicted to the power it derives from it and there is no turning back.

  15. De Blasio (not his real name) was brought up Communist and is an out and out Communist. in other words, I live like a king and you peasants eat crumbs. Same with Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom and other bad players

  16. “My body, My choice.”

    Governor De Santis should promulgate an order that only women who have chosen not to be vaccinated can get abortions.

    That would expose the hypocrites.

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